A-list Celebrities Favorite Nightclub

A-list Celebrities Favorite Nightclub

When it comes to pop culture, nightlife, and entertainment, few cities can match the vibe of Toronto. The city has indeed garnered a reputation for hosting some of the biggest celebrity parties all year round. Indeed, various musicians, socialites, business tycoons, fashion icons, and sportsmen call Toronto home.

Now if you want a glimpse of your favorite celebrities, there are certain establishments that can fulfill your goal.

Head over to these spots during weekends and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll rub shoulders with your idol.

It’s worth remembering here that celebrities don’t choose regular nightclubs like us peeps. Most celebrities choose high-end clubs and bars to lay low and away from eyeballs as much as possible. Thus, exercise caution when approaching them so you aren’t branded as a stalker.

Most celebrities would avoid the paparazzi and media attention that buzzes around them all day. While they may welcome a little bit of attention, no one likes to have their every move watched by people with shutterbugs.

In a city like Toronto, which is one big melting point of diverse cultures, it may be hard to avoid public attention – but they can still minimize it.

Thus, if you want to catch your favorite celebrities in action at the clubs mentioned below, be sure to approach with caution. So let’s look at the top bars that are the hunting den of A-list celebrities in Toronto.


Rebel is the largest Toronto nightclub that can accommodate up to 4000 guests on any night. This Vegas-esque nightclub is the epicenter of everything premium in the city. With 6 bars, a large dance floor, and multiple VIP booths, Rebel nightclub regularly sees a star-studded affair during weekends and special events.

There’s a main room consisting of the dancefloor and a bar, while there’s a lounge-style space further back with more bars. They also have an alternate sound room with a Hip-hop/Trap kind of vibe, known as the ‘Purple Room’.

Head upstairs through the main room and you’ll find VIP rooms along with a Noir room which emanates House/EDM vibes.

Head to Rebel nightclub if you’re looking for a clubbing experience beyond the ordinary.

Address: 11 Polson St, Toronto, ON M5A 1A4.

Cabana Pool Bar

Summers in Toronto are a welcome sight for locals. Sunseekers and party enthusiasts look for balming pool parties under the sun, and nowhere better than the Cabana Pool Bar. While Rebel is a Vegas-like club, Cabana Pool Bar is where you should head to bask in the Miami energy.

This open-air pool bar is frequented by celebrities for its beachy decor, luxury Cabanas, and impressive bottle services. You can take a dip in their expansive pool that is surrounded by palm trees, exuberant lighting, and a DJ set to amp up the daytime tropical energy.

The vibrant atmosphere of this pool bar is complemented by its friendly service. You’ll get a refresher welcome drink as soon as you enter and are sure to be lost in their wide selection of food and beverages that’ll transport you to South Beach, Florida.

The place buzzes with parties throughout the summer months with full-day pool parties, Hawaiian Luau, and nighttime adventures.

With the capacity to host over 2500 guests, Cabana Pool Bar is truly the summertime top choice for locals and celebrities alike.

Address: 11 Polson St, Toronto, ON M5A 1A4, Canada.


Ultraviolet is another massive entertainment complex located on the second floor of a building on Queen Street West. It can host 200-300 guests at any event, and it also features celebrity nights where you can rub elbows with renowned personalities.

While it doesn’t have the charm of massive clubs like Rebel, it has its distinct vibe that attracts an elite crowd and is thus favored by celebrities. This bar is a great place to vibe to great hip-hop, Rap, Trap, and Top 40 music. The bottle services are also something that you cannot miss here.

The best thing about Ultraviolet is its otherworldly UV lights, which create a sleek and chic atmosphere. It’s also a club that gets progressively more happening as the night advances.

Overall, Ultraviolet is a great option to spend your weekends or even special occasions like a birthday. And all while watching A-list celebrities mirror your moves on the dancefloor.

Address: 1096 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1H9.


Century Toronto is the kind of nightclub that entraps you as soon as you walk in. This club offers the best of all worlds including good music, a great atmosphere, and a boisterous crowd.

The entrance is a fully mirrored large hall with red lights that take your senses into another realm altogether. Past this is the main area with pink LED lighting where all the action goes down.

This energetic club is another high-profile venue that has become a staple celebrity choice (largely thanks to their two-tier security checks).

Century is a luxury club where special events are high-profile experiences. Simply featuring on the guestlist is an accomplishment here.

You can reserve one of their booths that surround the dancefloor, or casually hang out at the bar on the back lining the wall. Being one of the foremost celebrity nightclubs, the bottle services here are highly recommended. There are quite a few chances that a hotshot is sitting right next to your booth!

Address: 580 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M1.

Barcode Saturdays

Barcode Saturdays is exclusivity defined. This luxury establishment has seen several celebrities walk past their doors ever since the nightclub was established in 2014. Having hosted countless famous people, we’re the top celebrity party destination in Toronto.

Located on the vibrant and youthful strip of College Street where the paparazzi are always present, you can gauge the type of celebrities that visit us every Saturday night. We welcome patrons to a sophisticated environment with one-of-a-kind vibes.

A very cool sound system blasts the best of hip-hop, R&B, Reggae, Trap, Latin, and Top 40 hits. We have a luxurious DJ booth where talented local and international artists spin heart-pumping tracks.

The coolest thing about Barcode Saturdays is our VIP booths and bottle services, which give you access to premium bottles, house champagnes, tons of party favors, and much more. Additionally, we also offer free cover and champagne to ladies when they sign up on our guestlist and arrive before 11:30 PM.

Reserve a bottle service to get yourself included on our guestlist, and who knows which celebrity you bump into this Saturday night?

Address: 559 College St, Toronto, ON M5A 1A9, Canada

Don’t Freak the Stars Out! 

These were the list of bars that have everything top-notch, be it atmosphere, services, vibe, you name it. Not to mention that you can get to meet with your favorite stars at these clubs on any given night (if you’re lucky).

However, when you do get to meet famous people, it’s wise to remember that they too are there to have a good time (and not sign autographs on automation).

Let the conversations take their natural course and even if you don’t get a tete-e-tete with them, you still are part of an elite and exclusive atmosphere.