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Nightclubs Etiquettes for Men

Nightclubs are truly wonderful places and a great source of entertainment and fun for us. Going to a nightclub means opening doors to new experiences and people while unwinding and relaxing away from the bustle of life.

Nightclubs are also hotspots for party animals who want to shake their legs and show off their moves on the dancefloor. And thus, nightclubs attract a lot of people, especially on the weekends. As such, it becomes important to remember the reason why we visit these clubs in the first place: to have a good, quality time.

To make the night enjoyable, one needs to be mindful of the place’s vibe and respectful towards fellow clubbers. While these clubs are great excitement and entertainment, the occasional brawls and fights do break out every now and then. This ruins the night for people involved in the brawl and causes a nuisance to others around them, not to mention the nightclub itself (which may have no alternative but to have the brawlers removed from the club).

Thus, to ensure that everyone involved has a great time, here are a few clubbing etiquettes for men which help everyone in the club to have a great time without any unnecessary nuisance.

Be Courteous

The first unsaid rule in a nightclub is; don’t be mean. The rudeness in the tone or inappropriate behavior from a person often leads to brawls and fights in a nightclub. You don’t want that to happen.

Being courteous means being kind and compassionate to everyone around you, other people, as well as the club staff. This includes a polite ‘excuse me’ when moving around the club and being respectful towards everyone, especially the ladies. After all, it’s always the first impression that counts.

Don’t Drink Excessively.

Nightclubs are amazing when it comes to losing oneself over a few rounds of drinks and hitting the dance floor to the tune of the music. However, excess of anything is bad, which also holds true in the case of alcohol.

While surely they are fun, nightclubs are also places where you’re surrounded by drunk strangers. And sadly enough, most of them lose control over themselves under the influence of alcohol. This gives rise to indecent behavior, which in turn provokes others to respond aggressively as well.

So for everyone involved, it’s best to control your alcohol consumption and those with you. Moreso, alcohol is best enjoyed in small quantities. It’s so much more fun to drink responsibly and enjoy the night in your senses.

Follow the Dress Code

Some nightclubs may have a dress code for entry, which is nothing more than basic guidelines on not wearing casual attire like pajamas. Nightclubs differ in many respects; some may be jazz clubs, while some may be luxury nightclubs.

In the case of luxury nightclubs, they mostly require you to wear proper attire that maintains the standard of their establishment. It’s best that you research the club you’re visiting beforehand and know if they demand a dress code for entry. You don’t want to be embarrassed at the door, having been denied entry simply because you’re there in your crocs.

Respect Women

This is the gentleman’s ultimate code, regardless of the situation or place. You should always be respectful towards women; the same applies when you’re at a nightclub and looking to socialize with the ladies.

Respect their privacy and avoid over-intrusion if they don’t feel comfortable. Being respectful towards the women you want to socialize with also ensures that you both spend quality time together.

Reserve a VIP Bottle Booth

Luxury nightclubs like Barcode Saturdays have bottle service which offers the privilege of reserved tables, personal waiter, and premium offerings. But having your private party space will also mean that you’re away from the crowd, with your own people. VIP Bottle Booths not only pave the way for a celebrity-style celebration but also keep you and your friends away from any trouble.

Be Kind to the Staff

This is another one of those things that one should practice everywhere. The people working at nightclubs do their jobs professionally to ensure that every person in the club has quality time. It’s due to their prompt service and efforts to please the customers that makes clubbing so much more fun.

Some people at nightclubs do misbehave with the staff, which is totally uncalled for. Being kind and treating the staff with respect will also earn you their respect back.

Avoid Spillage

It’s best to drink at the bar or at your table when you’re at a nightclub. You don’t want to look like a fool who can’t hold his drink by spilling it everywhere you go. It creates a nuisance that certainly won’t be welcome at any establishment.

Wrapping It Up

As a parting note, we’d like to say that nightclubs can be a lot of fun, but even that has to have certain limits. Remember that night clubs are public spaces where everyone comes to enjoy and have a good time. But sometimes, due to certain acts of negligence or the willful act of the few, everyone at the club suffers, from the owners to the customers.

However, following these etiquette tips will help you to spend a memorable clubbing night with your gang. Following these rules will ensurw that everyone at the club have a fun and entertaining night without any nuisance.

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Why do People Love VIP Nightclubs?

