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Join the best Bar in Toronto every Saturday night

Barcode Saturdays are the best bar in Toronto, with some of the most happening scenes in town. We love to host the ultimate group of party animals in downtown Toronto with our nightly delights, which include awesome beverages, food, bottle service, and much more.

Unwind over lip-smacking cocktails and drinks and enjoy a socially stimulating atmosphere where you meet, greet and move your feet with new people. Set on a journey of luxurious clubbing with your gang and groove to chart-busting Reggae, Hip-Hop,  and RnB music all night long. Let Barcode Saturdays capture your imagination with modern interiors, professional service, and an unparalleled party vibe.

We also offer an elevated sonic experience with top-of-the-line sound systems and speakers for melomaniacs as well as casual grooves. The live music experience at Barcode Saturdays hits every note of your weekend mood for a swinging night of frivolousness. Contact us for parties or book your special event at Barcode Saturdays for a memorable weekend party gig.

What To Expect When You're At Barcode Saturdays

We also offer an elevated sonic experience with top-of-the-line sound systems and speakers for melomaniacs as well as casual grooves. The live music experience at Barcode Saturdays hits every note of your weekend mood for a swinging night of frivolousness. Contact us for parties or book your special event at Barcode Saturdays for a memorable weekend party gig.

What Should You Expect From The Best Bar in Toronto?

Barcode Saturdays are the best bar in Toronto with its extensive range of liquor options. Whether you prefer wine, beer, cocktails, or fancy a champagne celebration, we’ve got it all in store for you.

Come home to intoxicating parties every weekend at Barcode Saturdays. Our nightly delights include lip-smacking beverages, delectable cuisines, VIP bottle services, and much more, all of which add up to make us the best bar in Toronto.

Which is the Hottest Club in Toronto?

Get set for your celebrations with a bottle of premium champagne, or lose yourself on the dancefloor with delightful drinks and cocktails. If you haven’t visited us yet and don’t know what to expect at Barcode Saturdays, here is a list of things you can indulge in at our nightclub.

  • Premium Champagnes

    Want to throw the ultimate birthday or bachelorette party at Barcode Saturdays? We have you covered with a premium range of champagne and other intoxicating drinks to keep your party going.

  • VIP Bottle Service

    If you’re in the mood to celebrate in a personalized space with your crew, then Barcode Saturdays are the place to be. Our bottle service gives you access to your own party station along with a gamut of food and drink offerings.

  • Enthralling Annual Events

    Don’t let your new year or Halloween parties be a bore. Visit the best bar in Toronto to witness spectacular events that define the standard of Toronto’s nightlife.

  • Decadent Music

    Our DJs and artists pump out the latest Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Trap, and Latin music hits to keep you energetic and entertained all night long.

  • Free Entry for the Ladies

    At Barcode Saturdays, ladies always party for free. Simply sign-up on our guestlist before 11:30 PM and get free entry along with a complimentary bottle of champagne on the house.

Score the Best Bar in Toronto

Barcode Saturdays offer a plethora of indulgences for party people in Toronto. Whether you visit us to wind down after work, party with the gang, or simply celebrate a special occasion in your life, Barcode Saturdays are the ultimate party destination for you in the city.

Find all the reservation and guest list details along with event lineups on our official website. Discover the top party vibes at Barcode Saturdays every weekend and enjoy a sizzling night with your gang. Visit us to be a part of the Toronto party ritual and groove to the finest hits, and enjoy premium cocktails, champagnes and drinks with your friends and family at Barcode Saturdays.

Barcode Saturdays Toronto Nightclub

Experience the VIP Nightlife in Toronto

Did you know that you can party like a celebrity in one of the best bars in Toronto?

That’s right.

Barcode Saturdays ushers in some of the most epic parties in Toronto. We offer a celebrity-style clubbing experience with a high-octane ambiance, lip-smacking drinks, and exemplary service to energize your parties. We’re one of the best bars in Toronto because of our royal nightlife experience via VIP bottle booth services.

