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Halloween Party Toronto

Halloween in Toronto is a ghostly affair where people of all ages come together for spooky celebrations. Being the epicenter of nightlife and entertainment, Toronto offers plenty of Halloween activities to choose from. Indeed, you’re never getting bored when you’re looking to party in this city. So as Hogtown succumbs to scary monsters on Halloween’s Eve this year, you have your hands full with various trick-or-treat activities and events in the city.

Is Halloween A Costume Party

So if you’re looking for the top events this Halloween, where to party, and what to wear, we’ve got you covered.

A Spooktacular A-party-clypse

Barcode Saturdays is Toronto’s premier Halloween party destination throwing epic spooky showdowns in the city. Party every Saturday in the month leading up to Halloween’s Eve and the day of the dead itself.

Our annual Halloween party is one of our biggest parties of the year, and we welcome all for this ultimate party in Toronto. So get your creative juices flowing and rise with the sexiest and scariest Halloween costumes at Barcode Saturdays. There’s no other place you’d rather want to be.

Barcode Saturdays bring you non-stop parties all night long. Dance to Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Trap, Latin, and Top 40 hits, get sloshed with premium spirits, wines, and cocktails, and party off your socks at the hottest clubbing ritual in Toronto.

Whacky, deadly, and impressive costumes are strongly encouraged! It doesn’t get crazier than Barcode Saturdays’ annual Halloween party.

Things to do for Halloween in Toronto

Trick or treat at Halloween isn’t the only thing you can do in Toronto. So get ready to spread the dread with the top Halloween events in the city.

From stories of the supernatural to spine-chilling gothic mansions, Toronto has you covered. Channel your inner ‘spirit’ with these top things to do for Halloween in Toronto:

  • Take the Haunted Walk of Toronto

    Who else is up to exchanging ghost stories on a ghost tour? This unique experience takes you on a spooky walk across the city hearing about paranormal experiences. Taking place across multiple locations in the city, this event gives you the chance to learn more unsolved paranormal mysteries, haunted places in the city, and spine-chilling stories.

  • Feel the Eeriness at Casa Loma

    Casa Loma, Toronto’s iconic 20th-century castle with Gothic architecture hosts ‘Legends of Horror’, which includes a surfeit of spooky activities. This terrifying theatrical experience begins with a 2-km haunted trail that leads you past ghastly scenes and sinister characters like Henry Pellatt and Dr. Frankenstein.

    This month-long event also includes a Zombie Apocalypse, where you’ll be taken to an abandoned facility where you’ll face hordes of dead cannibals drooling for a mouthful. You can also enjoy specialty food and drinks along with immersive live shows.

  • Dress up for the Hottest Halloween Costume Party

    Barcode Saturdays brings its annual Halloween party for the 2023 edition. Our luxury nightclub will transform into an enchanting space of spooky decor, sinister costumes, live music, games, and of course, our Halloween signature drinks and regulars.

  • Feel the Chill up your Spine at Canada’s Wonderland

    For those who have visited Canada’s Wonderland – imagine watching terrifying creatures roaming around the park at night. That’s exactly what’s in store at the Halloween Haunt event.

    Visit the park to get lost in a hazy maze, watch the spirit’s street performances helplessly, embark on adrenaline-pumping rides, and taste special treats and brews at this spookish family-friendly event.

  • Experience a Real-life Horror Town

    If you’ve had enough silly characters popping out of the bush, it’s time to elevate your experience to a whole new level. Welcome to ‘The Haunting of Hexwood’, an entire horror-themed town near Toronto that is grand.

    You can experience real-life horrors with multiple walk-throughs and store haunts in this city, along with weird tarot card readers, unearthly live performances, and a haunted nostalgia dining experience at the Town Square bar.

Barcode Saturdays is hosting the ultimate Halloween party in Toronto that you don’t want to miss. Come as vampires and zombies, go with the villainous baddies like Voldemort and Joker, or maybe pop-culture icons like Beyonce or Margot Robbie’s Barbie, it doesn’t matter. Go creative, innovative, cheeky, wacky, and all out with your sartorial choice this Halloween.