Cosmopolitan cities around the world have no dearth of bars, nightclubs, and pubstaurants. So, what makes them different from one another?

Most people make a differentiation point based on the ambiance and music of the nightclub. At the same time, others may be hardcore loyalists of a certain establishment and make it their regular clubbing destination. But what remains common across preferences around the world is that no one says no to luxury.

Nightlife destinations around the world have at least one unique selling point; it could be local or fresh brews, a sassy jazz fixture, or something else entirely. But what truly sets them apart is how their customers feel when they walk into the establishment.

The thing to remember here is that everyone wants to feel special. And this is exactly what nightclubs like Barcode Saturdays offer.

Being at a VIP nightclub means having access to exclusive services that others don’t have. Moreover, these nightclubs can be trusted to have the highest standards of food, drinks, service, and music. And everyone wants to enjoy the premium side of things. Thus, the desire to be part of something elite is the main influencer that drives people to VIP nightclubs.

However, there are other reasons as well to plan your weekend parties at premium nightclubs like Barcode Saturdays. You can rest assured of having a memorable time with your friends and colleagues. It also allows you to meet new people in your social strata and form bonds with them, whether personal or professional. So without further adieu, let’s take a look at the biggest reasons why people prefer VIP nightclubs and why you should too.

The ‘Feel-Good’ Factor

As mentioned above, going to any premium establishment gives us an acute sense of exclusivity. You and your crew are part of something few others can join, which gives a sense of accomplishment in life, generally speaking.

Moreover, VIP nightclubs are bound to have a premium range of drinks and food, which means that your time and money would be very well spent there. The service is also very professional and dedicated in these establishments, making us feel unique and promptly attended to, something that non-VIP nightclubs may struggle to offer.

Networking Opportunities

Celebrities, top-level executives, and elite government officials; are just some kinds of people who visit VIP nightclubs. They prefer such an elite affair so that they can relax and unwind without any unwanted attention that they’re certain to get at standard clubs.

The prime benefit of networking at bars and clubs is that you meet people you want to collaborate with in a place where they’ve let down their guards completely. The conversation would be more informal and personal, which always makes people trust each other, even when the relationship between them is purely professional. As such, you can go out and meet new people and form real-time relationships and networks that may be of immense benefit in your professional life.

Dating Opportunities

This one is no secret. Nightclubs are known to be a hotbed for people looking for dating opportunities or simply making new friends. Pubs and dance clubs are frequented by a young gentry, people mostly in their 20s and early 30s who want to forget about everything else and party like crazy. They also like to indulge in good food and drinks.

But above all, they’re also looking to socialize, make new friends, ask someone they’re interested in for a date, or join forces and enjoy themselves together. And what place is better than a luxurious nightclub that attracts the most elite crowd in the city? In addition, dating someone you’ve met at a nightclub also means that you both at least share one thing in common, right?

More Intimacy

Lastly, VIP nightclubs offer much more privacy and intimacy. The concept of VIP bottle booths has been regularized at nightclubs. These bottle booths guarantee a private space for the guests with premium food, drinks, and service offerings.

These booths make for a great place to hold conversations with your crew. VIP nightclubs are the place to be if you want to discuss work, business, or want a private affair with your love interest.

Get A Royal Experience at Barcode Saturdays

Barcode Saturdays is a Toronto-based luxury nightclub with some of the city’s most exclusive guestlist and wildest parties. If you’re looking to party this weekend with VIP feels in Toronto, look no further than Barcode Saturdays.

We’re a Toronto nightclub unlike any other, with a premium range of food, drinks, and music to go together with exceptional service. Our parties become the talk of the town with a magnetic dash of Hip-Hop, R&B, Trap, Reggae, and Latin music hits.

Join our guestlist or reserve your own VIP bottle booth and get set for a regal experience this Saturday night.

How Can Clubbing Boost Your Confidence?

Nightclubs are essential in a world where one experiences high degrees of stress and anxiety. After five days of your daily run-to-the-mill, the weekend brings an opportunity to relax, unwind, spend time with loved ones, and hit a nightclub with your gang.

There are some people who look down on clubbing, possibly due to its loudness and a half-drunk crowd. But regular clubbing can massively improve your physical as well as mental health. It can also help you to build confidence in all walks of life and face challenges without much stress or anxiety. If you haven’t experienced that last part, it’s time you reconsider your weekend plans and get ready for a night of binge dancing and drinking.