Our personal bottle booth services come with four options designed to accommodate a varying number of guests. You can select any one of the following options:

Silver @ $350

1xNon-premium bottle + 1xHouse Champagne + 2xWaters + 2xAdmissions

Gold @ $675

2xPremium bottles + 2xWaters + 3xEnergy drinks + 4xAdmissions

Platinum @ $1,000

3xPremium bottles + 4xWaters + 4xEnergy drinks + 6xAdmissions

Diamond @ $1,275

3xPremium bottles + 1xPremium champagne + 6xWater + 6xEnergy drinks + 8xAdmissions

Benefits of VIP Bottle Booth Services?

The VIP bottle booth service at Barcode Saturdays entails many benefits for you and your gang. Join us every Saturday night for unraveling parties with a touch of exclusivity through our VIP bottle booth services.

With the bottle booth, you get the following benefits:

  • Personal area for you and your guests
  • Access to premium drinks and house champagnes
  • Dedicated services
  • Super surprises
  • Choice of two sound systems

The VIP bottle booth service at Barcode Saturdays is highly in demand and prioritized during our special events. Remember to reserve your own private party station during New year, Halloween, or Caribana party at Barcode Saturdays. You can also add a personalized touch to your parties for birthday and bachelorette parties.

Contact us to reserve your own private bottle booth at Barcode Saturdays. We’re Toronto’s number one party ritual, and we’d love to host you and your crew every weekend. Know the availability and pricing of our bottle booths by stating your requirements.

What To Expect When You're At Barcode Saturdays
What To Expect When You're At Barcode Saturdays

Our guestlist service ensures that you can get entry to the best bar in Toronto even if you’ve not made your reservation with a VIP Bottle booth. Signing up before 11:30 PM allows ladies to enter our nightclub free of charge. What’s more, they get a complimentary bottle of champagne on the house to kickstart the celebrations and party carefree at the best bar in Toronto.

So what are you waiting for? We’re the best bar in Toronto and the top party ritual in town, offering the best of everything that a nightclub offers. Please make your reservations for the weekend with our VIP Bottle booth service or feature in our guestlist to enjoy a clubbing experience unlike any other.

Barcode Saturdays For An Unforgettable Night Out!

When it comes to Nightlife & the Best bars in Toronto, no one does it better than us. Since our opening, we have been at the top of our game. That’s why we offer a wide range of exciting services, including event planning, bachelor party ideas, & much more. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, going out with your girlfriends or hubby, searching for a spectacular club for your bachelorette party, or just wish to go out & dance, we have you covered. So if you’re really looking for a fun time with your friends, look no further than Barcode Saturdays!

Why Choose Barcode Saturdays For Your Toronto Nightclub

We’ll make sure that everyone has a fabulous time. Our focus is to ensure that every time you visit us, you have an outstanding experience. At Barcode Saturdays, we aspire to provide each visitor with the ultimate VIP service. We believe in making every guest feel like a celebrity, which is why we take great pride in offering superior service at every stage. That’s why people keep coming back again & again. We truly take pride in our service, & it shows!

Best Bar in Toronto For the Perfect First Date

Dating a crush or a love interest for the first time is something everyone looks forward to. When you go ahead and meet in person, you’d want to know the other person better in a comfortable and casual ambiance. There’s always that hint of nervousness inside all of us, and so the venue of your date takes center stage in calming the nerves.

You don’t want to be shouting to hear what they have to say, but at the same time, there should be a casual vibe in the place so that the occasional silence doesn’t become awkward.

Of course, being a bar, you’re quite likely to be spoilt for choice when it comes to drinks, and they can surely calm the nerves. But is it enough?

The answer is no, it’s not.

The service, interiors, ambiance, music, range of liquor, and quality of the bar, all add up to make a nightclub truly worthy of a first date.

You can tick all of the boxes above when you choose Barcode Saturdays for the first date. From a comprehensive range of drinks to an exclusive private booth, you can rest assured of having a good time together and creating a great first impression.

We’re the best bar in Toronto for your first-time dates because:

A Personal Space for Magical Conversations

Looking to head somewhere quiet where you can hold great conversations and know the person better? Reserve our VIP bottle booths for a personalized experience on your first date. Treat her with premium drinks and enjoy a personal waiter to take care of all your needs.