So mark the date, and get ready for special surprises, complimentary drinks, treats, and a whole lot of tricks this Halloween. Get creative, get horrific – this Halloween, we invite all crazy party lovers to jock up as ghosts and ghouls at the hottest Halloween celebration in town.

What to Wear for Halloween 2023?.

For those who like to dress up on Halloween, it’s time to start running your memory juices and choose a costume. Whether you’re headed to your grandma’s, a friend’s house party, or a suave nightclub shindig, wearing a spooky costume is always fun.

So we’ve rounded up the top Halloween costumes for you to get into the festive spirit and become the trendsetter.

Hollywood, celebrities, pop culture, and TV personalities – we’ve given everyone a spot for the top Halloween costume ideas in 2023:


The Joker

Joaquin Phoenix or Heath Ledger? We leave the choice of the best-ever smiling villain to you, but dressing up as either of them is fairly easy. Wear a green shirt and an orange waistcoat. Go for red pants or skirts, along with the Joker emblematic face makeup and neon green color on your hair.

Willy Wonka

The iconic and ever-deceitful Mr. Willy Wonka is a common choice for those who have watched Zac Posen’s version of Willy Wonka.

Fairly easy to achieve, all you need is a purple blazer, bowtie, khaki trousers, and a hat to be the charm at the party.

Barbie & Ken

If you’re going to Halloween as a couple this year, this one’s a no-brainer. After dominating the charts worldwide, Barbie & Ken surely is the trendiest Halloween costume for couples.

Look for matching pants or shorts, and a splash of vibrant colors for a shirt for men and a pink tracksuit jacket.


We haven’t quite forgotten Thanos and his genocidal wisdom on a universal scale, have we?

All you have to do is nail that blue body paint and look for a gauntlet online. You can then scourge your wardrobe with a golden and blue sleeveless vest and khaki trousers.


Remember Beyonce’s iconic Coachella performance that nobody’s quite gotten enough of just yet? Simply go for a cropped yellow hoodie, denim shorts, and sparkly knee-length boots with dangling embellishments. You find them all online.

If you’re in a group, the backup dancers for that night are also a great choice. Get in formation with yellow bodysuits and white boots for the night.

The Mask

The Mask is the beloved character of every 90s kid, and it’s a great trip back memory lane to honor this wacky Cartoon character from the past.

So get nostalgic with a bright yellow suit, white shirt, yellow hat, printed tie, and let’s not forget the green face paint. You’re ready to go on a mischievous trail.

Pumpkin Costume

In the classical portrayal of Halloween in the Western world, pumpkins have been the staple choice for Halloween dresses.

Just take an Orange T-shirt, and carve out eyes and ribs to transform yourself into a real-life jumbo evil pumpkin.

Mermaid Costume

Mermaids are mythological characters and are amongst the sexiest options for Halloween costumes. All you need to transform into a human fish is a bikini top or bra wrapped in a shiny sheet, which you can extend to resemble fins. After that, it’s all about accessorizing and DIY.

Witch Costume

Cast a spell to the night with a pointed hat and a broom, you know what we’re up to here. Whether you want to portray Wanda from the MCU or the terrifying White Witch from Narnia, you can easily shop for these looks online.

For the classic witch attire, go for a black dress with black heels or boots, some face painting, and a fake pointy nose.

Best Halloween 2023 Events in Toronto

Ready for the biggest, baddest, and boldest Halloween parties in Toronto?

Mark the dates, clear your schedule, spruce up in horror attires, and get ready for a Halloween-tastic experience this year.

  • Toronto Day Time Halloween Booze Cruise

    Prepare for an adventurous daytime ride on board The Empress of Canada boat as it takes you on a thrilling adventure full of gastronomic and boozy delights, along with amazing views of Toronto’s skyline.

  • Freakout Party at Coda

    Prepare to electrify your senses with a sensational electronic music party in Toronto. Coda hosts Freakout with Dirtyphonics which will be an enthralling event of music, lights, and favors that’ll light up your Halloween celebrations.

