Top 5 Best Birthday Clubs Near Toronto

Top 5 Best Birthday Clubs Near Toronto

Choosing a bar for your birthday celebration is an art. That is because it’s not just about what you want – but something that caters to everybody in your group and is a crowd-pleaser. While the essential ingredient here is having fun, it should also be a relaxing, casual, and an entertaining affair where nobody is worried about the price of shots for the night.

Your venue will depend on the kind of party you want to have – arcade games, drinking and dancing night, a personalized party, or a live music event.

Whatever your fix, we’ve rounded up the top 5 clubs in Toronto to celebrate your next birthday with a bang:


  1. Barcode Saturdays

423 College St

We kick off with a Vegas-esque superclub that has become synonymous with luxury clubbing in Toronto. We’re an extravagant nightclub that caters to party animals who want to go all in for the night. We have bottle services and VIP bottle booths with four lucrative options to host a specific number of guests. You get skip-the-line entry, premium bottles, a dedicated server, an exclusive seating area by the bar, a dancefloor, and a DJ booth, along with tons of party favors. We also have birthday party packages to transform your special occasion into an extraordinary and exclusive affair.

Expect the hottest local and international DJs and MCs to ball out at the console, pumping infectious hip-hop, R&B, Reggae, Latin, Trap, and Reggae beats all night long. Our expansive venue is full of regal details and an immersive audio-visual setup so you and your crew can party off your socks.


  1. Toybox

473 Adelaide St W

Toybox takes the second spot for the best birthday club in Toronto predominantly because of its capacity to provide high-end entertainment. It has two floors with several dance floors, bars, bottle booths, and a DJ booth. Its upper floor has the main dance area where you can dish out your moves, while the lower area has a bar, a smaller dance area, and lounge-style seating.

This club has a high-octane atmosphere with a rugged interior design and dedicated hip-hop, rap, and top 40 music. You can reserve their elevated VIP booths that surround the dancefloor and the DJ booth – meaning you’ll be in the thick of all the action going down during the night.

A standout feature of this club not seen elsewhere is its beige bear mascot, who struts about the club and pretends to drink from bottles. Take pictures with this iconic mascot for the perfect Instagrammable birthday moment.


  1. Call Her Juliet 

510 King St W

Call Her Juliet is a mid-sized venue located on the trendy strip of King West. Finding this club is easy – look for the neon-lit sign that is reminiscent of an 80s Miami beach club. Once you step inside, you’ll be transported to another realm with pumping hip-hop music and a lively atmosphere.

Reserve one of their bottle booths that surround the dancefloor. The dance floor stands on sunken ground, meaning you get prime views of all the action from your booth. It has two bars serving domestic and international liquors, cocktails, wines, and more. With beautiful pink and blue neon lights, this is the place to celebrate your birthday party if you’re looking to groove to Hip-hop and afro beats and join local trappers in their Toronto ting.

Unless you’re reserving their bottle service, we advise you to show up before 11:00 pm to avoid the queue. This club hits peak post-midnight, so make sure you and your gang are in the thick of everything happening inside the club.


  1. The Fifth Social Club

225 Richmond St W

The Fifth Social Club is another buzzing hive of pure clubbing entertainment. It caters to a wide range of audiences and satisfies diverse tastes and preferences.

This club is a no-nonsense choice for any private event – be it a corporate event, a birthday party, or just a night out with friends. Even if your group has people with discerning tastes, this multifaceted venue has a lounge, bar area, club, corporate spaces, a restaurant, and even a rooftop patio to captivate everyone.

You can find a gamut of delicacies curated for every taste bud. From skillfully cooked steak to fresh seafood, and local foods like poutine to international dishes like mouth-watering charcuterie boards – its expansive menu is specially crafted by the restaurant’s chefs for a satisfying dining experience. You can also sample their wide range of snacks in the lounge area and enjoy a birthday party with a good old-school charm.


  1. Lula Lounge 

1585 Dundas W

Lula Lounge is an exciting live music club in Toronto and ideal to celebrate your birthday if you’re looking to call the shots (quite literally) in a lively atmosphere. This venue offers diverse entertainment options including dance lessons, live DJ and band performances for salsa, Reggae, and top 40 hits, and tropical cocktails and dining choices.

The Lula Lounge is well-known for ushering in an era of world music in Toronto. Match your steps with music encompassing multiple genres like jazz, Latin, salsa, Reggaeton, indie, and more.

You can celebrate your birthday at the ballroom, Havana lounge, VIP areas, or the balcony. In short, Lula Lounge serves diverse needs as a community center, dance club, private event space, and live music venue.


Wrapping Up

These were our top picks for the five best nightclubs and bars to celebrate your birthday. If you want to rub shoulders, talk, or say cheers with celebrities and elite personalities during your birthday, Barcode Saturdays is your ground zero.

Every Saturday night, we host the hottest celebrity parties in Toronto. We have stellar bottle services and birthday party packages where you can party like never before and enjoy a memorable affair with lavish details.

Get in touch, and we’ll make your birthday into a headliner.