How to Make your Clubbing Experience More Fun?

How to make your clubbing experience more fun

Here’s how you can make your Clubbing Experience More Exciting

Going clubbing is a vibe. Nobody turns down the opportunity to hit a nightlife venue because they think it’ll be a dry affair.

But for those who’ve never been to a club before, or the ever-mysterious introverts, clubbing can become a little intimidating. The music is loud, the bar and dance floor packed. But all that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the experience, even if you’re new to such a nightlife setting.

Whether you are a first-timer or a regular at your favorite nightclub, these “tips to have a blast at the club” are for everyone. Regulars can elevate their clubbing experience, whereas first-timers can get more comfortable and confident.

Here are some tips which will elevate your clubbing experience and allow you to maximize your fun at a nightclub:

  1. Get the Gang Together

Remember the line “I’ll be there for you”? It’s time to hold your friends true to these words.

Doesn’t matter if you are a high-functioning extrovert; going to a club alone can be a bummer. Going with your friends provides you with your personal zone of comfort (and you’ll have things to talk about). So find some friends who share the vibe and go clubbing with them.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to strangers, right? If you find someone interesting enough at the club, give it a go. Buy them and yourself a drink. Conversation over a drink strikes differently. Maybe you and the stranger can set up the next-party plan.

Did you see? Just like that, you made a new friend.

That’s what clubs are all about. It’s a social place where you get to meet exciting and awesome people. In the end, it’s all worth it.

  1. Go Where Your Heart Leads You

You read it right! Seasoned party animals are well-versed with the popular establishments in their city. Not that they don’t like to try new places, but when it comes down to the essentials, they’ll always have preferences.

But what about you first-timers?

If you’ve never been to a club before, a good starting point is to do your research. It gives you a hang of the club’s atmosphere, its crowd, the kind of drinks they offer and their packages. Comparing different clubs will give you a good idea of the kind of places you can party.

What comes next?

Following your heart. Checking out the website or social media profile of the club will reveal all about the club. Whether your preference is to get sloshed, boogie on the dancefloor, or spend some quality time with friends, maximize the fun quotient by going where you feel you’d enjoy the most.

And while you’re at it, it would help a great deal to compare reviews and ask your friend circle about the place.

  1. Make it Sassier

Let’s face it, getting decked up always feels nice. We all want to look and feel good about ourselves when we’re looking to party. For those of you who don’t have much experience with nightclubs, being underdressed can be a disaster for the night (especially if everyone around you looks like a contemporary twist to Elvis).

Pretty sure nobody would want that.

Now you have researched the club you are going to, so you must have an idea about the clubs’ dress code; if any, that is. So dig up your closet and find the best-suited clothes for the night.

Luxurious clubs often have ladies spruced up in dresses and heels, whereas men are seen in button-up shirts and suit jackets. You’ll see individuals in t-shirts, jeans, and sweatshirts at a discotheque.

Irrespective of which club you are going to, go beyond your daily clothes. Put some effort into styling yourself. But make sure those shoes are comfortable enough; after all, the night is long and there’s much to shake a leg to.

  1. A few shots to settle the nerves

A little bit of alcohol never hurts a soul. Partying at a club is all about losing yourself to intoxicating drinks and taking on the dancefloor without a flicker of worry. As such, getting sloshed should be the top priority in your list.

A few rounds of cheers with your friends will amplify the fun and help you groove more effortlessly over your favourite tracks. Losing your senses and dancing till your feet hurt is what clubbing is all about. Getting intoxicated should be the first priority; everything else comes secondary.

A piece of clarification here; getting drunk to enjoy the night is great, but know when to stop. Getting drunk beyond your limit may just sour the fun, for you and everybody else. Also, you’d want to reach home safely and not wake up with a terrible hangover.

  1. Taking it a Notch Higher with Bottle Services

Want to go even further into making your clubbing experience a blast? If you’re in for it, then make sure you check out the Bottle Service offers of the clubs.

Bottle service is a premium offering in which you get to have a designated area all for yourself (and your friends, of course). Other than a designated area and a celebrity-like feeling, it has other perks such as complimentary bottle(s), snacks, number of admissions per table, etc.

These offerings vary from club to club. If you are someone who wants to go for it, then check the clubs’ website for details about this service.

At Barcode Saturdays, we offer you the chance to party like a celebrity and skip the queue with our VIP bottle booth services. Our bottle booth packages guarantee express and complimentary entry at our club, a premium section for you to enjoy with your friends along with premium drinks.

Take your clubbing experience higher with VIP booth services at Barcode Saturdays. Enjoy a royal tryst amidst all the high-octane energy and have a memorable nightlife experience.

  1. Don’t carry your dresser into the club

When going to a club, you don’t require a lot of things. You don’t need anything else if you are high-spirited and dressed confidently. Well, yes, you do need your wallet; otherwise, how will you get the drinks? (duh!!)

But if you wish to be on the safer side and want that fresh look you came to the club with, you may carry some essentials.

And a piece of advice. Prefer using cards to pay for your drinks; you don’t want to hassle with change all night long. Plus, it’s easier to use cards than cash, the transaction is easy, and you won’t have to carry a wallet filled with dollar bills.

P.S. A DSLR is not essential, even if you are a photographer. Until and unless you have a permit from the club, you may even be denied entry with it. And even if access was allowed, do you want to be your friends’ personal photographer the whole night?

Wow, that’s really not a long list.

A quick recap: “How you can make your clubbing experience more exciting.”

  • Get your friends to tag along; all they’ll do at home is sit and binge a series; better if you drag them with you.
  • Research on the club; you don’t have to write a thesis, but you need to know a little bit about it.
  • Put on your best clothes to avoid getting your confidence shot down or feeling embarrassed.
  • Getting intoxicated is the key to having a fun night at the club, but don’t overdo it.
  • Get yourself on the guest list if you want to get some added benefits. Seventh (optional), book a bottle service.
  • Finally, carry only essentials with you.


That’s it. These were some tips on how to elevate your clubbing experience and make it worthwhile so that you can lose the steam and drive up the adrenaline again the next time around.

So drop the guard, put on your party hats, and get ready to Samba at a nightlife destination near you. One good experience and you never know, it could be the start of something beautiful.

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