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Escape from the ordinary every weekend with Barcode Saturdays. Amongst the very best of Toronto Bars, Barcode Saturdays are the city’s prime party ritual that welcomes hardcore party animals and celebrities to the most happening nightlife destination. We’re the luxurious choice for regular weekend clubbers who have an eye for style and impeccable service from one of the best Toronto bars .

With timeless interiors and a modern clubbing vibe, our Toronto bar and nightclub has lots of surprises and delights waiting for you. Plan your best occasions and celebrate them at Barcode Saturdays with your gang. We offer the ultimate group clubbing experience with top-of-the-class sound systems, the best Hip Hop, Trap, R&B, Top 40, Latin & Reggae tracks, and a lip-smacking range of beverages and other indulgences.

So get out your party hats and shoes and visit the best Toronto bar. Think Saturdays, think Barcode Saturdays; the absolute panache of clubbing experience at the heart of Toronto.

Saturday Means Barcode Saturdays

Immerse yourself with the heart and soul of Toronto’s #1 party ritual at the luxurious AMORE. We offer a delightful nightlife experience to Torontonians as well as foreign visitors who come to enjoy the epitome of the Canadian clubbing culture.

Barcode Saturdays have a casual yet riveting setting with an unparalleled aura and vibe for those who like to take their party deep into the night. Whether you join us by featuring on the guestlist or enjoy signature champagnes at one of our VIP bottle booths, you’re in for a great time that lasts in the memory books for a long time.

Our guest list is for everyone who wants to have a terrific time in downtown Toronto. We open our doors to ladies, who can always party for free at Barcode Saturdays by joining our guest list before 11:30 PM. What’s more, is that they stand to get a complimentary bottle of champagne from our side to kickstart the celebrations.

You can also join us every Saturday night by pre-booking our bottle booth service. The VIP Bottle Booth service comes with four lucrative options to choose from. Host up to 8 guests with a dedicated booth and sound system and premium champagnes to keep the party vibe flowing.

Join our guest list or make a reservation and elevate your weekend scenes with the most sizzling Toronto Bar and nightclub.

What Makes a Bar Great?

Bars and nightclubs today are a dime a dozen. In almost every city you go to, you’ll find no dearth of nightlife options, from swanky dance bars to luxurious bars in the crowded districts of the city.

But what is the differentiating point between these establishments? And what makes a bar ‘great’ or better than others?

The atmosphere, service, selection of food and drinks, and vibe of the place all of these contribute to a great bar that people love visiting again and again. Let’s take a look at the checklist of what makes a Toronto bar worth visiting.

  • The Atmosphere

    A bar’s atmosphere is the first indicator of how the bar is perceived by other customers. The atmosphere includes everything from seating arrangement, space, interiors, and other aspects like music lighting. The lighting of the bar should be ample but shouldn’t be so bright that it kills the feel of the place. The music should also suit the mood while playing at the right volume. Ultimately, you can judge the bar by the volume and type of crowd it attracts.

    The interiors of the place should be hygienic and also add up to the aura of the bar. Things like bar counter, ventilation, and type of chairs all factor in deciding the place’s atmosphere.

  • Service

    Everyone from the doorman to the servicemen of the establishment contributes to the overall service quality. It starts from the concierge and doorman right down to the waiters. You’d want a warm welcome into the club rather than a rude figure giving you unwelcome looks.

    Similarly, you should feel welcome as you enter the club and find a table or space without much has

  • Drinks

    Being a bar means catering to the various tastes of liquor. Every great bar would have a fine selection of champagnes, wines, beers, spirits, and cocktails to pander to their diverse customer’s tastes. They should also have proper serving glasses for each type of drink.

    A major off-putter is the lack of liquor options enlisted in the menu but not currently available. This can really spoil the mood. Thus a great bar should have reserves for all the alcohol options on the menu. Lastly, the waiter should know about the bar’s various liquors.

Experience Celebrity Clubbing At The Heart Toronto

Want to get a taste of the celebrity party affair?

Barcode Saturdays is amongst the premium Toronto bars hosting some of the most epic events and parties in town. Join us with your family and friends for a celebrity clubbing experience with access to exemplary service, lip-smacking drinks, a high-octane ambiance, premium champagnes, and dedicated sound systems to energize your weekend parties. Transform your weekend celebrations into a royal clubbing affair at Barcode Saturdays with our VIP bottle booth services.

