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Why celebrate your next birthday at Barcode Saturdays?

Birthdays come once in a year and just like every other annual occasion, they should be celebrated with close friends and family. And while it’s great to celebrate a bash with a homely feeling, as an adult, you’d want to take the party to the next level with unhinged celebrations and something out of the ordinary.

So if you’re looking to add a little extra to your birthday sauce this year, we’ve got you covered. Hitting a luxurious nightclub like Barcode Saturdays on your next name day would be a great way to break away from the tradition for once and enjoy an unforgettable gig with your gang.

Celebrate your Birthday at the Hottest Toronto Nightclub

If you’re looking for an establishment to host your next birthday bash in style, look no further than Barcode Saturdays. Make your celebrations grand and immerse in an unforgettable experience with VIP packages and bottle booth services to make your night special. We host birthday parties that are enjoyed by all.

Regardless of the size of your group or your budget, you can enjoy a memorable affair with your close friends at Barcode Saturdays. Book an affordable group package or take it a notch higher with our VIP bottle booths, there’s no dearth of options when you choose to party at the hottest nightclub in Toronto. We’re a luxurious nightclub situated at the NEST Toronto and are known to provide a royal clubbing experience to all who visit us on a Saturday night.

Reasons to Host your Birthday Party at Barcode Saturdays

There’s no better establishment than Barcode Saturdays to spend your birthdays with friends and family. We welcome your gang to take on the night with amazing drinks and foot-tapping music. When you choose Barcode Saturdays for your personal celebrations, you choose the hottest party destination in Toronto for your special day. Hosting your birthday party at our nightclub means a stamp on your memory list. Contact us beforehand and leave nothing to chance in planning the most epic birthday party ever.

Our management team can take care of every minute detail with utmost professional and promptness. Be it the music of your choice or your favorite drinks, leave it all to Barcode Saturdays. We’re the perfect fixture for your birthday party as we host the most epic Saturday night parties with amazing bottle services and VIP packages for you.

If you’re still unsure, here are a few compelling reasons to host your special occasions with us:

Free Entry and Drinks for Ladies

Barcode Saturdays offers free entry and a complimentary bottle of champagne for ladies when they sign-up on our guestlist before 11:30 PM.

Low Cover Charges

It’s not just the ladies who have the reason to go wild at our club. We offer entry to gents as low as $15 when they sign-up on our guestlist before 11:30 PM. Beyond that, they can get access to our club at just $20.

Friendly and Professional Staff

We have helpful and friendly staff who work together to ensure that your parties are a hit from start to finish. Whether you want to prop up to a certain theme, need a customized birthday cake, or want the DJ to make an announcement for the birthday boy/girl, our staff can take care of it all.

Top Party Anthems

At Barcode Saturdays, we play the latest and hottest tracks that hit the charts. From Hip-Hop and R&B to Trap, Reggae, and the latest Top 40 hits, we ensure that not a soul in our club doesn’t groove or move to the tunes of our DJs.

Flexible Packages

Barcode Saturdays has various birthday packages to elevate your occasion through the roof. Whether your guest list includes half-a-dozen people or more than 10, we’ll customize a package that suits your needs.

We Create Exceptional Clubbing Experiences

We can take care of every requirement of yours, no matter how unique. We assure you that each and every detail of your celebration will be personalized as per the needs of you and your guests. Your birthday package would depend on a few factors such as:

  • Date of the event;
  • Number of guests attending the event; and
  • Your preferred packages.

Our birthday celebration package starts at $200 only. If you have a guest list of more than 10 people, contact us to make special reservations and discuss pricing details.

Make unforgettable memories with an epic birthday celebration at Barcode Saturdays. We look forward to hosting you and your gang with unmatched vibes and spirit at Barcode Saturdays.

Reserve your private bottle booth or sign-up on the guestlist with your crew and elevate your birthday bash to an epic level.

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Benefits of Partying at a Luxury Nightclub

People love to go to nightclubs because of a number of reasons. Chief among them are socializing, unwinding, exploring, de-stressing, etc. Whatever your reason to party, you’d want a night of unhinged dance and celebrations without having a flicker of worry.

This is where the nightclub or discotheque you’re partying at plays an important role. Nobody wants to go to a shady establishment, or somewhere with poor service and ambiance. And choosing a luxury nightclub for your next party may be a tad bit expensive than standard pubs and bars, but they’re worth the while if you want to have a good time.

Moreover, going clubbing every once a while has numerous benefits for you, beyond just polishing social skills. It can improve your overall health and mental wellbeing.

While there are definitely people who may take it to the excess, partying is actually good for you to feel free and let yourself loose to the beats.

Whether you’re a seasoned clubber or experience the nightlife occasionally, a luxury nightclub is the best bet for you and your gang.

