A Day in the Life of Toronto Clubs
A Day in the Life of Toronto Clubs

A Day in the Life of Toronto Clubs

You cannot mention Toronto without talking about its vibrant nightlife scene.

We all love to party, and those weekend gigs at nightclubs become all the more rave given the sheer number of options available to dance and enjoy in the city. From rooftop patios during summers to cozy basement bars to heat up during the winters, this city has a plethora of options for a memorable night.

The clubbing scene is different as you hop from one city to the next. To help you learn more about Toronto’s entertainment scene, we have created a short guide that gives you a glimpse of a day in the life of popular Toronto nightclubs. In this blog, you’ll find everything from club timings to dress code and the top 5 haunts that are surely worth the visit.

The Clubbing Culture in Toronto

Toronto is a city that never sleeps, however, if you want to party in the City of Queens, you must be aware of the timings. Parties in Toronto usually start a bit earlier – around 10 pm. By 11:30 PM, the clubs become buzzing hotspots with long queues at the door – making it difficult to gain entry. At most nightclubs, parties usually end by 3 – 4 am.

There are various kinds of parties in Toronto that cater to different taste buds. The most popular nightclubs play hip-hop, House, and Dance music, though all of them mix it up with Top 40 anthems that are dominating the charts.

Clubbing Dress Code in Toronto

Before visiting a nightclub, we always recommend checking the dress code. A simple Google search will land you on their website where you can find the club’s fashion ethics. A common practice across most clubs in Toronto (and around the world) is the admission criteria, where the doorman or hostess determines if people are adhering to the club’s environment. The idea is to have a sassy group of people party in the club, rather than a horde that resembles a Manchester boy band.

Thus, you should spruce up – which doesn’t necessarily trickle down to wearing luxury labels. An aesthetically pleasing outfit (that turns eyeballs but isn’t provocative) will do the trick here. Ladies can go forth with a bit of makeup and a pair of high heels to compliment their attire.

It is equally important that you arrive at the club with a smile and a light-hearted attitude. No one wants to entertain grim faces who aren’t sure if they’ve turned up to a nightclub or at the Yule Ball.

Entry Cover at Toronto Nightclubs

Whether you’re going to a rooftop bar, a lounge, or a nightclub, you’ll be expected to pay a cover charge for entry. Most clubs charge a nominal fee of $20 – $30 (which can be even less for women). If you can pay this charge, it’s not difficult to get entry into any club (provided you’re well dressed).

The situation differs for men a bit. They have to pay a fee every time, which can sometimes go up to $100, especially during special events. Sometimes the cover amount can be redeemed for drinks, but not always.

Men may find it difficult to enter a nightclub alone (without a woman). That’s because most clubs want beautiful women creating Instagrammable moments at their club, so a group of men may not be allowed unless they’ve reserved a VIP table. Reserving a VIP table can be expensive (up to $1000), but it’s worthwhile if you consider package

inclusions as per the number of guests.

Plus, the celebrity treatment, of course.

Another important thing when it comes to partying at Toronto nightclubs is having an ID. The minimum age to enter a nightclub/bar/lounge in Toronto is 19. Thus, you must carry your ID always, unless you want to make the long trip back home.

Top 5 Nightclubs in Toronto

Now let’s get to the crux – our favorite places to dance, groove to live music, and socialize with beautiful people. Here is our pick of the top 5 nightclubs in Toronto:

  • The Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel is a much-acclaimed luxury hotel in Toronto. The nightlife scene in this boutique hotel is one of the very best in the city. Its basement venue – the Drake Underground, is a hotspot for live concerts, DJ music, multimedia art, and other local events.

This lively nightclub hosts rotating events like dance parties, live acts, and cultural events like open mic and slam poetry. There is also a rooftop bar and a lounge where you can unwind and avoid all the noise.

1150 Queen St W

  • Coda

Coda is an underground music venue that attracts revelers by the hundreds on weekends. Located on Bathurst Street, this nightclub hosts amazing parties and is crowded during weekend events, so make sure you arrive on time. A great thing about this club is that its last call goes deep into the night – so you can party here unhinged without looking at your watch and waiting to pack it all up by 2 AM.

794 Bathurst St


  • Comedy Bar

Comedy Bar is a cozy watering hole where you can go to tickle your funny bones. It hosts local talents and touring comedians extensively, with hundreds of shows lined up every month. It has two stages for live acts, one where stand-up comedians make ‘punny’ jokes and the other for improv comedy.

Comedy Bar has a very homely atmosphere and is at the center stage of Toronto’s comedy scene. You can even strike up conversations with comedians sipping their beverages after the show.

945 Bloor St W

  • Track & Field

Get ready to improve your bocce ball skills at this hip College Street haunt. Track and Field is where you can channel your competitive spirit and let loose on the shuffleboard or have a go at the bocce lanes. There is also Ontario’s very own crokinole table where you can have a blast Toronto style. Games aside, we also love their extensive selection of beers and cocktails with a friendly staff and a comfortable vibe throughout.

582 College St

  • Barcode Saturdays

A few hops down Track & Field and you’ll enter a completely different realm of luxury clubbing entertainment.

Barcode Saturdays is Toronto’s favorite celebrity clubbing haunt and the perfect place for night outs when you want a royal experience. Our nightclub is located inside NEST Toronto. Saturdays here start with a ‘loungey’ atmosphere and transform into a microcosm of bustling energy as the night grows deeper.

By midnight, our club is crowded with beautiful people who create a distinct celebratory vibe. With opulence in every detail, you can find the bar at the far end of the club surrounded by VIP tables and booths.

We host local and international DJs who spin the latest hip-hop, R&B, Reggae, Trap, Latin, and Top 40 hits. On the dancefloor and VIP sections, you can find celebrities and socialites having a ball at their reserved spaces like kings and queens.

You too can party like royalty here. Reserve a VIP booth or our bottle services for great package inclusions, the choicest liquors, party favors, and much more.

Or, you can sign up on our guestlist and get set for an extravagant clubbing night. Ladies on our guestlist get a free cover and a champagne bottle when they arrive before 11:30 PM.

Visit our chic nightclub and know why Toronto’s elites frequent our luxurious haunt.