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Top Party Tips for Women

Toronto is famously called the ‘city of queens,’ and the title is well-suited for the city’s vibrant, carefree, and iconic culture. Toronto is also famed for its nightlife, with many clubs operating deep into the night for the occasional clubbers as well as for frequent party animals who want to lose themselves on the dancefloor every weekend.

But it often gets a little complicated for those who like the occasional weekend banger. Deciding what to wear, what to drink, and what to know about Toronto’s nightlife can become tedious; after all, it’s all about looking dapper and losing yourself to good times.

First-time club-goers often find themselves in the mix for these types of doubts, and naturally, they have many inhibitions. Being the most premium and luxurious bar and nightclub in Toronto, Barcode Saturdays understands everyone’s need to party, and we’re here to help you get through it.

So, this is our compilation of first-time clubbing tips for women. If you’re hitting the club after a while or for the first time, here are some tips to take note of for the ladies.

First-Time Clubbing Tips for Women

The weekend’s approaching, and there’s a scene with your girl gang in the making. The consensus is a Saturday night party, and now you’re faced with those questions we mentioned above. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Follow these tips before, during, and after the party to have a sizzling clubbing experience with the girls:

Sign in to a Guestlist

Guestlists are like promotional offers that get you express entry to nightclubs. Most clubs in Toronto offer free entry, discounts, special offers, and even free drinks to ladies when they sign-up on the guestlist. So, what’s better than skipping the line, grabbing your own complimentary drink, and enjoying the clubbing vibes with your crew?

At Barcode Saturdays, we allow free entry to ladies when they sign-up on our guest list prior to 11:30 PM. Moreover, they get a complimentary bottle of champagne and special offers every Saturday night at our club.

Reserve a VIP Bottle Booth

Imagine this: you and your girl gang reserve your own private party station at a nightclub with access to premium drinks and services while maintaining the raw energy that unravels when the crew comes together.

Yes, a VIP bottle booth guarantees you just that. At Barcode Saturdays, we offer VIP bottle booth services, including a dedicated space with up to 8 guests. You also get premium drinks, house champagnes, dedicated services, and two choices of sound systems. Now that’s what we call clubbing!

Dress for the Occasion

This may sound like a no-brainer, but to think about it, you should dress as per the occasion and the mood demands. After all, you don’t want to be wearing those suave high heels when the girls want to dance off the night. Go for flats and a dress that will help you to groove easily rather uncomfortably.

If your plan is to simply have a few drinks with minimal dancing, heels and dresses seem like a great option to turn some eyeballs in the club.

Don’t Forget the Essentials.

You might be wondering what’s essential for a weekend clubbing gig? But, for all the excitement and pregaming, it’s easy to forget what’s needed.

Well, the first essential is your ID; all nightclubs require IDs for granting entry, and you don’t want to miss out because of a silly slip-up from your mind.

Don’t overstuff your purse with an excessive makeup kit; just carry the essentials like eyeliners, lipstick, etc. The other essentials are your debit or credit cards, keys, a bit of cash, and toiletries. Remember, keep it light for the clubbing night.

Avoid Driving

It doesn’t matter if you’re about to hit the club for the first time or the umpteenth time; it’s vital to avoid driving if you have plans to get wasted. Arrange for someone else to pick you up or hire a cab for the night. It’s great to have fun, but taking a certain degree of precaution is also important.

Avoid the Party Poopers

Something we’re all familiar with. There’s always one group member who can turn out to be a party pooper. Don’t let them kill the vibe; the best option is to simply avoid them. You can select that one ‘trusted’ companion in the gang who knows the clubbing game and is sure to have a lot of fun.

Drink Mindfully

If you’re visiting a nightclub for the first time, it’s best to avoid getting drunk. While a few rounds do no harm, you must keep it to a minimum so as to not get sloshed and carried away during the party.

It’ll also help you to relax the nerves and get the mood going while being mindful of your belongings. Also, keep an eye out for your drink; it’s best not to leave it out of your sight if you plan on more of it.

Keep Calm

Yes, the last mantra here is to keep calm. There may be instances when a guy approaches you and tries to get a conversation going. And while it’s good to be friendly, you should also be wary of not trusting strangers too much or giving away your personal info.

Have that dedicated friend we talked about by your side in situations like this.

Stay Hydrated

This one’s for after the party! After a night of wild dancing and unfettered drinking, ensure that you get hydrated as soon as you reach home. If you were experiencing a hangover the other day, get some energy drinks and something solid to recover as quickly as possible.

In Conclusion

So these were some first-time clubbing tips for women that we hope you may have found useful. Read our blogs to know more about Toronto nightclubs and the nightlife culture in the City of Queens.

Are you planning a weekend party with the girl gang at a Toronto club?

Sign in to our guest list or reserve a VIP Bottle Booth to join the hottest clubbing ritual in Toronto. Contact us for reservations and more info.

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