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Find the best Hip-Hop and RnB club in Toronto.

Hip-hop and R&B have become staple music in nightclubs around the world. Originating in the 1970s as block parties became a trend, the genre has progressed into a modern-day mix of many musical influences, including rapping and turntables. Today, Hip-Hop, along with other genres like R&B, is widely preferred by party animals who like to hit the dancefloor over the groovy numbers.

Toronto is home to several nightclubs that are Hip-Hop and R&B fixtures. With no dearth of clubbing options in the city, one can easily find a club that plays Hip-Hop or hosts Hip-Hop artists for live gigs. From Etobicoke North to Scarborough Rouge Park, there are various nightlife establishments that play resident Hip-Hop and R&B numbers.

So, if Hip-Hop and R&B are your things and you’re looking for the perfect clubbing destination to take on the night, we’ve got your back.

The Best Hip-Hop and R&B Club in Toronto

At Barcode Saturdays, we believe in hexing the night with the top Hip-Hop and R&B numbers that move the crowd every Saturday night. We’re located in the city’s very heart, in the luxurious NEST Toronto, and host sensational Saturday night parties that take your weekends to the limit.

We’re a unique clubbing fixture that’s a luxurious twist to the clubbing culture in Toronto. Established in 2014 by the Life Media Group, we’ve been at the vanguard of the clubbing revolution in the city with unparalleled ambiance and magical vibes. Our premium range of drinks and champagnes elevate the adrenaline higher so that you can groove to our party anthems all night long. We’re a top clubbing escape featuring the most renowned and talented artists and DJs who get the dancefloor moving with Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Trap, Latin, and other Top 40 tracks.

Barcode Saturdays also host special events and parties featuring top DJs and artists blowing the dancefloor off with their beats and rhythms. We warmly welcome clubbing enthusiasts and party animals to join us every Saturday night by either signing up on the guestlist or reserving a VIP bottle booth of their own.


Witness the Pinnacle of Toronto’s Clubbing Culture

Join us every Saturday night to be part of Toronto’s most luxurious and riveting clubbing experience. Get your musical fix by joining us in either of the following ways:

Sign in to the Guestlist

To feature on our guestlist, sign-up before 11:30 PM with your crew and take your Saturday night to the maximum. Ladies get free entry at Barcode Saturdays along with a complimentary bottle of champagne when they sign-up on our guestlist before 11:30 PM. Also, get thrilling surprises every Saturday night by visiting us.

Reserve a VIP Bottle Booth

At Barcode Saturdays, you can enjoy celebrity-style parties with your friends and family. By reserving your own VIP bottle booth, you can enjoy a dedicated space for yourself and your crew with a maximum capacity of up to 8 guests. Our bottle booths act as your personal party stations that give you access to our premium range of drinks and house champagnes as well as the choice of two sound systems.

What Makes us the Best Club in Toronto

Barcode Saturdays have a great assortment of champagnes and drinks to go alongside contagious Hip-Hop and R&B music that inebriates our club every Saturday. We’re frequented by celebrities who love to spend quality clubbing time with foot-tapping and fist-pumping action deep into the night.

Barcode Saturdays

We’re the best bar in Toronto for a number of reasons:

Our special events are nothing short of epic

We have a sensational lineup of the best events in the city. From special events like Halloween, New Year, and the Caribana parties to private celebrations like birthdays and bachelorette, we elevate every occasion and event to soaring heights.

We’re the Ideal Hip-Hop destination.

Love to groove over Hip-Hop and R&B? Then Barcode Saturdays is the fix you need every weekend for the best Hip-Hop and other Top 40 tracks.

From cocktails to champagne, we have everything premium.

Barcode Saturdays have an array of premium drinks and house champagnes to make your parties unforgettable.

Our Service is Impeccable

Celebrities and Canadians from the length and breadth of the country party with us because of our impeccable reputation and outstanding services.

There’s always a surprise around the corner.

Get thrilling surprises by visiting our nightclub by signing up on the guestlist or reserving your own bottle booth.

Join Us This Saturday Night

We open our doors and arms to everyone who wants to experience Toronto’s number 1 party ritual. Contact us or join our guestlist online for the best Saturday night parties in Toronto.

Read our blog section for more info and insights about Toronto’s diverse nightlife scene and party culture.

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