Upcoming Concerts in Toronto
Upcoming Concerts in Toronto

Upcoming Concerts in Toronto

The live music scene is a thriving one in Toronto. From the blooming spring to chilling winters, there are many upcoming concerts in Toronto by local as well as international artists. Safe to say, if you’re a music lover and want to be awaiting your favorite artists to take the stage and deliver a banger, the city of Toronto is surely for you.

Being a multicultural city, Toronto caters to its people’s diverse tastes and preferences. From sassy jazz numbers to groovy electronic music, the stages of Toronto offer an immersive experience of harmony that strikes the perfect chord in everyone’s heart.

So if you’re looking for the best upcoming concerts in Toronto, read through this list of concerts that’ll truly elevate your holiday season and keep you entertained long after the New Year. You can find international names like Mariah Carey dropping the tunes, as well as local artists rocking the scenes in Ontario’s capital city.

Upcoming Concerts in Toronto 2022

In the local bars, nightclubs, and public arenas, no venue is considered unfit when it comes to housing some of the best live music concerts in Toronto.

So without further adieu, let’s check out the most happening upcoming concerts in Toronto to attend:

Escape the Fate

Date: 08 December 2022
Venue: Velvet Underground, 508 Queen Street West, M5B 2B3 Toronto, ON, Canada.

A US-based posthardcore band, Escape the Fate, has been aggressively touring around the world since their debut album, which featured hits like ‘Dying were Your Latest Fashion’ in 2006. The group has earned a name for itself with blistering hardcore performances and making the crowd go wild.

Though the band’s lineup has changed much since its inception in 2005, they have been making music aggressively, having released six studio albums to date.

Some of their best tracks include ‘Situations,’ ‘Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche,’ ‘My Apocalypse,’ ‘This War Is Ours, and more. Catch the action live at Velvet Underground in Queens West and enjoy adrenaline-pumping action with the talented artists.

Mariah Carey

Date: 09 December 2022
Venue: Scotiabank Arena, 40 Baby Street, M5J 2L2, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Nicknamed the ‘Songbird Supreme,’ Mariah Carey is an artist who needs no introduction. With her impressive high-octave vocals and signature use of whistling, Mariah Carey has made a name for herself in the global music industry that’s occupied by few.

The best-selling vocalist is all set to grace Toronto on 09 December at the grand Scotiabank Arena and is truly a spectacle that you simply can’t miss.

Into the fourth decade of her career, Mariah Carey has produced hits like ‘We Belong Together’, ‘Fantasy’, ‘Always Be My Baby’, All I Want For Christmas Is You’, and ‘I’ll Be There ‘ etc.

Don’t miss the epic and exclusive chance to watch her live at the Scotiabank Arena on Friday, 09 December 2022.


Date: 10 December 2022
Venue: Nomad. 725 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Bedouin is a Brooklyn-based DJ duo of Tamer Malki and Rami Abousabe, who have been on the scene since 2007. The duo has toured around major cities in the US and in the UK.

Owing to their upbringing and multi-instrumental skillset, they’re pioneers of an eclectic music sense derived from Middle-eastern heritage, Western upbringing, and global travel experiences.

Some of their best works include ‘Whistleman,’ ‘Petra,’ ‘Flight Of Birds,’ ‘And Hologram,’ among others. See them live at the Nomad for a unique experience of Neo-Pop and Electronic Dance Music.


Date: 10 December 2022
Venue: Danforth Music Hall Theatre, The Music Hall, 147 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1N2, Canada. 

American Punk-Rock artists Anti-Flag have created a music style with powerful lyrics that advocate left-wing political movements like Amnesty International. The group formed in 1988 but only saw its game grow during the last years of the century. They have released music with progressive political themes, such as denouncing the US War on Terrorism and highlighting the economic depression of 2008.

Their major songs include ‘The Press Corpse,’ ‘This Is The End, ‘Turncoat,’ etc. Watch them perform live at the Danforth Music Hall on 10 December 2022.

DJ Natty B

Date: 10 December 2022
Venue: Barcode Saturdays, 423 College Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1T1, Canada.

An upcoming DJ in the Toronto club music scene, DJ Natty B is a staple name across bars and nightclubs. Born in Toronto, the local DJ prizes his ability to tune the party to his beats and rhythms, playing Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Top 40 tracks.

Support the local hero DJ Natty B at his live gig in Barcode Saturdays, a premium nightclub, on 10 December 2022.


Date: 11 December 2022
Venue: Axis Club, 722 College St., M6G 1C5, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Amir Mohamed, better known by his stage name Oddisee, is an African-American rapper who has been a leading Hip-Hop artist since he turned 21.

He has combined Hip-Hop with other influences and has emphasized that he derived his influence from early East Coast rappers who broke away from the traditional ‘drugs and murder’ rap themes.

His best-known works include ‘Own Appeal,’ ‘Like Really’, ‘That’s Love’, and ‘After Thoughts.’ Don’t miss the self-made artist who handles everything from photography to stage production himself at the Axis Club on 11 December 2022.


Date: 16 December 2022
Venue: History, 250 Fort York Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 3K9, Canada.

Local heroes Alvvays is a Canadian Indie pop band with Molly Rankin as their lead vocalist. The vocalist derives her musical talents from her father, who was part of a Canadian folk group known as the Rankin Family. The group formed in 2011 and released its first-ever album in 2014. Soon after, they featured as #1 on US College Charts.

Alvvays has received acclaim for their songs such as ‘In Undertow,’ ‘Archie, Marry Me, ‘Dreams Tonite,’ and ‘Adult Diversion.

The Flatliners

Date: 17 December 2023
Venue: Danforth Music Hall Theatre, The Music Hall, 147 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1N2, Canada.

The Flatliners are a Canadian rock group known for their aggressive yet melodic style with impressive basslines. Formed in 2022, they were active for many years in the Canadian underground music scene before finally releasing their debut album, Destroy to Create.

Since the beginning, The Flatliners have greatly varied their music style with a more collective playing approach with naked and intense sounds.

Watch them live in action at the Danforth Music Hall Theatre and immerse yourself in their powerful music with hits such as ‘Monumental,’ ‘Eulogy,’ ‘Carry The Banner,’ and more.

DJ Wikked

Date: 17 December 2022
Venue: Barcode Saturdays, 423 College Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1T1, Canada.

A local talent who started performing at house parties, DJ Wikked emphasizes his influence for his Hip-Hop based on street-influenced styles. He prides himself on setting the mood for every party he plays in.

Catch local boy DJ Wikked live in action at Barcode Saturdays on 17 December 2022.


Date: 22 December 2022
Venue: Phoenix Concert Theatre, 410 Sherbourne St, Toronto, ON M4X 1K2, Canada.

One of the most commercially successful Canadian bands of all time, Headstones was formed in 1987 and soon became a force in the Canadian Punk-Rock scene. After years of relentless songwriting and touring, the band finally released their album Picture of Health, which earned them a Platinum Status on Canadian music charts. Since then, the band has released several successful albums.

Having been broken up in 2003, the group reunited in 2011 for fans and has since performed live at various concerts across North America.

Watch the iconic punk-rock group grace the Phoenix Concert Theatre on 22 December 2022.

Gear Up for the Best Upcoming Concerts in Toronto

These were some of the best upcoming concerts in Toronto that the city has been looking forward to. There are many more concerts lined up in 2023 that’ll surely keep music fans at the edge of their seats.

You can find tickets to these concerts online on event pages.