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Caribana 2022

The Grand Annual Caribana Bash is Here

Get set, spruce up, and put your party shoes on because the annual Caribana fest is back in Toronto! It’s that time of the year that we Torontonians love, and it promises to be a banger, just like ever before.

The Caribana carnival brings a unanimous joy to the streets of Toronto, with a collective frenzy gripping the city for three crazy weeks. From the pool parties and nightlife events down to the great parade that flocks the city with colors, joy, and celebratory fever, it’s an occasion that simply cannot be missed.

Get ready to join in the Caribana hysteria with a sensational Caribana-themed party at Barcode Saturdays on July 30th, 2022. This year promises to be even grander than before, with over a million tourists expected to bring joy and good vibes to the city. So clear the calendars, mark the date, gather up the herd and head straight to Barcode Saturdays for the grandest Caribana bash you’ve ever experienced before.

The Most Epic Caribana Party in Toronto

July brings out the best of Toronto, with the whole city engulfed in the Caribana fever. This Caribbean-themed party has progressed leaps and bounds since its inception in 1967 and has never looked back, with an ever awe-inspiring list of celebrities, musicians, and performers who join in the celebration with the city.

The fest has returned after a two-year lapse, and we can’t wait for enough for it. From the carnival pool experience to the great sneaker ball, this year is set to be even grander than its predecessors as artists, celebrities, and party animals all line up for this 3-day fiesta. Barcode Saturdays are the prime hunting ground for the Caribana-crazy clubbers who like a blast of Hip Hop, R&B, Trap, Top 40, Latin & Reggae hits, and our premium collection of champagnes and cocktails.

We’d love to host you on the night of July 30th for a Caribana fest that goes deep into the night and keeps the frenzy alive. VIP bottle booth service will be prioritized on the day due to the large influx of clubbers that we expect on the night.

Don’t miss out on a night of grooves, moves, and a whole lot of good mood as we host our annual Caribana fest right at the heart of downtown Toronto. Barcode Saturdays is the number 1 celebrity Nightclub in the opulent NEST Toronto epitomizing everything grand and sensational about the city.

So get ready for the Caribana annual bash 2022 at Barcode Saturdays. Join our guest list or book a VIP bottle service today for an epic, memorable Caribana experience.

How to Join Barcode Saturday’s Caribana Party?

Caribana returns to its home in Toronto and is set to be a sizzling and promising event like never before. From the pool parties to the nightlife events, you simply can’t miss this one.

Barcode Saturdays bring the party to the city with its own wild Caribana party, set to be hosted on 30th July 2022. You are most welcome to join in the epic night by any one of the following:

  • VIP Bottle Booth Service

We expect a large influx of party animals who will be a part of the grand celebrations during our Caribana party. As such, our VIP bottle booth services will be highly preferred. You can choose any one of the following packages for the night:

Silver @ $350

1xNon-premium bottle + 1xHouse Champagne + 2xWaters + 2xAdmissions

Gold @ $675

2xPremium bottles + 2xWaters + 3xEnergy drinks + 4xAdmissions

Platinum @ $1,000

3xPremium bottles + 4xWaters + 4xEnergy drinks + 6xAdmissions

Diamond @ $1,275

3xPremium bottles + 1xPremium champagne + 6xWater + 6xEnergy drinks + 8xAdmissions

  • Guestlist

Our guestlist awaits you every Saturday night. Contact us to sign-up on the guestlist and be part of the Caribana festive frenzy at Barcode Saturdays. Get special offers and surprises by signing up on the list before 11:30 PM. Ladies get free entry along with a complimentary bottle of champagne by featuring on our guestlist.

Witness the Iconic Caribana Events

The Caribana carnival has included itself as part of Toronto’s vast and diverse culture. We Torontonians await the carnival every year to join a boisterous crowd from every nook and corner of Canada as well as from around the globe.

The carnival is a gift from the exotic Caribbean islands to mark the centennial celebrations in Toronto. Get ready to join a fest with an epic blend of creative costumes, street music, crazy parties, and a whole lot more. The grand symbol of the carnival, however, is the grand parade that marches through the city’s center. Be part of a Caribana-crazy crowd and enjoy street performances and dance with strangers from around the world.

The epic carnival lasts for three days and includes various Caribbean-themed celebrations and parties all across the city.

If you’re new to the city or are visiting Toronto on holiday during the Caribana carnival, you’re sure to witness an iconic celebration unlike any you’ve witnessed before. Whether you’re here with your friends, family, colleagues, or as a lone wolf, you’ll always find indulgences that cater to everybody’s taste at the Toronto Caribana carnival.

Here are some of the events you can expect to enjoy at the carnival:

  • The Grand Parade

    The grand parade is the emblem of the festival. Witness the vibrance of creative masquerades, floats, and Caribbean-themed music and costumes as they march through Toronto by the waterfront.

  • The Carnival Ball

    Encapsulating the entire essence of the Caribana, the carnival ball sees all steelpan, soca, dancers, and costume performers come together for performance for the purpose of raising charity for the underprivileged Caribbean communities.

  • MAS Events

    MAS events are the various performances that take place throughout the Caribana carnival. These events include street performances by Soca and Steelpan bands, as well as some renowned DJs and other prominent artists who ensure that the party never stops.

  • Day Events

    For families who attend the carnival, a flurry of daytime events would keep you and your children an occupied day. From casual pool parties to jovial J’ouvert events, you can join in a host of daytime events with your family at the carnival.

  • Night Parties

    During the Caribana carnival, every pub, bar, discotheque, and nightclub hosts wild parties that vibes with Caribbean fervor. Witness electrifying gigs, and wear creative outfits to honor the grand Toronto carnival.

Join Barcode Saturday’s 2022 Caribana Party

What are you waiting for? Gather the herd, spruce up,  and get set to join the epic Caribana party at Barcode Saturdays on 30th July 2022. We host the grandest Caribana party in town, symbolizing the oldest cultural festival in North America to date!

Enjoy a flurry of nightlife events during the Caribana carnival in Toronto. Sign-up on the guestlist or reserve your own VIP bottle booth service to take part in Barcode Saturday’s Caribana party.

The Caribana Brings an Electric Energy to Toronto

Caribana is the oldest and grandest North American cultural festival and is symbolic of the enthusiastic and electric vibes of the city and the people of Toronto. The epic festival started all the way back in 1967 when the country celebrated the completion of 100 years. The first Caribana festival brought an iconic frenzy to town as thousands of locals flocked up the street to witness the spectacle. The carnival has progressed leaps and bounds today, with millions of people in attendance at the oldest cultural festival in North America.

Today in the 21st century, the festival has transcribed into a palette of Caribbean celebrations with street music, plays, and dance and a diverse offering of mouth-watering cuisines all around the city. People attending the carnival can witness the iconic grand parade at the center of town along with a host of nightlife and daytime activities. From casual poolside parties to thrilling nightlife avenues, get set to join the revelries of the Caribana carnival this year.

Join us by reserving our own VIP bottle booth or signing up on the guestlist for the best Caribana experience. Usher in your gang and make reservations before we’re sold out.