Loading….. Super Surprises for you

At Barcode Saturdays, fantastic offers, surprises, and packages await you and your date. Contact us today and let us know your preferences and we’ll organize a thrilling surprise that creates the cutest first impression.

Taste Royalty at our Bar

Our bar is primed with premium drinks and champagnes that add sizzle to any occasion. Start the celebrations with champagne, go on a wine-tasting spree, or get tangy with awesome cocktails when you head to Barcode Saturdays on your first date.

Those Lovely, Lavish Vibes

Barcode Saturdays is a lavish nightclub with royal interiors and premium ambiance that compliments an occasion as riveting as a first date.

Catch a Glimpse of Stars

What’s better than being in the same room as your favorite celebrities? The answer is; being with your date.

At Barcode Saturdays, we’re frequented by renowned personalities from all over the country. Check out our celebrity guest list and surprise your date with a glimpse of her favorite celebrity at Barcode Saturdays.

Barcode Saturdays FAQ

The key is knowing what you want. If you’re after a low-key night with friends, then any reputable bar is for you. If you’re looking for a perfect place to dance until dawn, the nightclub is where it’s at. No matter what your style or taste, Barcode Saturdays is the best nightclub bar in Toronto for every occasion.

A good bar is one that can serve a variety of drinks with the right balance of beer, wine, and liquor. The lighting should be dim enough for conversation but bright enough to see what you’re drinking. The music should be loud enough to keep your pulse going without being so loud you can’t hear your friends talk. With all these factors combined, it’s easy to see why Barcode Saturdays is better than others.

When you’re at a bar, it’s all about socializing and having a good time. You can even make friends with people who are sitting next to you by striking up a conversation. Top nightclub bars will have live music or entertainment that will help create the perfect mood for some fun times. If you want more than just drinks, check out Barcode Saturdays today!

In general, ordering drinks is fairly straightforward & most bartenders will be more than happy to help. When they come up to take your order, ask them if they have any specials going on that evening or any recommendations that might pair well with your choice of drink so they can make sure they serve you the right thing. Barcode Saturdays’ VIP bottle service is something you shouldn’t miss!

There are a variety of alcoholic drinks that you can choose from when visiting a nightclub, but not all of them are created – equal. If you plan on dancing, it may be better for you to order an energy drink with alcohol so that you can maintain your stamina and have a good time. If you don’t care about the dancing aspect and just want to enjoy the night, then feel free to order whatever drink sounds appealing.

If you’re not drinking, you might feel like you’re the only sober person in the club. But don’t worry, at Barcode Saturdays, there are plenty of other ways to have a good time when you don’t want alcohol.

  • Get your groove on
  • Meet new people
  • Enjoy Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Party with celebrities & A-listers
  • Be ready to be treated like a Superstar

Here are some insider tips on how to socialize successfully.

  • Be confident
  • Be open-minded and easygoing
  • Keep an open ear
  • Don’t be afraid to be yourself
  • Maintain good hygiene
  • Knowledge is power!
  • Have goals & aspirations
  • Laugh when appropriate
  • Help others out

Dancing is a surefire way to get into the music & enjoy your time. To dance – all you need is the willingness to let loose and have a good time. If you’re not feeling up for it, that’s ok too! That just means there will be other people who are more than happy to take your place on the dance floor. Don’t be afraid to ask people to dance with you -it’s a lot of fun when you let yourself go and forget about anything else that might stress you out.

Being cut off is among the most frustrating things that can happen when you’re out with your friends. You’ll want to stay calm, and if someone cuts you off, let them know that they are being unfair. You should also keep in mind that many bars have policies about how much someone can drink before they get cut off. If a bartender does decide to stop serving you for the night, it’s probably for your own good; after all, they are just looking out for you.

A nightclub is a spot where people go to meet new people, dance, drink & be merry. It’s not unusual for things to get out of hand with all the partying. If you actually find yourself in a situation that feels uncomfortable or unsafe, it’s time to leave. Be aware of your surroundings & if anything seems suspicious, trust your intuition, and don’t hesitate to seek help from security or staff members. Finally, always have a ride home arranged before you go out because sometimes things don’t always turn out as planned.

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