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Top Things to do in Toronto during the Night

Toronto is a city known for its diversity. From its multicultural history to its diverse population, the city has always been known as an eclectic mix of languages and traditions.

In terms of sightseeing and visiting the city as a tourist, one can clearly experience this diversity first-hand. Whether you’re looking for daytime indulgences or nightlife avenues, Toronto has much to offer and will surely not disappoint you. You can spend your time in local markets, catch a play at a theater, visit the former tallest skyscraper in the world, and go clubbing, amongst many other options.

Toronto boasts of a vibrant and vivacious nightlife. There are a plethora of ways to choose how you want to spend time in Toronto after the sun goes down.

So, if you’re visiting Toronto for the first time and need help forming an itinerary of things to do after dark, read the points below and select the best options for a memorable time in the ‘City of Queens.’

Things to do in Toronto during the Night

Toronto is a cosmopolitan city that has no dearth of nightlife options. From shopping to entertainment, discover a number of experiences to soak in at night in Toronto.

Climb the CN Tower

The CN tower, or the ‘Canadian National’ Tower, stands tall at 554 m. and is the third tallest tower in the world. The tower is primarily a communication tower and an observation deck, with some breathtaking views of the city.

The tower remains operational till 10:30 at night. You can take a walk at the EdgeWalk, a stretch outside of the glass floor giving you a glimpse of the magical Toronto night. There is also a restaurant where you can indulge in gastronomic delights while enjoying the sensational view of downtown Toronto.

Visit the Distillery District

Formerly a distillery (from where it got its name), Distillery District is presently a boutique locale of shops, cafes, restaurants, art galleries, theaters, and much more. You can find practically anything in the Distillery District, from shopping avenues to some of the best bars in Toronto.

There are more than 40 outlets here, making it a prime location for some late-night shopping and entertainment.

Go Clubbing

The first thing that springs to the mind when anyone says ‘nightlife’ is the clubbing culture of the place. Toronto is primed with clubbing options with a surfeit of nightclubs, pubs, and Toronto bars.

Whether you want a night of karaoke, revel in classy jazz numbers, bounce to the beat of Hip-Hop and R&B, or simply grab a drink and hit the dancefloor, Toronto isn’t going to let you down. Some popular localities where you can go clubbing in Toronto are Kings West, Queens West, Little Italy, and Ossington Avenue, among others.

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Catch a Flick at the Docks Drive-In

Not many things are as magical as watching your favorite movie under the night sky. The docks drive-in offers just that.

Catch the latest as well as classic movies on the big screen while being inside your car. The docks drive-in has two mega screens, allowing you the freedom to choose the movie you want to see. You can park your car on the turf and enjoy blockbuster hits under the open sky.

But that’s not all!

The drive-in also has a mini-golf concourse, which means you can indulge in golf before your movie starts.

Barcode Saturdays

Ride a Cruise

There are boating options at your disposal as well at the waterfront. You can book a dinner or a sightseeing cruise and view the great city of Toronto wrapped around the skyline. The cruise is also available for hire during the day, but the views are magical at night.

Watch a Play

Toronto is also home to a number of theaters like the Ed Mirvish theater, Royal Alexandra Theater, Princess of Wales Theater, etc. These iconic theaters have great plays and skits that they perform during the evening.

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