What to do at a Nightclub?

What to do at a Nightclub?

Nightclubs are fun, not just because they’re the place to party during weekends, catch up with old friends, celebrate occasions, or take a break from the rigors of life. But nightclubs are great options for socializing as well!

From meeting new friends at the bar to try to steal ‘his’ or ‘her’ attention, there are great avenues for you to open up and connect with people the old way (no online stalking or friendships based on a single click).

But let’s rewind a bit from here! Nightclubs are great options for socializing as well. This means you can have a jolly good time even if you go solo to the club. Yes, you read that right!

There’s nothing wrong or awkward about going to a nightclub alone, even if many people find it strange or daunting. The crux to clubbing alone is knowing what you’re up for at night. Whilst the same level of camaraderie may not be on the table (since you’re with strangers), you can still build a good rapport with new people. As it so happens, birthdays and bars are the best places to make new friends, we’ve found!

But even if adding new people to your friend list isn’t your thing, you have loads of other options and tricks to enjoy yourself and have a memorable night. So without further adieu, let’s take a look at the top things to do at a nightclub on your night out experience:


1- Put on your best dress

While most nightclubs have their own dress code, wearing anything other than athletic or leisure wear should get you through most establishments. And if you’re going to enjoy a club, you may as well look and feel at your best. To truly enjoy the night with yourself or with the gang, it’s necessary to start right. And what’s better than starting with the man in the mirror?


2- How about a date night at the club?

Clubbing is always extra fun when you have the right people to get drunk and dance with. But if your gang cannot show up for the night, why not ask your date out? Indeed, it’s a great feeling when you boogie with your partner for the first time. A nightclub date can be super memorable if you set up things right. The key is knowing when to hit the bar, groove on the dancefloor, and call it a night. Get these three things right and impress your date.


3- Reserve a bottle booth.

Now that we’re talking about taking your date to the club, why not elevate the experience further with a bottle booth?

Bottle booths are personalized party experiences with a premium feel. You get a dedicated space for yourself and your plus one, dedicated services whenever and whatever you need, and, if you’ve reserved a bottle service at Barcode Saturdays, access to our spesh house champagnes.


4- Get tipsy – or wasted!

When the question arises of getting drunk, you gotta choose between being the responsible one in your group or the wild one. Getting tipsy may feel like a wise choice, and getting wasted may feel like an escape, but whatever you choose, ensure it’s within your limits (no one likes a nuisance-maker at the club, a.k.a. Don’t get yourself thrown out).

But drinking responsibly can be so enjoyable, especially with the right people. So whether you grab a drink after a while or go for shots straight after setting foot into the club, we recommend you drink and add a little intoxication to the enjoyment responsibly.

Two quick tips, though – don’t leave your drink unattended, and don’t take it to the dancefloor.


5- Light up the dance floor.

Now that you’re drunk, it’s time to make the most of it. Don’t wait for the DJ to spin your favorite number; seize the moment and get groovin’. Even if you’re alone, put your right foot forward and move like you’ve got no care in the world (it’s liberating, try it)!


6- Keep yourself hydrated

This may sound like Granny’s version of 101 clubbing tips, but it’s important nonetheless. Why, you ask? Well, all that drinking and dancing will get you drained. Plus, you don’t want to leave the club as if the end is upon you, or worse, wake up with a devious hangover the next morning. Drink water. Lots of it!


7- Just enjoy

All this is for naught if you don’t enjoy your time at the club. The crux of clubbing is enjoying it to the fullest, so having fun should top your priority list. Avoid shady or awkward people rather than confronting them and risk ruining the mood. And relax and enjoy – you deserve it!


8- Head home safely

If you’ve drunk yourself to glory, don’t drive. Instead, ask a friend to drop you home (make sure they ain’t drunk, too) or get a cab. Ask someone to accompany you on the way home if possible.

Similarly, if you’re the one in senses while the rest are way past it, make sure that they get a cab and reach home safely, or you drop them home.


Final Thoughts

These were tips on what to do at a nightclub and maximize your clubbing experience. But regardless of how well you prepare, the club you head to will play a major role in how the night unfolds.

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