How to Plan Bachelorette Party?

How to Plan Bachelorette Party?

Tips on how to plan for a bachelorette party.

1. Narrow down on the possibilities

2. Let the Preparations Begin

3. Finalizing the guestlist

4. Select your ground zero.


Bachelorette parties are much more than just getting sloshed with your gang and creating those Instagram-worthy moments. The fun fact about bachelorette is that they can be whatever you want them to be. Even more fun is that you get to arrange this once-in-a-lifetime party that’ll feature in many photo books and portraits.


And why not? The Bachelorette party is a celebration of the bride-to-be’s singlehood. It’s a bash to honor the past single life and welcome the ‘happily ever after life. Just like her wedding, the bachelorette party should also be a memorable and cherished occasion.


So if you’re the bridesmaid or are entrusted by her to arrange a bachelorette party, you know what kind of a job you have at hand. Bachelorette parties can range from a night of clubbing to a full-fledged destination scene that fills the photo yearbook.


But destination scenes may not be for everybody, and there’s nothing amiss in partying downtown.


Before you get yourself busy preparing for this immense honor, sit back and read through this list to know the steps you should remember when planning for the hottest bachelorette in town.


  • Narrow Down on the Possibilities

Destination party? A wild clubbing night? A simple yet joyous pajama sleepover party? Whatever the preference of the to-be bridesmaid, it should be known to the whole gang, and everyone should be in sync when it comes to finalizing how this epic party will go down.


If it’s a destination party, the guests should be informed regarding the dates, and the party planner should start making the reservations.


  • Let the Preparations Begin

If you’re the bridesmaid, you know you need to prepare right away. Get your gang together and brainstorm with them regarding how you want the bachelorette affair to be an absolute banger.


Wherever you want the party to go down, the bachelorette gang has to be on the same page regarding even the most minor details. At this juncture, you can also finalize if it’s going to be a themed party, what props you may need, and if you need the whole establishment to yourselves. The entire point of this pre-arrangement is that you leave no stone unturned before the actual party date.


  • Finalizing the Guestlist

Whether you have a small, intimate group of friends to invite or a large group of eve’s to hold the banner, finalizing the guestlist is essential at this stage so that everyone can be prepared and ready for the party.


Your guest list will significantly affect the expenses, lodging (should you choose it), and transport after the party. After all, you’d want your gang to have the night of their lives with comfort and complete peace of mind.


  • Select your Ground Zero

So, what about the bachelorette destination? Don’t fret if your group can’t agree on a foreign destination; you can always select a top destination downtown or in the remote suburbs. You can easily whittle down the options after selecting the most premium venues in your city.


This is where the venue of your bachelorette party plays a huge role in determining how your fiesta will turn out to be. However, you may want to choose a convenient and easily accessible destination for the people in your group. And most of all, you’d want the best music to groove on, the choicest food, and the most swanky drinks for your gang.


Get in touch with the shortlisted venues and know what kind of music they play and what packages they may have in store for private parties. Once you have these particulars, you can inform your gang and select the best venue that everyone agrees on. And don’t forget to have the bridesmaid’s go-ahead.


  • Time to Save The Date

The date is another important element in your bachelorette bash preparation. Ideally, you’d want a date when everyone is available, preferably the next day being a holiday. This ensures that everyone enjoys without having a flicker of worry for tomorrow.


And, of course, to honor those shots and to ensure that no one has a hangover to manage while working the next day.


  • Set Reminders and Goals

Planning a fabulous bachelorette party is no good if the end goals aren’t met. Once you’ve ended up with the itinerary, you’d want to start preparations for D-Day. These will give you the best approximation of the required effort and when to start preparing for the event.


If the party calls for elaborate decor and props, you may want to prepare the arrangements well before the event so that nothing is left amiss for the grand bash. You can contact the venue and see if their staff can help you put up bachelorette props and decor.


  • Make it an Elite Affair.

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