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Pre-Club Activities In Toronto – Make The Most Of Your Night Out!

Are you really looking for something fun to do before you hit the Toronto nightlife? Toronto has a thriving nightclub scene, but there are plenty of other activities that can be enjoyed before the party gets started. From dinner at rooftop restaurants to catching a movie, there are lots of ways to make the most of your night out in Toronto.

Get Dinner At A Restaurant With Friends

Dinner with friends is the perfect way to start off a night out in Toronto! There are so many great restaurants in the city, from fancy downtown bistros to cozy pubs in the suburbs. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated dinner or a casual meal, there’s sure to be something that appeals to everyone’s tastes.

Sharing a meal with your friends is a fantastic way to catch up, share stories, & relax before heading out for a night of fun. There’s no shortage of excellent restaurant options in Toronto, so grab your friends and get ready to enjoy some delicious food and lively conversation before the night really kicks off.

Catch A Movie

If you’re looking for a pre-club activity in Toronto, why not catch a movie? You can spend a few hours at the theatre watching the latest blockbuster or catching up on an indie film that may have gone overlooked.

Don’t forget to grab some snacks and drinks before the show! After the movie, you can spend some time discussing what you liked and didn’t like. There are plenty of cinemas in the city, so you’ll have lots of options for your pre-club activities.

Go Bowling

For a classic pre-club activity, why not try going bowling? Gather your friends and head to the nearest alley. With so many alleys to choose from in Toronto, you’re sure to find one that fits your style.

Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, it’s easy to pick up a few games before you hit the clubs. What’s even better is that most places have food and drinks for you to enjoy while you play. So get your group together and have some fun at the lanes!


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Go Karaoke

Sing your heart out with friends at one of Toronto’s karaoke bars. Whether you’re a masterful singer or have a hilariously poor singing voice, there’s nothing like belting out your favorite tunes together.

Make sure to pick a bar that has all the classic hits, from ABBA to Rihanna, so that everyone can get involved. Don’t forget to make sure you know the words, or else you’ll find yourself guessing along with the lyrics.

This can be an especially fun activity if you’re in a group, as it’s often even more enjoyable to make fools of yourselves together! And for those who can’t sing, karaoke bars also provide great entertainment, plus food and drinks.


Have A Picnic In The Park

Enjoy the outdoors with a picnic in the park! You can gather some friends, grab some snacks and drinks, and find a nice spot to relax and catch up.

A picnic is a terrific way to unwind & spend quality time together before your night out. For a truly unique experience, look for a park or garden that has views of the city.

This is a superb way to get some fresh air and take in the sights of Toronto. Pack some chairs or blankets and set up shop for the evening. This is the perfect activity to get you in the right frame of mind before hitting the club.

Play Tourist & Walk Around Downtown

If you want to experience the vibrancy of Toronto’s downtown core, why not play tourist and explore the area on foot? You can start at Yonge-Dundas Square and make your way south to Kensington Market. Stop in the many shops and restaurants along the way and take in all the sights.

As you continue south, you’ll come across Chinatown, a vibrant area that features delicious cuisine and interesting shops. Don’t forget to check out Graffiti Alley! As you make your way back north, be sure to stop by the CN Tower and the Rogers Centre to snap a few photos before returning back to Yonge-Dundas Square.

Whether you’re actually looking for a relaxing evening stroll or a full-blown adventure, playing tourist and walking around downtown Toronto is a great way to get to know the city better before heading off for a night out!

Hang Out At A Bar

When the night’s still young & you’re looking for some pre-club activities, why not grab a few friends and head to one of the many bars in Toronto? Bars are great places to grab a few drinks and relax before your night out.

You can enjoy some great music and lively conversations with your friends. If you’re feeling more adventurous, why not try some of the delicious cocktails that these bars have to offer? There are plenty of pubs & bars to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect spot to kick off your night out.

From pool tables to karaoke rooms, there’s something for everyone at a bar in Toronto. So why not start your night out right with a good old-fashioned hang-out at a bar?

Bottom Line

Pre-club activities are a great way to make the most of your night out in Toronto. Whether it’s getting dinner with friends, catching a movie, or going bowling, there are plenty of ways to get the party started before hitting the dance floor.

If you’re looking for more laid-back activity, consider having a picnic in the park, playing tourist and walking around downtown, or simply hanging out at a bar. With all of these options, you can be sure that your night out will be an unforgettable one. So take your pick, and make the most of your night out!