How to Find the Best Clubs in your City?

How to Find the Best Clubs in your City?

The top metropolitan cities today have no shortage of nightclubs and bars that serve you late into the night and help you socialize with your friends and ‘would-be’ friends. But of course, no matter how much you think you know the best clubs in your city, there’s always that one extra joint that you may have missed.

Take Toronto, for instance. The city has well over five districts where you can find excellent joints, clubs, bars, and other nightlife avenues to indulge in. With so many options (and your recurring loyalty towards a couple of them), it’s easy to miss out on a fixture that may offer you something different, something unique. And unearthing these venues has several benefits in store for you.

Firstly, you find new people with more opportunities to socialize when you go to a new place. But not all of us are extroverts here, which brings us to the next benefit. Visiting a new nightclub with your best bud will also give you ideas and inspiration to host your next private party. Maybe a birthday in your gang is due, or perhaps someone in your crew is going to walk down the aisle soon. You can host your private parties at these clubs and share the fun experience with your friends. Lastly, you get to discover a brand new venue with something unique to offer, a distinct experience from the rest of the clubs you’ve visited.

So without further adieu, let’s look at some helpful tips to find the best clubs in your area. No matter where you live, if they have clubs over there, you’ll find them using these simple tips. If you’re residing in a cosmopolitan giant like Toronto, you can further narrow down the search to a particular area of the city. You can adjust your search for nearby areas if you’re in the suburbs.

Tips to Discover Unique Clubbing Experiences in your City

So you’re bored of routine clubs and want to spend your weekend at a happening place you’ve never been before. Here’s how you start:

Google It

Or use any search engine. Search engines are the best and most convenient place to start. At your fingertips lies the information of the world, so why not use it?

You can search for stuff like ‘best nightclub in my city, ‘best bar near me,’ ‘live music in (your city),’ and so on. Whatever you’re interested in, your search engines will fetch you the best possible options in your city or preferred area. What’s better is that local searches on Google come with maps with directions to the place along with all the other info you need; operating hours, menu options, music type, etc.

Explore the City

If you’re a local resident of the city, that makes it easier, but if you’re a tourist or newly moved in, exploring the city will really help. You can get a taste of the local cultures and may end up finding a unique club or bar that may interest you. The best option is to take the subway or other public transportations and head downtown because that’s where most bars would be.

If you’re not familiar with the city, you can also grasp this opportunity to interact with a few locals and ask their opinion on the nightlife options in the city. This will not only help you feel warmed and welcomed, but you’ll also get to know what your night is gonna look like.

Even if you’re a local resident, there are always unexplored neighborhoods or a rooftop club that’s escaped your notice. Walking around the city will help you discover hidden gems that you may have somehow missed online.


Look out for Billboards in your City

Bars with a good budget do put up flyers and billboards in full public view for any upcoming special event, occasion, or offer. You can also find posters of public events or a renowned artist performing at a club. Paying heed to them can also help you stumble upon something that interests you.

Check your Local Newspaper

Most urban cities have their own newspaper that contains advertisements or info related to upcoming events or a suave nightclub. You can get to know of any live concert or an exciting offer at a bar or nightclub in the city.

Find and Follow Social Media

Social media platforms are a great medium to not just find new places but also get a whole lot of information and reviews on the place. You can know what they offer and also check how many followers they have, their post comments, and reviews left by previous customers to get a better hang of the place. Some interesting places do not have a digital presence beyond a social media account, so finding and following options in your city makes sense.

Read your City’s Official Tourism Website

Every cosmopolitan city has its own website, especially if it’s a tourist-rich place. These sites are maintained by the tourism department or ministry of the nation and contain a lot of information regarding the best places to visit. It’s sure to have nightlife options with suggestions where tourists can go and have a good experience after the sun goes down.

Similarly, you can also check the travel guide of your city, which pretty much should contain the same information as the website, in a tangible form.

Seek advice from your People

A friend in need is a friend indeed, so when all else fails, it’s best to go back to base and ask from people you trust. It’s quite a possibility; some places do not advertise a lot, making them likely to miss. And your people have their own people, which’ll give you a goldmine of possibilities for your next clubbing escapade.

In Conclusion

We hope you’ve found this article useful. Using these tips, you can find the unique opportunities awaiting you in town. It’ll also act as your own little research, with you coming out with more insight into your city’s top bars and clubs.

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