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Budweiser Stage 2022

7 Things you Probably didn’t Know about the Budweiser Stage.


When it comes to living music concerts, Toronto is spoilt for choice with multiple expansive and state-of-the-art venues. Whether it’s an indoor, immersive experience or a riveting outdoor stage with plenty of room to make merry, Toronto has some of the best concert stages and venues in the world.

But ask any local Torontonian about their favorite outdoor setting, and the answer will be unanimous; the grand Budweiser Stage.

Budweiser Stage offers an electric atmosphere primed with all the modern facilities and comforts that concert-goers can wish for.

The open-air amphitheater opened on May 21, 2020, and instantly became the first concert stadium of its kind in Canada. You see, the amphitheater is located on the water.

You read it right!

The amphitheater is also accessible to people from Ontario, Hamilton, and Ottawa in downtown Toronto.

Most of you already know about the seating and specifications of this place, so we won’t even get there.

Instead, we’ll be turning your attention to some of the lesser-known features of the colossal venue and then look at the artists who are about to take the stage in the next coming months.

  • It was the site of an amusement park first.

Before the amphitheater opened in 1995, there was an amusement park right beside the lake. The park later constructed a revolving stage, which was later replaced by the amphitheater.

  • It was formerly known as Molson Amphitheatre.

Molson Amphitheatre was opened in 1995 and won the ‘Best New Concert Venue’ award by RPM Magazine.

  • Bryan Adams rocked the first concert at the Budweiser Stage.

Bryan Adams was then a rock symbol in Canada and performed two ‘sold-out shows at the venue.

  • The Concert Venue has multiple seating levels.

The 16,000 seating capacity at the venue isn’t all packed into one. It has 5,500 covered seats and 3,500 open-air seats. The grass bowl section can hold about 7,000 more spectators.

  • Home to Drake’s OVO Festival

Local boy Drake held his first four OVO festivals in the amphitheater exclusively for four straight years since the venue shared hosting duties.

You can find all the gastronomic delights you want inside the theater.

The Budweiser Stage has extensive options of food stalls, trucks, concession stands, and other dining options.

  • There are VIP seating options at the venue.

For those who want premier access to all the action happening on stage, the venue has VIP tickets that allow you to pick your own seats and get inside the venue before everybody else.

  • There’s also a local craft beer store.

Budweiser Stage doesn’t disappoint when it comes to beverages. The venue has a craft beer store that sells much more than original Budweiser products. You can find the most famous craft beers at the venue’s beer store.

Budweiser Stage Concerts 2022

This year saw some electrifying performances at the Budweiser Stage, including John Fogerty, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Bleachers.

The Neo-Flamenco artist Rosalia also performed in September as part of her Motomami World Tour, while New Order & Pet Shop Boys also graced the city a week before during their ‘The Unity’ tour.

The last concert this year took place on 24th September and was performed by Dean Brody and Friends.

Budweiser Stage Upcoming Concerts

Some sensational acts are lined up for you next year at the Budweiser Stage.

The events kick off big with Shania Twain performing in her Queen of Me tour on June 23-24, with an electrifying gig by Rock artists Matchbox Twenty due on August 2.

The biggest one, though, is to be held on Aug 30- Sep 1 by Rock maestros Arctic Monkeys.

The Colosseum of Music in Toronto

With its unmatched grandeur, stunning views of the city, impressive seating stage, and expansive arena, the Budweiser Stage can truly be called the Colosseum of music in Toronto.

Head to the venue next year to watch iconic artists take up the iconic stage and rock you off your socks. Get ticketing details and other info from the official website here.