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    Get a taste of the royal nightlife by reserving a VIP bottle service booth at Toronto’s party ritual. Barcode Saturdays offer amazing packages to host your birthday party, bachelorette party or just an amazing night out. One of our amazing nightlife packages is sure to take care of all your needs.

    Reserve your bottle service booth before they’re all gone. Our booths go quickly so you may want to book far in advance.


    Make Your Night Out Extra Special With Our VIP Bottle Services!

    How many times have you been out & wanted to treat yourself or your friends to a special night? With our VIP bottle service, we make sure that you’re the center of attention in the best possible way! Our bottle service prices are completely fair and honest – you’ll never be surprised by overpriced drinks! We also make sure to provide top-quality service every time – no matter if you’re celebrating an anniversary, special birthday, or your friend just got engaged!

    At Barcode Saturdays, we want to make sure that everyone gets treated like royalty! If you want to make sure you and your friends have a great time while enjoying the world-class entertainment, book one of our VIP bottle service booths. We really look forward to partying with you soon at Barcode on Saturday nights!

    Bottles Services Better Than Regular Tables

    With regular tables, you’re stuck in one location. With bottle services, we set up a private table with comfortable seating and couches, which is first-come, first-serve at any time during your party. This allows you to mix around and make a great impression on other club-goers. In addition, bottle services come with premium liquor brands and staff waiters who will make sure you never run out of drinks!

    On top of that, each bottle comes with mixers to give you an extensive selection of beverage varieties. Our VIP bottle service booth also offers more privacy than standard tables as there are no strangers sitting next to you. This makes it easier to talk and have fun with others without feeling rushed or pressured. Plus, if you want to bring some friends along but don’t have enough room at your table, we can easily add another couch so everyone can enjoy themselves.

    We have a variety of packages available to meet your needs, whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just looking for something different from what you usually do. If you’d like to book bottle service, contact us today! We really look forward to partying with you soon.

    #1 VIP Bottle Service At Toronto’s Top Party Ritual – Barcode Saturdays!

    Well, what’s there to say about Barcode Saturdays? It’s big. It’s classy. It makes any party feel like a super-exclusive, can’t-get-in, a place that everyone wants to be at. Need we say more? Bottle service in Toronto has become synonymous with the most luxurious and outrageous nightlife experience possible. If you’re looking to make your next night out into something special, then VIP bottle service at Barcode Saturdays may be just what you’re looking for!

    Our incredible selection of premium liquor and wine will ensure that your night is one you’ll never forget! Barcode Saturdays offer incredible party packages for birthdays, bachelorette parties, or simply an incredible night out. Make a reservation for a bottle service booth before they are all taken. Our booths are in high demand, so you may want to reserve well in advance. One of our incredible nightlife packages will surely meet your desires.

    Once you book a table with us, you get access to our luxurious VIP amenities, including a dedicated area for you and your guests, personalized services, and priority entry into our nightclub. Moreover, get ready to be treated like a VIP from the moment you step foot into Barcode Saturdays until you call it a night. Our friendly staff members will greet you at your booth and take care of all your needs.

    What could be better than that? Booking a table is simple too. If you want an amazing party experience but don’t want to worry about lining up or getting in, consider booking a VIP bottle service booth today! We really look forward to partying with you soon at Barcode on Saturday nights!