But regardless of confidence, clubbing also helps in improving your mental health. So if you haven’t been going clubbing so far, it may be time to reconsider and shape up for a night of entertainment and ecstasy. Here’s how regular clubbing can help you mentally and positively alleviate conditions of stress and anxiety:

Increases Enthusiasm

The first thing that comes to mind whenever we say clubbing is the dapper moves and grooves on the dancefloor. And dancing is a one-way street for sheer fun, which also has numerous physical and mental benefits for you. But, apart from keeping you fit and happy, dancing also helps to boost your inner confidence.

Many people have inhibitions about taking on the dancefloor, fearing all that center of attention stuff. But gradually, one can overcome this feeling and put their insecurities to bed. Dancing increases your enthusiasm and charisma and makes you more confident in every walk of life.

More Social Opportunities

Many studies have shown that meeting new people and bonding with them significantly impact a person’s confidence. As you engage positively with more and more people, their acceptance of you gives validation and makes you feel good about yourself.

Nightclubs are places where you can meet like-minded people like yourself and bond with them over food, drinks, and dance. Such bonds may be rare, but they do have the potential to be a strong relationship between two individuals who have found some sort of common ground with each other. These social interactions may help you gain more friends and increase your social circle.

Overcome Shyness

Nightclubs are public spaces, which means you get to spend evenings with a bunch of strangers who may vastly differ from you but have a common purpose. As you frequent a nightclub, you can break out of the bubble of your comfort zone and learn how to effortlessly mingle with strangers.

With frequent visits to nightclubs, your confidence grows, and so do your communication skills. Moreover, dancing at clubs will also make you self-assured and help you overcome crowd fear and shyness.

Builds a Positive Mindset

Everyone needs a break from the hard work they put in at work. And there’s nothing better than a Saturday night of clubbing adventure with your best pals.

Clubbing is about forgetting about the stressful life we lead on weekdays. It gives us the chance to take some time off from our work schedule and enjoy it with friends and family. When you’re at a nightclub drinking or dancing or simply unwinding, you’d forget about the pressure of the job and just live in the moment.

This work-life balance is essential for your mental health. Occasionally hitting a pub or a nightclub will help you relax and reenergize to take on the professional challenges of your life anew.

Thus, clubbing helps to build a positive mindset that prepares you for the week ahead and excels in your career.

Improves Fitness

This one’s for those who never hesitate to shake a leg on the dancefloor whenever they hit a club. And we don’t need to divulge the benefits that dancing has on the health and fitness of an individual.

Dancing keeps you flexible and increases your stamina, as it activates various muscles in the body. It helps to develop the strength and stamina of your body while burning away that fat, making it a natural and fun workout that you’ll enjoy. Dancing also helps keep your mind fresh and energized with all that adrenaline flowing through your body.

Finally, as you get into shape, you can also wear that sassy dress that brings out the best figure and makes you the centerpiece of the dancefloor.

Visit Barcode Saturdays for an Elevated Clubbing Experience

Barcode Saturdays is a luxurious nightclub in Toronto that offers the best clubbing experience in town. We’re Toronto’s number one party ritual, hosting some of the wildest and craziest gigs. Our regal atmosphere, friendly service, and a boisterous crowd are perfect for first-timers as well as party animals who like to spend their weekends on a high.

Join our guestlist or reserve a VIP bottle booth this Saturday and be part of an electrifying night with premium drinks, choicest delicacies, and a sonic blast of the latest Hip-hop, R&B, Reggae, Trap, and Latin music hits.

Why is Barcode Saturdays the best nightclub for first-timers?

Going clubbing is really all about the entertainment and ecstasy that makes us forget about routine life for a bit. It gives you the chance to spend your weekend on a high note with close friends and your love interests, along with a host of other experiences like socializing, trying unique cocktails, and enjoying the beats of live gigs.

But, people are different, and most introverts feel shy to socialize with people or visit nightclubs altogether. They get intimidated by the bundle of energy that reverberates throughout the club. It doesn’t have to be that way.

If you haven’t gone clubbing before, we understand it may be hard to feel involved, let alone belong in a nightclub. One may also feel shy about hitting the dance floor, presuming they’ll fool themselves.

But here’s the thing; nobody cares!

