Toronto's Best Dance Floors Unveiled
Toronto’s Best Dance Floors Unveiled

Toronto’s Best Dance Floors Unveiled

Do you want to shake your rump and bust trendy moves at the best dance floors in Toronto?

Dance clubs are for the masses – who doesn’t want to go clubbing and groove to top DJ mixes all night long? If that sounds like your weekend plans, you’re in luck.

We have scooped the best dance floors in Toronto to make the hunt easy for you. Some of these establishments are coliseums of nightlife, others are dive bars, and some are just clubs – but they’re all spacious and quite fun to go down under with your gang. So get ready for a night of dancing fatigue, melomania, and the odd bit of drinking.


Where to go Dancing in Toronto?

  • Coda Toronto 

794 Bathurst St

Coda is a concept nightclub that boasts impressive audio and lighting systems. We start with this bit because that’s what makes the body shake and adrenaline go. Feel the music blast directly into your veins, which is a mix of house, electronic, and techno music performed by underground DJs.

Next, we come to the humongous arena they call the dancefloor. It’s so spacious that you don’t have to worry about rubbing elbows with strangers here. The club is open till 5 am, meaning you can boogey here all night long.

The rest of your indulgences are also well taken care of here – we particularly like their chicken tacos fruity offerings.

  • Toybox

473 Adelaide St W

Toybox is a nightclub that has quickly risen the ranks as one of the very best in the city. With a playful ambiance that invites you to shake a leg, Toybox has garnered a massive cult following since it opened in 2019.

The reason? It has 14,000 square feet of space in two different rooms with distinct soundscapes. Belting live gigs on Fridays include DJ mixes, while Saturdays are reserved for Top 40 anthems. The music combined with its leather upholstery interiors and digital artwork will make you heat the dance floor for hours.

Another unique thing about Toybox is that it is the only club (we know of) that has a beige bear mascot who goes around the club and pretends to drink from bottles. No, you can’t take him to the dance floor.

  • El Convento Rico

750 College St

El Convento Rico makes it to this list because it has been at the forefront of Latin drag culture for as long as we can remember. It’s also amongst the most famous clubs for the LGBTQ+ community, although people of every gender and orientation is welcome here.

The crowd here is so diverse that it feels like a snapshot of Toronto’s multiculturalism. El Convento Rico is a basement club, so you can move and groove to infectious Latin beats all night long away from the world. They also infuse Top 40 tracks with Salsa and retro music that creates a buzzing atmosphere inside the club.

When you want to take a break from all the dancing, remember to try their martini and snacks for refreshment.

  • The Piston

937 Bloor Street West

Dance clubs have come of age in Toronto in the 21st century, and Piston has been through the years to carve a niche out for itself. Located in the trendy Ossington strip, the Piston is more of a love child between a club and bar than a dance club. But its backroom capacity of 100 people and enthralling live music make it a fun experience to dance your face off here.

The Piston caters to its patrons all seven days of the week and keeps the energy pumping until 2 am. It hosts live bands from Tuesday – Thursday, DJs on weekends, and the occasional disco night on Fridays.

What it lacks in size, it surely makes up with a relaxed, yet snazzy ambiance. If you have a small group of friends looking for a no-nonsense, pocket-friendly dance club, Piston is a good choice to kick back and forth.

The music and drinks menu deserves a separate shoutout here; Piston has enough options at the bar to take care of your indulgences all night long.

  • Barcode Saturdays

423 College Street

Barcode Saturdays is a raging nightclub in Little Italy with massive space for your late-night adventures. This celebrity clubbing sanctuary has plush interiors with a spacious dancefloor like it’s reserved for the kings. You can witness some of the biggest hip-hop artists spinning club anthems all around the year. Groove to international acts, local sensations, upcoming local musicians, and underground favorites to keep your party going deep into the night.

At Barcode Saturdays, you’ll surely not miss the immersive audio and visual setup. Each beat pumps up veins the rhythm transgresses through the heart. The bar is at the end of the massive rectangle complex surrounded by VIP areas and private seats. Grab rare liquors, premium bottles, or house champagnes – whatever your fix – and let loose on the dancefloor. Our DJs spin hard stuff that includes hip-hop, R&B, Reggae, Trap, Latin, and Top 40 tracks to blow your Saturday night through the roof.

Ladies can sign up on the guestlist and enjoy a free cover and a bottle of champagne for the night. You can also reserve a VIP booth or bottle services to personalize your celebration with premium offerings. There are four options depending on the number of guests, each with its offer, freebies, and party favors.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the hottest clubbing ritual in Toronto and dance the night away with high-end entertainment and pure melody.