Partying at a Luxury Nightclub

Luxury nightclubs like Barcode Saturdays offer a unique clubbing experience to everyone who joins them for the night. You can be rest assured of impeccable service, eclectic ambiance, an extensive range of premium drinks, and a whole lot of fist pumping music at Barcode Saturdays.

When you choose a luxurious club like Barcode Saturdays, you get numerous benefits. Here are a few to begin with:

Meet Elite People

In a world where everyone is connected with people digitally on social networks, it’s refreshing to go out and form real bonds with people one-on-one. At luxurious nightclubs, you’ll meet elite people, celebrities, or renowned personalities because they avoid standard bars and pubs. Partying with them will enable you to form real life bonds and connections with like-minded people with similar tastes.

And as we all must have felt at some point in our lives, some of the most beautiful bonds are made with random people at random events.

Increase Self-Esteem

For people who are anxious or lack self-confidence, going to a nightclub regularly can really boost your self-esteem. When you mingle with the right sort of people, improve your social skills, and feel the reciprocal acceptance from complete strangers, you naturally groom yourself in being more confident about yourself.

VIP nightclubs take it a notch higher, because here, you’re literally partying and mingling with elite people. By choosing a luxury club for your weekend gig, you may as well end up having some good friends in high places.

Personalized Experience

Most upscale bars and nightclubs offer bottle booth services, along with other VIP packages. A bottle booth guarantees you access to a dedicated space along with a host of other premium offerings. You can bask in all the attention with a personal waiter and top-notch choice of liquor.

At Barcode Saturdays, you can reserve your own VIP bottle booth and host up to 8 guests for a night indulging in some royal clubbing experience.

A Classy, yet Wild Atmosphere

A nightclub is all about the vibe and feel that the crowd experiences. And a luxury nightclub generally pays a lot of attention to the atmosphere it creates for its customers.

Luxury clubs mostly have a classy atmosphere with ambient lighting to accentuate the vibe of the place. But the people who really define the mood of a club are the people attending it. In most of the cases, the people take on the wilder side of life with a few rounds of drinks and the dancefloor.

At Barcode Saturdays, whether you want to relax and enjoy live music or want to boogie on the dance floor with your plus one, you’ve come to the right place which offers a mix of classic and contemporary vibes in Toronto.

Improve your Health

Parties and clubbing are all about having fun with your gang. They give us the chance to let go of the negativities and imbibe some positivity and ‘feel good’ factor. It can reduce stress, increase confidence, and doesn’t let you feel alone or isolated. It’s also good for people battling with anxiety and depression.

Welcome to the Most Luxurious Nightclub in Toronto

When you visit Barcode Saturdays for a night of clubbing and partying, you choose the best nightclub in Toronto offering a royal experience. Come home to a premium range of drinks, electrifying live music, an elite gentry of like-minded people, and the best party packages in town.

Sign-up on the guestlist or reserve your VIP bottle booth and gear up for the hottest party destination in Toronto. We’ve been the number one party ritual in the city since 2014, and we’d love to host you and your gang.

Elevate every Saturday night with Barcode Saturdays. Get in touch today.

How to plan for a Halloween party

Whether it’s a trick or treat, Halloween gives us the chance to get creative and wear spooky costumes with friends and family. And the best thing about Halloween is that no matter what kind of party you want to throw, it’s always fun. You can host a party at your home, reserve a venue and call in your people for a haunt, or hit a nightclub like Barcode Saturdays that hosts a Halloween party.

But one thing’s for certain, regardless of where you plan to throw the party, it’s always gonna be LIT. If you’re the organizer of this year’s Halloween party, then may as well start planning and preparing for it early. Halloween parties are so much fun, but organizing one takes effort and time. So if you’re unsure of how to get things rolling, read this step-by-step guide to plan an epic Halloween party:

Select Location

Location holds the most importance when you’re planning any kind of party. If you want to host it at your home, you may want to consider setting up Halloween-themed props and décor for the same.

But if you want to turn the temperature up and hit a nightclub for the gig, then you can rest a little easy as they’d have their own décor and themed celebrations. Remember to check if there’s a dress code for the party, as most clubs and discotheques do require Halloween-themed costumes for their parties.

Decide Date and Time

The second priority on the list is the date on which you plan to throw the gig. Ask your guests about their availability well before October kicks in, so you can know the expected turnaround. Once the date is fixed, you may want to send invitations via email or WhatsApp to all the people you want to attend the party. You may also want to specify if they’re allowed to get their plus ones to the party. And don’t forget to remind them whether they have to follow a certain dress code or not.

Set a Theme

If you’re going to a pub or nightclub for the party, you don’t need to worry about themes, as they’ve already decided that. But if your party is due at home, it’s time to rack your brains and get creative with spooky themes for the night.

You can base your themes on pop culture, or maybe a scary movie. You can also go for the mainstream ones like Dracula, graveyard, or mummy themed Halloween parties.

