How to plan for a Halloween party

How to plan for a Halloween party

Whether it’s a trick or treat, Halloween gives us the chance to get creative and wear spooky costumes with friends and family. And the best thing about Halloween is that no matter what kind of party you want to throw, it’s always fun. You can host a party at your home, reserve a venue and call in your people for a haunt, or hit a nightclub like Barcode Saturdays that hosts a Halloween party.

But one thing’s for certain, regardless of where you plan to throw the party, it’s always gonna be LIT. If you’re the organizer of this year’s Halloween party, then may as well start planning and preparing for it early. Halloween parties are so much fun, but organizing one takes effort and time. So if you’re unsure of how to get things rolling, read this step-by-step guide to plan an epic Halloween party:

Select Location

Location holds the most importance when you’re planning any kind of party. If you want to host it at your home, you may want to consider setting up Halloween-themed props and décor for the same.

But if you want to turn the temperature up and hit a nightclub for the gig, then you can rest a little easy as they’d have their own décor and themed celebrations. Remember to check if there’s a dress code for the party, as most clubs and discotheques do require Halloween-themed costumes for their parties.

Decide Date and Time

The second priority on the list is the date on which you plan to throw the gig. Ask your guests about their availability well before October kicks in, so you can know the expected turnaround. Once the date is fixed, you may want to send invitations via email or WhatsApp to all the people you want to attend the party. You may also want to specify if they’re allowed to get their plus ones to the party. And don’t forget to remind them whether they have to follow a certain dress code or not.

Set a Theme

If you’re going to a pub or nightclub for the party, you don’t need to worry about themes, as they’ve already decided that. But if your party is due at home, it’s time to rack your brains and get creative with spooky themes for the night.

You can base your themes on pop culture, or maybe a scary movie. You can also go for the mainstream ones like Dracula, graveyard, or mummy themed Halloween parties.

Create a Budget

You don’t want to be splashing a fortune on your Halloween party alone. If it’s a house party, then the responsibility for snacks, food, and drinks fall on you. But if the party is set to take place somewhere else, then it’s wise to ask for help from your friends to make the party enjoyable and affordable.

In this regard, check with the rate of the location and make an approximation as to the expected amount required for the party.

Once you’re done with that, divide the amount amongst your group so that nobody has to splurge a hefty amount.

Plan Activities

This is where planning a Halloween party becomes fun. If you’re hosting the party on familiar ground, arrange activities that include everybody and are also entertaining for those present. If you don’t want elaborative activities, you can go for the ‘best costume wins’ and pumpkin carving competitions with a unique giveaway.

You can also make arrangements with the nightclub by talking to the management and customizing the party to your tune.

Create a Spooky Playlist

Amidst the costumes and games, you’d want haunting themes to reverberate throughout the party. If your party is hosted at home, create a playlist that gets soul grooving  from the mummies to the counts. That’d be worth a few clicks.

Gift a Party Favor

At the end, you’d want to cap off the night with a small token of appreciation for all those who’ve made time to attend your party. You can mix it up with miniature props, alcohol, treats, and other goodies.

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