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Barcode Saturdays is a Toronto nightclub located at the very heart of Queen City since 2014, designed by Life Media Group. We’ve made a name for ourselves as the most hep party destination in downtown Toronto with dapper events and live music that steals the show every night. Barcode Saturdays offer the pinnacle of clubbing experience to party animals in Toronto, from a sleek bar to suave interiors. .

Unwind over lip-smacking cocktails and drinks and enjoy a socially stimulating atmosphere where you meet, greet and move your feet with new people. Set on a journey of luxurious clubbing with your gang and groove to chart-busting Reggae, Hip-Hop, and RnB music all night long. Let Barcode Saturdays capture your imagination with modern interiors, professional service, and an unparalleled party vibe.

We also offer an elevated sonic experience with top-of-the-line sound systems and speakers for melomaniacs as well as casual grooves. The live music experience at Barcode Saturdays hits every note of your weekend mood for a swinging night of frivolous. Contact us for parties or book your special event at Barcode Saturdays for a memorable weekend party gig.

Experience Nightlife with the Best Toronto Nightclubs

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, with a multicultural population that consists of people from all walks of life. As such, Toronto has no dearth of entertainment and leisure options. One can find many venues from sunrise to way past the wee hours with a lot of exciting things to do and places to visit.

The city also boasts an electric party atmosphere, with many nightclubs spread throughout the city that attract local Torontonians and tourists alike. Right down from Ossington Avenue to Little Italy, you can find an array of clubs with varying themes awaiting your presence. Whether you’re eyeing a jazz fixture or a VIP booth experience at a lavish nightclub, Toronto has got you covered.

Elevate your Personal Celebrations with the Best Toronto Nightclub

If you’re looking for a quality nightclub to celebrate your special occasions with friends or colleagues, trust Barcode Saturdays to play host to your party.

We’re the preferred destination for sizzling private events and parties like birthdays and bachelorettes. We’re joined by local Torontonians, tourists, as well as top celebrities from North America throughout the year who like to host their private celebrations at the best Toronto nightclub.

So quit waiting and spruce up for your life’s grandest birthday party or bachelorette celebration. Expect an absolute banger with your friends and colleagues as we drop the beat and amp up the music to let the whole world know who’s a special day it is.

YouBarcode Saturdays await you and your crew for epic birthdays and bachelorette parties.  can elevate your personal celebrations at the best Toronto nightclub with two superb party options. Check in by featuring on our guestlist, or reserve your own VIP bottle booth for a night of epic celebrations.

We encourage our patrons to take up our VIP bottle booth services for personal occasions and special events like New Year’s eve and Halloween. With personalized services and a dedicated space for you, you’ll understand what makes us the top clubbing fixture in Toronto.

So what are you waiting for?

Enjoy the best drinks and club anthems deep into the night at Barcode Saturdays. Choose amongst four options with customized packages that suit your needs the best. Reserve a bottle booth before we’re sold out for the weekend.

Experience the Panache of Nightclubbing

Get your party to fix straight at Barcode Saturdays. We’ve set the standard for parties and special events for Torontonians and tourists from all over the globe who like our groove at the heart of Toronto.

Ultimate Music

Join us for a night of outlandish grooves and moves with some of the best DJs and performers in Canada. Simply check in with the line-up for the day and book your own ultimate party experience at Barcode Saturdays.

Special Events

Whether you want to throw a birthday bash or a wild get-together, make your reservation at Barcode Saturdays and enjoy the best life on your special day of celebration.

Guest List

Don’t miss out on the festival tonight by signing up for our party guest list. Ladies get free cover before 11 PM.


Bottle Services

Our bottle service lets you in on premier drinks and in-house champagnes that light up the night for an elevated party feel.

Enjoy a Celebrity Affair every Saturday Night

The #1 Celebrity party is now located inside of the luxurious AMORE Toronto. A new symbol of excellence in Toronto nightlife with a Sound experience creates this nightlife oasis in the heart of Downtown Toronto. Hip Hop, Trap, R&B, Top 40, Latin & Reggae in the main room to set the perfect urban soundtrack for your night out.

The Swankiest Toronto Nightclub

Barcode Saturdays is a premier Toronto nightclub located inside the luxurious AMORE Toronto. Established in 2014 by Life Media Group, we’ve epitomized weekend clubbing in the city, offering the best of joyous and wild celebrations to Torontonians. Our jumbo dance floor can accommodate party animals across all walks of life to groove and move over chart-busting hits.