Going clubbing is really about the experience and enjoyment that makes long-lasting memories; it’s about losing yourself and feeling free. Whether you want to have a few drinking rounds, groove on the dancefloor, or socialize with new people, you should do so at your own leisure and, of course, without being too phony or a nuisance.

Barcode Saturdays are the Prime Clubbing Destination for First-Timers

Barcode Saturdays is a Toronto nightclub that offers luxurious vibes for a perfect Saturday night tryst. We’re located at the opulent NEST Toronto and have been the prime choice for Torontonians who want to have a great time every weekend.

We’re not just loved by locals but have also been a hotspot for celebrities and the who’s-who of Canada who chooses us as their party destination. From the hottest Hip-Hop and R&B numbers to the most happening parties and events in town, Barcode Saturdays have reinvented luxury clubbing since 2014.

Come home to the craziest themed parties, Saturday night parties, and special events with foot-tapping, fist-pumping, and headbanging action all night long. Our guest DJs know how to mesmerize the crowd with their hypnotic beats and rhythms that keep you moving and grooving on the dancefloor. Meanwhile, our premium range of drinks and champagnes ensures that you and your crew don’t get thirsty and stay energized to sizzle up the dancefloor.

If you’re looking to hit the best club in Toronto anytime soon, then we’re the perfect fixture to elevate your Saturday night into a lavish experience that’ll make you want to visit us again and again. Read on to know the features that make us the best club in Toronto for first-timers.

What Makes us the Best Nightclub for Newbies?

If you’re a newbie going to a club for the first time, you’d want it to live up to your expectations and get the basics right. At Barcode Saturdays, this is what we do.

Stunning Interiors

So what’s the first thing you’d notice when entering a nightclub? The place itself. Barcode Saturdays offer a luxurious escapade for an unparalleled clubbing high. We have suave, modern interiors to keep you in the feeling all night long.

Latest Party Anthems

Alternatively, what do you hear when you enter a club? That’s right.

With a sonic blast through our state-of-the-art music systems, our guest DJs pump put the latest Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Trap, and Latin party anthems. So put your hands up for the rhythm, sway to the beats, and enjoy the drops with a round of shots for maximum fun.

Super-Charged Events and Parties

At Barcode Saturdays, we host enthralling parties and events that become the talk-of-the-town. From an ultimate New year Bash to an entertainingly eerie Halloween gig, our annual parties set the standard for clubbing in Toronto.

You can also plan your private celebrations like a birthday party or a bachelorette gig. Get in touch with our professional and friendly management team and they’ll sort out everything you need for a night to remember.

Free Ladies Entry

If you need any more reasons to make Barcode Saturdays your first clubbing experience, here’s another one. We offer free entry to ladies who sign-up on our guestlist before 11:30 PM every Saturday night. Moreover, we also provide them with a complimentary bottle of champagne to kickstart their celebrations in style.

Private Party Booths

Suppose you’re still not sure if you’ll enjoy amidst the noise and the crowd, this one’s for you. Get the gang together and reserve your own VIP bottle booth at Barcode Saturdays.

Our bottle booth ensures a separate area for you and your friends to hang around and enjoy a private affair amongst yourselves. With four options of bottle booths, it can accommodate up to 8 guests and provides access to premium drinks, house champagnes, and loads of other special offers.

Visit Barcode Saturdays for a Clubbing Experience Like No Other

Banish the bore and visit Barcode Saturdays for a night of extravagant entertainment and upscale clubbing vibes. A single visit will leave you wanting more. We’re also amongst the best bars in Toronto, offering a premium liquor range for an intoxicating night.

Join the guestlist or reserve your own VIP bottle booth for a Saturday night experience unlike ever before.

Barcode Saturdays: The Toronto Nightclub Where Parties are Always LIT

Toronto is known for its diverse communities and vibrant lifestyle. One can find unique experiences in the city from a vast assortment of cultural, cosmopolitan, and historical indulgences. In short, it’s safe to say that Toronto has something for everyone, no matter their age or background.

Adding more colors to this beautiful spectrum called Toronto is a luxurious clubbing escapade called Barcode Saturdays. If you’re in the ‘City of Queens’ for a holiday or a business trip, you must visit our lively nightclub to soak in the city’s vibe and nightlife. At Barcode Saturdays, we have everything to keep you entertained and enthralled while ensuring that you enjoy a relaxed affair away from your busy schedule.

