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Celebrity-Inspired Costume Ideas

Celebrities always catch our imagination, whether we’re watching them on the big screen or on social media. From selfies to the red carpet walk itself, our favorite celebrities always create trends when it comes to fashion. Some of them look dapper, some like it bold, but all look fashionable and yet naturally themselves.

That’s the first hack when it comes to wearing your favorite celeb’s costume. These styles, no doubt awesome they are, can only be pulled off when you’re comfortable wearing them. With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of famous personalities and their iconic fashion statements that are instantly recognizable by the masses.

Top 10 Celebrity Outfit Ideas

Whether you’re looking for Halloween inspirations or want to hit the nightclub like a celebrity, we have you covered with the top ten celebrities and their predominant style game.

1. Lady Gaga

Musician Lady Gaga always dominates the headlines regarding her quirky to outrageous and everything in between dressing sense. Dressing up like Lady Gaga is quite simple, even though they can be described as eccentric at best. You can wear your old skinny outfits or bodysuits and mix n match with some crazy accessories like masquerades, a headband, and a cheeky hairstyle. Oh, and don’t forget those iconic lash extensions and face tattoos.

2. Rachel McAdams

Apart from being a talented actor, Rachel McAdams does know her style. Her quirky personality is entirely reflected in her dressing sense, which ranges from boho looks to elegant outfits effortlessly. Though she sizzles everywhere, we’d go with her exceptionally detailed tops and bottoms with smoky eyeliners that she adorned at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2012. You can also go for a flowing maxi dress with vivid colors and of course, her brilliant smile.

3. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds may just be the nation’s favorite son. He’s of course a brilliant actor whose talent in front of the camera is only matched by his effortless sartorial sense. The living embodiment of classy and comfy, Ryan has always preferred wearing three-piece suits, chinos, cardigans, and plain T-shirts. Rarely have we caught a glimpse of the ‘Deadpool’ star in jeans or denim. As his career has divulged into a more action-hero figure, we have witnessed his transformation into a muscular self and switch to slim-fit pieces.

4. Beyonce

Also known as Queen Bee by her fans, Beyonce needs no introduction. The pop sensation has dominated street and red carpet styles ever since her Destiny’s Child days. Beyonce is known for her sizzling gowns that grab headlines worldwide during red-carpet events. Being the boss lady she is, the singer flaunts her envious curves with dresses made from a sheer fabric that flashes her gorgeous skin. Accompanied by the right amount of accessories and that killer confidence of hers, she’s ready to make an elegant yet daring style statement wherever she goes.

5. Adele

British singer-songwriter Adele has her own fan base of millions when it comes to her powerful vocals, but her couture game isn’t far behind in garnering her fandom. Adele has a long-standing love affair with black dresses(remember her cover shoot for British Vogue?), and she owns it. With a splattering of high-end jewelry and subtle differences in her black gowns, Adele has truly reinvented Hollywood classicism and carries it on stage around the world. Most of her gowns are off-shoulders with a flowing, classy, and comfy feel. To take it a step ahead, you can color your hair strawberry blonde and give them a bouncy look, and you’re already setting fire to the rain.

6. Kanye West

Another celebrity who always seems to be on top of the headlines is Kanye West. Kanye West has shown his preference for athleisure styles, and his predominant style game is atypical layering. He mostly dons his fashion sports label, Yeezy, with multiple layers of baggy garments to conceal his body. Chinos, T-shirts, boots, jackets, sweatshirts, and hoodies, Kanye’s sartorial juxtaposition has left us all in awe. So if you want to be ‘flashing those lights’ and dress up like Mr. West, go for reverse layering with long-fitted tees and sweatshirts over trousers with short jackets and boots. Classic Kanye!

7. Bruno Mars

Those white fedoras and bandanas feel more like a stylish Mexican stand-off at a bar than regular fashion, but you know whom we speak of. To start off with, how can you not love Bruno Mars’ effortless style game? His well-fitted suits over loose shirts and T-shirts created its own fan base, which is still quite iconic. His dashing, laid-back personality is perfectly symbolized in his fashion pieces, and it’s pretty easy to achieve the Bruno Mars look.

8. Miley Cyrus

Just to be clear, we’d be giving tips on dressing up like the ‘person Miley’ rather than the ‘singer Miley.’
From glamorous gowns to pasties, Miley Cyrus is no stranger to fashion. The ‘Hannah Montana’ star has garnered a massive following for her numbers and inspired so many women with her styles. All you gotta do to be Miley is to imbibe a lot of cool denim in your wardrobe and no less amount of high-rise or Pokou statement pants. Top it off with a hat and her iconic dixie glasses, and you’re sure to be a wrecking ball at the party.

9. Billie Elish

Ever since her debut into mainstream music, Billie Elish has carved out her own niche in fashion. Let’s start by acknowledging that Billie Elish wears whatever she fancies and can carry it ever so flamboyantly without even blinking an eye (quite literally). The ‘bad guy’ singer prefers bold, bright, and baggy T-shirts, which are almost on the verge of being ‘fluorescent.’ She pairs it up with chunky sneakers, matching shorts or lowers, and her green mullet hairstyle, which the singer has revealed to be an accident. What a glorious one, though!

10. Harry Styles

The One Direction singer-songwriter-sensation has always been true to his name. The majority of his wardrobe relies on flared pants and pieces so reminiscent of the 70s that you’d be forgiven to think that Harry is indeed a time traveler. His 2020-hit ‘Watermelon Sugar High’ embodies a retro element with floral shirts, shorts, and heart-shaped sunglasses. If you’re going to a fresh fruit buffet party, then Harry Styles is who you want to be.

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