Create a Budget

You don’t want to be splashing a fortune on your Halloween party alone. If it’s a house party, then the responsibility for snacks, food, and drinks fall on you. But if the party is set to take place somewhere else, then it’s wise to ask for help from your friends to make the party enjoyable and affordable.

In this regard, check with the rate of the location and make an approximation as to the expected amount required for the party.

Once you’re done with that, divide the amount amongst your group so that nobody has to splurge a hefty amount.

Plan Activities

This is where planning a Halloween party becomes fun. If you’re hosting the party on familiar ground, arrange activities that include everybody and are also entertaining for those present. If you don’t want elaborative activities, you can go for the ‘best costume wins’ and pumpkin carving competitions with a unique giveaway.

You can also make arrangements with the nightclub by talking to the management and customizing the party to your tune.

Create a Spooky Playlist

Amidst the costumes and games, you’d want haunting themes to reverberate throughout the party. If your party is hosted at home, create a playlist that gets soul grooving  from the mummies to the counts. That’d be worth a few clicks.

Gift a Party Favor

At the end, you’d want to cap off the night with a small token of appreciation for all those who’ve made time to attend your party. You can mix it up with miniature props, alcohol, treats, and other goodies.

Witness the Horror at Our Annual Halloween Party

Barcode Saturdays hosts the most spooky Halloween parties every year in Toronto. We’ll host an ultimate party that keeps you intoxicated till 3 am in the night. Enjoy fun games and activities, and get ready for a load of surprises and giveaways on 29th October, at Barcode Saturdays.

We’ll host a costume-themed party which is set to become the talk of the town. Make your VIP bottle booth reservations before we’re sold out for the night due to high demand. Groove to an exclusive lineup of DJs who will keep your body dancing and spirits high on the spookiest night of the year.

Don’t miss out on an epic, contact us today and make reservations for your gang at Barcode Saturdays.

Tips To Plan An Awesome Party At A Nightclub

We can all agree to the fact that parties are absolute fun. Who doesn’t want to come together with friends and family and have an absolute blast on a weekend?

We all love to work hard through the week, but when it comes to the weekend, it’s best to leave work and the stress of professional life behind. So, if you’re planning to throw a party at a nightclub, but don’t know where to start, read below for the perfect party planning tips.

You’ll find an exhaustive checklist of the essential steps you can take to host a great event at a nightclub. Let go of stress and get the party started with these tips.

Choose the Date

Select a date tentatively, but don’t get fixated on a single day. You must be flexible so as to allow your guests as much room as possible. You must ensure that your most, if not all, of your guests are available on the final date of the party. If you have a preferred venue to party, you may want to check availability for the dates beforehand so that you can proceed with your party plans effectively.

Set a Theme

Let’s face it: themed parties are absolutely LIT. Who doesn’t want to look at people with creative and funny costumes dancing away to glory? Consult with your gang and decide on a theme that everybody would be enthusiastic about. Once you’ve decided on a theme, check with the venue to intimate them about the preparations.

Prepare the Guestlist

This is the most exciting part of planning a party. Start by preparing a guestlist for the people you want to invite to the party. Make sure that you convey the idea to every invitee beforehand, so that you can ascertain the turnaround. Remember that not all people you invite would show up to the party, so it’s best you get a clear heads up from them well before the date of the party.

Set a Budget

This may not be the most interesting part of organizing a party, but it’s essential nonetheless. Be realistic while setting a budget, consider all the things that’ll happen at the party; whether you want to splurge on a diverse food platter, or want your guests to enjoy premium drinks and champagne. Determine the budget accordingly and leave nothing to chance.

If you’re planning to throw the party with a pooled budget, check with everyone involved so that you all are on the same page. At the end of the day, you don’t want any surprises on this one. And remember to factor in taxes and service charge before you stamp on the final figure.

Narrow Down on a Venue

The venue of any celebration is perhaps the biggest factor that plays a part in the success or failure of your party. Choose the venue of your gig carefully. You don’t want your guests to leave the party feeling it was a downer.

Keep in mind the number of guests you want to invite and the activities. Selecting a great  nightclub or discotheque is the key to unlock the door to a LIT party. Whether you want to treat your crew to a dance bar, or a luxury nightclub, check that everyone is comfortable and at ease with the venue.

You also need to ensure that the venue is easily accessible by all the guests at your party. The safest place to host a party is downtown, where not only you’ll find a number of establishments for your party, but also be safe when returning back to home.

Consult with Club Manager

From photo sessions to live music, whatever you want in your party, communicate them to the manager of the fixture. Intimating the club manager is much more beneficial than trying to figure out the best possible combinations yourself. Your party hosts should be entertained and encouraged during the party, and so it’s wise to get the club on-board with whatever you’re planning to avoid last minute hassles.