  • Dark Eighties Party

    Get ready for an immersive experience and embrace the synth music of the 80s at the Dark Eighties Halloween Party. Dance away to nostalgic music, come dressed up in retro 80s magic, and revel in a thrilling and chilling atmosphere of the much-loved bygone era.

  • Halloween Nightmares at Juliet

    Everybody’s beloved nightclub Call Her Juliet, is hosting a spine-tingling blast of epic proportions. Welcome to a bewitching musical event full of dark poetry, an eerie atmosphere, and Halloween-inspired melomania at one of the hottest nightclubs in Toronto.

Kid-friendly Halloween 2023 Events in Toronto

Want a little more than trick-and-treat events for your kids this Halloween? We’ve got you covered with the top kid-friendly events in Toronto for Halloween this year:

  • Kids Paradise Halloween Party Extravaganza

    Get set for a spooky affair for your children at the Kids Paradise Halloween Party Extravaganza. Bring your kids as little ghosts and ghouls for a day full of fun, games, and foods that make this Halloween extra special for them.

  • Pumpkin Parade

    The Pumpkin Parade is a spook-tacular family-friendly celebration that will take place at Trinity Bellwoods Park. The event starts with an impressive pumpkin lighting ceremony. So light up your lantern, drink apple cider, parade through the park, and marvel at this wondrous display of lighted carved pumpkins with your family.

Best Halloween 2023 Parties in Toronto

Ready to experience a Halloween Haunt at the top nightclubs in Toronto? We’ve rounded up the top Halloween parties in town for you:

Halloween Night @ Rebel

The Rebel nightclub is hosting a costume party on Halloween’s Eve. Dress up in real-life horrors, groove to sensational music by Jed Harper and Dames, and get the chance to win up to $10k prizes for the best costume.

Halloween House Party @ the Rec Room

Looking for a place to groove away the night nonchalantly? Jock up in your favorite Halloween costumes and give The Rec Room a visit for a night of dancing with the spirits. The best costume and dance moves earn lucrative prizes.

Annual Halloween Party @Barcode Saturdays

Pull off an all-nighter at the hottest celebrity party destination in Toronto. Barcode Saturdays brings its annual Halloween party full of costumes, masquerades, dance performances, giveaways, fantastic drinks, and much more. Join us for a jolly good time this Halloween and dance the night away at our upscale bar in downtown Toronto. Enjoy frighteningly good times at Barcode Saturdays.

Where to Party at Halloween 2023 in Toronto?

Dress to impress, and get that face paint out because Barcode Saturdays will be hosting its much-awaited annual Halloween party for the 2023 edition. Get ready to move and groove to the choicest Hip-hop, R&B, Reggae, Trap, Latin, and Top 40 hits played by live DJs. Win exciting prizes and complimentary drinks for the night, and enjoy Halloween-inspired goodies from our menu.

You can personalize your celebrations by reserving a bottle service, where you and your guests will get access to primetime spots at our club with dedicated service and primetime package inclusions.

Reserving bottle services is highly encouraged for the night due to high demand.

So what are you waiting for? Take the roller coaster to hell and join your fellow demons to spend the night frolicking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Halloween 2023 is on Tuesday, 31st October. However, you can attend various events and parties in the month leading up to Halloween.

The top Halloween 2023 events for kids in Toronto are:

  • Happy Halloween Kids Social
  • Halloween at the Zoo
  • Kid’s Paradise Halloween Party
  • Kids Halloween Party
  • Trick-or-Treating in the Village

Barcode Saturdays host its annual Halloween party on the eve of Halloween on Monday, 30 October 2023. Wear your creative costumes or come dressed down, it doesn’t matter. We’re hosting the biggest Halloween bash in Toronto.

The top neighborhoods in Toronto for Halloween 2023 are:

  • King West
  • Queen West
  • Distillery District
  • Ossington Avenue
  • Parkdale
  • College Street

Barcode Saturdays is the best place to celebrate Halloween in Toronto. Join us in your spookiest costumes and sip on deadly Halloween-themed cocktails as our DJs keep the party alive all night.

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