With four options to choose from, our VIP bottle booth services are designed to accommodate you and your crew with a dedicated space to party with access to premium services and drinks. With our VIP bottle booth service, you get:

  • Dedicated space for you and your guests
  • Access to a premium range of drinks and champagnes
  • Express entry at the club
  • Tailored services
  • Offers and surprises

Don’t wait to party like a VIP at Barcode Saturdays. Contact us with the details of your guests and requirements. We’ll get back to you with availability and pricing.

We prioritize VIP bottle booth reservations during special events like the New Year’s Party, Caribana party, and the Halloween party. You can also get in touch with us to book your own bottle booth for birthday or bachelorette parties.

Grand Spectacles all Year Long

At Barcode Saturdays, we offer a primetime weekend clubbing experience that’s unforgettable and unparalleled to anything you’ve ever seen before. We’re a Toronto bar offering the best nightlife avenues to locals as well as tourists who join us every weekend for a sensational clubbing experience.

We’re also the top choice nightclub and bar in Toronto for special occasions and parties. Our annual events pave the way for memorable, raucous, raw, and ravenous parties that invites all to join the fray. From one New Year to the next, we have a sensational line-up of special events meant to enthrall the most seasoned of party animals.

We throw an epic New Year’s bash that welcomes beginnings with a sonic blast of melody and scintillating energy on the dancefloor. Groove to the top party anthems from RnB, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Trap, and Latin hits that start in one year and end in the next, with a lot of wild times in between.

We also throw epic Caribana and Halloween parties for locals and tourists to participate in and enjoy. You don’t want to miss out! Please make your reservations before we’re sold out for the best parties in town.

Toronto Nightlife has undergone some significant changes over the last few years and now boasts one of the best clubbing scenes in North America – if not the world. Most cities, Toronto included, are known for one thing above all else, their Nightlife. It is home to hundreds of nightclubs & Toronto Bars, including some of the best clubs in North America – Barcode Saturdays. Each week, Barcode Saturdays feature a special guest DJ & MC, in addition to unique events with globally renowned celebrities.

Barcode Saturdays FAQ

The main difference between a bar & a nightclub is the atmosphere. A bar usually has a more relaxed, laid-back vibe with dim lighting, while clubs are generally much louder with flashing lights and booming music. You’ll often find bars in an area that’s known for its nightlife.

Nightclub bars are preferable because they offer a wide variety of entertainment. A nightclub bar can have DJs, live music, karaoke, comedy nights, etc. This type of venue is great for people who want an all-inclusive type of entertainment experience.

What makes one stand out from the rest? Is it the drink specials, atmosphere, or location? Sometimes, it’s all three. Other times, there are just a few select places that make you feel welcome as soon as you step in the door. Whether it’s martini night or DJ night, Barcode Saturdays always have something going on to get people onto the dance floor.

One of the best things about top bars is that they are perfect for socializing. You can expect a relaxed atmosphere with good music, strong drinks, and great company. They are the perfect place to go if you want a wild night out. Many people find it easier to meet new people at these establishments. Also, if you’re looking for a specific type of drink – such as wine or craft beer – then these places will most likely have what you’re looking for! So no matter what your preferences are, there’s something for everyone!

We all love a good night out, but it can be hard -to- keep track of how much you’re spending. Whether you’re out with friends or just by yourself, the cost of drinks can sneak up on you. On average, your bar tab will come to between $30-$60 for two beers depending on where you go. Barcode Saturdays offer great packages & amazing drinks at a reasonable price.

Bars in Toronto offer a wide variety of drinks. There are many different beers, wines, cocktails, and other mixed drinks available. If you’re actually looking for a place with great music and a dark atmosphere, check out Barcode Saturdays. We offer top entertainers, the best DJs, live music, & more every Saturday night, along with plenty of dance space.

There are many great bars in Toronto, but there is one big question on the minds of everyone who visits. What time is the last call? Last call times vary from bar to bar, so it’s important to check before you go. In general, the last call is between 2am and 4am. But that varies depending on the area. To avoid any surprises, it can’t hurt to order a cab ahead of time!

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