From a lavish bar to keep your spirits high to a swanky dancefloor to keep your energy high, we’re the perfect Toronto nightclub where you can relax, party, drink, and dance with a touch of opulence.

We’re open every Saturday night, hosting sensational parties for a wild ride into the night. We offer free entry to ladies along with a complimentary bottle of champagne when they sign-up on our guestlist before 11:30 PM. For Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Trap, and Latin music lovers, the rhythm always finds a way into your heart as our DJs refuse to put an end to the groove.

Barcode Saturdays are Toronto’s number 1 party ritual with various indulgences that set the stage for a memorable night. Visit us to experience the epitome of Toronto’s nightlife scene with a touch of royalty.

Lavish Bar

One can find numerous nightclubs and bars in Toronto, but none of them offer the kind of premium range of drinks as we do. We fully understand the need to enjoy the night with a few rounds of lip-smacking drinks, which is why our lavish bar has something exciting to cater to every taste. Whether you want to dance over cocktails, unwind over premium champagne, or socialize with a drink in hand, we’ve got everything in store for everyone.

If you’re looking for the best bar in Toronto to hang out and celebrate with your gang, then Barcode Saturdays are ideal for the night. Our nightclub’s royal ambiance houses a boisterous crowd of party animals every weekend. Join our guestlist or reserve your own VIP bottle booth to get a  taste of nightly ecstasy.


Celebrity Party Experience

At Barcode Saturdays, we bring the best nightlife experience every Saturday night at the heart of Toronto. From dancing to drinking and everything in between, we’re the perfect clubbing escapade in the city.

We also offer a celebrity-like clubbing experience with our VIP bottle booth services. By reserving a bottle booth, you can enjoy a private party space for you and your crew with four options to choose from.

Each option has different offerings as per the number of guests you want to host. Celebrate with your close circle over premium drinks, house champagnes, energy drinks, and dedicated sound systems to elevate your clubbing experience.

Choose between the following options to reserve your personal party booth at Barcode Saturdays:

   Silver @ $350

1xNon-premium bottle + 1xHouse Champagne + 2xWaters + 2xAdmissions

   Gold @ $675

2xPremium bottles + 2xWaters + 3xEnergy drinks + 4xAdmissions

   Platinum @ $1,000

3xPremium bottles + 4xWaters + 4xEnergy drinks + 6xAdmissions

   Diamond @ $1,275

3xPremium bottles + 1xPremium champagne + 6xWater + 6xEnergy drinks + 8xAdmissions

Our VIP bottle booths are much in demand, especially during special events and annual parties. With prior reservations, you can ensure to give your guests the ultimate clubbing royalty never experienced before.

Sensational Music

Our dancing deck is meant for those who like to enjoy the night on the wilder side. Move to the groove of Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Trap, and Latin music hits on an inviting dancefloor styled with contemporary elements. Our DJs and guest artists pump out the latest Top 40 hits to energize you with their beats and make the most of our signature drinks. We welcome everyone to lose themselves on our dance floor all night long.

Ultimate Parties

When it comes to celebrating special occasions like New Year’s Eve, Halloween, and the Toronto Caribana carnival, Barcode Saturdays leave no stone unturned. Our electrifying annual parties set the bar in the city with an incomparable vibe only felt by our guests.


New Year’s Eve Party

Every year on 31st December, we open our doors to people worldwide to celebrate new beginnings together. We host the hottest New Year’s Eve parties with an eclectic and electric atmosphere.

Annual Caribana Party

Join the oldest cultural carnival in North America with Barcode Saturday’s epic all-nighter annual Caribana party. Welcome to a raw night of partying, drinking, dancing, and celebrating the Caribbean-themed carnival on a high.

Halloween Party

Our annual Halloween parties are the perfect scare for the dull monotony of everyday life. Enjoy a creative, costume-filled night and party with the dead at Barcode Saturday’s annual Halloween party.

So mark the calendars, clear your schedule, spruce up, and get the gang together to join our annual parties and have a memorable time.

We Await your Presence

Barcode Saturdays are the perfect space to enjoy live gigs and let go of your busy routine. If you want to let some steam off from work, or just want a relaxing day over a few drinks, then we are the best club in Toronto for you. Our regal interiors, premium drinks, iconic soundtracks, and a wild aura will keep you entertained, relaxed, and happy through the night.