Now that you’ve done your bit and the day of the party has arrived, you need to check-up on the people you’ve invited. Make sure that everyone is in sync with your plans and the theme, if any.

As a precaution, ask everyone to take a cab or share a ride to arrive at the venue, especially if there are drinks on the menu. You don’t want to drive yourself after a night of boozing and dancing, nor should the rest of the people. Your party will truly be a memorable affair when everyone enjoys it responsibly and safely.

Let Barcode Saturdays be your Party Destination

Barcode Saturdays is a premium nightclub at the heart of Toronto that is known for hosting the wildest parties in town. Contact us for organizing your birthday or bachelorette parties and get ready to boogie with a luxury nightclub that scores high on every front.

Dance to Hip-Hop and R&B beats, reserve your own bottle booth, or enjoy our lip-smacking range of drinks. Join our guestlist or reserve a VIP bottle booth for the hottest weekend party at Barcode Saturdays.

What Can Tourists Expect from Toronto?

Toronto is a diverse cosmopolitan city which offers a gamut of experiences. It’s the economic capital of Canada, and seventh most populous city in North America. Toronto boasts of diversity with a multicultural population that coexists and shares the city that all call home. As such, there’s also no dearth of cultural, entertainment, and gastronomic offerings in Toronto that’s surely worth a visit.

If you’re in Toronto or have visited the city as a tourist, now is the time to make an awesome itinerary to ensure that you indulge in every experience possible and get to know the culture of the city up close. If you still haven’t figured out where to visit and things to do in the city, don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

In this blog piece, we’ll uncover the best things to do, eat, and experience in the ‘City of Queens’. You’ll find most of these places in downtown Toronto or well within the city limits. You can cover these places in just a matter of a couple of days, in which time, you’ll witness the hospitality and enriched culture of the city. So let’s take a look at the top places to visit and things to do in Toronto:

Kensington Market

Amongst Toronto’s most well-known and diverse neighborhoods, the Kensington market is a maze of alleyways and one of the city’s most diverse areas. Witness the beauty of grand Victorian architecture and indulge in cuisines, vintage boutiques, art galleries, and much more.

You’ll find eateries at this market where one can find everything from breakfast to dinner and everything in between. You can also head to cafes and have a good time there with your friends and family.

The Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the largest museums in the world and the largest in Canada. The museum is complete with history, art, and cultural artefacts from around the world.

One of the most welcoming spectacle in the museum is the crystal section, with crystal glass structure protruding between the structure that gives the appearance of jagged rocks.

The Royal Ontario Museum is a must-visit for those who want to explore the cultural soul of Toronto and have a glimpse of its rich history.

CN Tower

The cultural emblem of Toronto, CN Tower is the third largest tower in the world and the largest in Canada. It was originally built as a communication and observation deck, but has now transformed into a hub of tourist attraction and activities.

One of the main attractions of the towers is the EdgeWalk, which is an outdoor wall on a pod with breathtaking views of the city. There’s also a restaurant which operates till 10:30 PM, where you can enjoy the views of the cityscape and Lake Ontario while indulging in delicious food.

Lawrence Market

If you’re in Toronto, then a visit to St. Lawrence Market is a must. The market formed back in the 1800s, and is older than Canada itself. The market is famous as previously being the best food market in the world, a title bestowed by National Geographic Magazine.

You’ll find a gamut of restaurants, artisan food producers, and gourmet delights at St. Lawrence Market. If you’re visiting the market on a weekend, get ready to rub shoulders with fellow shoppers as the area gets busy during holidays.

Get spoiled for choice with a myriad of restaurants and eateries that offer distinct, yet sumptuous cuisines all day.

Barcode Saturdays

The nightlife in Toronto is something that you simply don’t want to miss. If you like to go bar hopping or are looking for a place to shake your leg, then Barcode Saturdays is the perfect fix for you.

Barcode Saturdays is a luxury nightclub in Toronto that offers a premium space to get your celebrations going and enjoy a royal clubbing experience. Groove to top Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Trap, and Latin hits and fancy yourself with premium drinks and champagnes that intoxicates the night into a wild escapade.

Join the guestlist or reserve your own VIP Bottle booth service at Barcode Saturdays to be a part of Toronto’s number one party ritual.

Enjoy Toronto Like a Local

Toronto is a diverse city with friendly, helpful, and hospitable people from around the world who love or visit its charming allure. As such, one can find a host of indulgences in the city, ranging from clubbing experiences to gastronomic delights and retail therapies.

We hope that this list gives you an insight of the top things to do in Toronto. We covered entertainment, shopping, and cultural offerings, but there’s a whole lot of other things to do in the city as well.

If you liked this article, then visit our blog section and know more about Toronto’s nightlife, clubbing etiquettes, and a whole lot more.