So join us for a night of thrill and experience the ultimate clubbing culture at Barcode Saturdays.

How Much Are Entry Fees To Nightclubs In Toronto?

Taking Your Events Through The Roof

Hunting for the ideal clubbing destination for your next epic party?

We’ve got your back.

Barcode Saturdays is a top Toronto Nightclub that elevates all your special occasions like birthdays and bachelorette parties. Feature on the guestlist or reserve your own private bottle booth at our Toronto Nightclub to get a taste of the royal clubbing culture, all the while celebrating the occasion with your friends and family. Join in the party hysteria and let your footloose every weekend.

Barcode Saturdays are proud to host a large crowd every weekend, offering the best drinks, champagnes, music, and an unparalleled party vibe. Due to such high demand, we encourage you to reserve a VIP Bottle booth of your own during special events so that you and your gang don’t miss out on a night of ultimate revelries. With the bottle booth, you can customize your party just like you want to.

We’re a top entertainment and clubbing fixture, unlike any other Toronto nightclub. We also offer a decadent sonic experience with fust pumping and foot-tapping music all night long.

Barcode Saturdays Toronto Nightclub

Join the Best Toronto Nightclub

Whether you want to celebrate the New Year or are looking for a nightclub for the iconic Caribana carnival, Barcode Saturdays are your top choice Toronto nightclub. We’re the hottest clubbing destination in town with a sizzling lineup of events and artists to elevate your Saturday night to a whole new level.

Join us every Saturday night by featuring on our guestlist or booking a VIP Bottle booth at Barcode Saturdays. For more info and reservations, call (647) 408-1186.

We’re the Best Toronto Nightclub Hosting Epic Annual Parties

As we’ve made our name as the best Toronto nightclub, Barcode Saturdays are renowned all over the country for our premium range of offerings. We elevate regular Saturday nights into escapades to remember, but it’s our annual events that are a sensation across town.

Barcode Saturdays host annual parties, starting from an epic New year’s celebration to a Halloween scare, with a crazy Caribana party in between. Our parties are the talk of the town, and we’re proud to host renowned personalities and celebrities along with local Torontonians on these occasions.

Every new year’s eve, we host wild NYE parties that set the stage for an electrifying experience as you welcome the new year. We encourage you to dance your heart out over top clubbing beats and the groove deep into New Year’s night. Enjoy a dash of Hip-Hop, Reggae, RnB, Trap, and Latin hits and have a grand New Year’s party.

We also host Caribana and Halloween parties for locals and tourists to participate in and enjoy. You don’t want to miss out! Please make your reservations before we’re sold out for the best parties in town.

You can actually dance until the sun comes up or just party the night away if that’s your style. Whether you’re really looking to party your heart out at one of Toronto’s hottest clubs or just grab drinks with friends in a relaxing setting, Barcode Saturdays, the best Toronto Nightclub, has got you covered!

Barcode Saturdays FAQ

Toronto’s clubbing scene is vibrant, eclectic & diverse. Whether you’re looking for a more underground space with electronic music or mainstream pop, you’ll find it here. Toronto is also home to some of the best clubs in North America for world-class DJ talent and international acts.

The best nightclubs in the city will give you a memorable night & an experience that will ultimately keep you coming back for more. Whether it is dancing, drinking, or just hanging out with friends, No one beats Barcode Saturdays!

Most nightclubs will have a certain age requirement. Some clubs may not have any age restrictions, while others may require that you be at least 18 years of age with ID to enter. If you are actually under the legal drinking age, then some clubs will allow you inside, but they might not serve you alcohol. The wise way to find out is to call the club and ask what their requirements are.

– Dress to impress.

– Arrive early.

– Always drink responsibly.

– Eat before arriving at the club.

– Wear comfortable shoes

– Keep your personal belongings close to you

– Stay hydrated

– Get used to the music & dance floor layout as soon as possible

-Don’t drink too much.

-Don’t walk around with your wallet out.

-Don’t drink & drive.

-Don’t wear expensive jewelry to a club.

-Don’t wear anything that will get you kicked out of the club.

-It is really best not to start any fights.

-Don’t show up late because they won’t let you in once they’re at capacity.

-Most importantly, don’t be drunk when leaving the club because this increases your chances of becoming – a victim of a crime even more so than if you were sober.

Going to a nightclub by yourself is always an option, but it can be more fun if you’re going with someone. And if you’re going with someone, then it’s even better to go in a group. So it’s always best to go out with your besties & experience a wild night out!

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