What to do During the Caribana Carnival?

What to do During the Caribana Carnival?

The Toronto Caribana Carnival is an annual summer festival held in Toronto. What started as the centennial celebrations of Canada for the Emancipation of slaves in 1967 has transformed into a global event where millions of tourists head to the city to witness the carnival first-hand.

The festival’s first edition started as a gift from the Caribbean islands in 1967. Today, the festival is the largest multicultural festival in North America that draws the attention of visitors and media from the world over.

The Caribana Carnival is a beloved street festival in Toronto where Caribbean music, dance, culture, costumes, and food are celebrated. The carnival stands as a symbol for the abolition of slavery in a passionate and joyous form. Whilst at the carnival, you can see participants decked up in colorful costumes and dance to steel pan music while you can enjoy Caribbean flavors and street food.

More than two-thirds of Caribbean descendants reside in the Greater Toronto Area, and this small but vibrant community continues to celebrate the carnival with unparalleled enthusiasm.

Though the Grand Parade is the marquee event of the carnival, many other events and attraction’s take place throughout the carnival month.


Top Events at the Caribana Carnival

If you’re new to Toronto and are planning to attend the Caribana Fest, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate itinerary for the grand carnival.


  • The Grand Parade

You can join the iconic Grand Parade that’ll dissect the streets of Toronto. Starting at Exhibition Place, the parade route will flow all along Lakeshore Boulevard. You can watch the parade for free; however, you must purchase tickets for the event to watch the Mas bands live in action. You can dance in the designated area and enjoy the carnival in full swing. The ticketed area is just below the judge’s box and includes catered lunch for a premium carnival experience.

At Lakeshore Boulevard, you can enjoy almost all of the events for free, apart from the nightlife parties. You can purchase tickets for the nightlife events here.


  • King and Queen Showcase

The King and Queen Showcase is a costume pageantry where the leaders of every Mas band perform and highlight their creative costumes. The judges determine the best-dressed participants as the King and Queen of the carnival.

Who’ll be the king and queen of Caribana in 2023? Come and find out for yourself.


  • Pan Alive Panorama

The Pan Alive panorama is a competition of steel pan bands. Watch the vibrating beats fill the air along the streets of Toronto as one of the participating bands comes out on top in the competition.


  • Caribbean Cuisines

Expect premium gastronomic delights during the Caribana carnival. From Feisty jerk chicken to wood-grilled pork and shrimp, you can get your hands full on a variety of Caribbean cuisines.

Hit the Caribbean joints in the city or get a taste of the street food vendors; you won’t be left hungry During the Caribana carnival.


  • Junior King and Queen Showcase

Watch the future of Caribana in action as the Junior King and Queen Showcase unfolds with kids singing and dancing and showcasing their creative costumes.


  • Junior Carnival Parade

From art vendors to junior Calypso artists and more, enjoy this mini version of the Grand Parade as adorable kids don colorful costumes and parade through the streets of Toronto.


  • The Annual Caribana Party at Barcode Saturdays

The annual Caribana party is a must-attend event if you want to enjoy the pinnacle of Toronto’s nightlife with a Caribbean essence. Revel in the live performances of Hip-hop and soca bands and enjoy premium drinks at Toronto’s number one celebrity party ritual.

Sign-up on our guestlist or reserve a bottle booth to watch all the action unfold at Barcode Saturdays.


That’s it. We hope you’ve prepared your itinerary for the ultimate experience of the Caribana Carnival in Toronto. Prepare your bucket list and check out our other blogs to learn more about the Caribana Carnival in detail.