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What to Wear to a Club?

Everyone likes to party and enjoy clubbing their way through the weekend. Be it offloading work-related stress or a special occasion, we don’t really need a reason to go clubbing and enjoy a light-hearted affair with the gang. And when you’re off to the club, you need to dress up.

We all want to look and feel good when partying, especially when the venue is a nightclub. Most clubs have a dress code, which means you simply can’t walk in your pajamas and a pair of crocs. But most people find it quite the trouble to choose the right set of clothes for a clubbing night. So once you’ve stamped on the plan for the night, it’s time to select the perfect attire to go along with it.

We all have different choices and style preferences when it comes to fashion. Some people like to take it cool and casual; others want to make it look classy and formal. Ladies can also turn up the heat with sexy clubbing outfits and accessories while hitting the club.

We’ve compiled a list of the best men’s and women’s dresses to wear at a nightclub and look sharp and tidy for the night ahead.

What to Wear at a Club for Men?

There’s a notion that men are limited when it comes to clothing. This is simply not true.

There are a lot of combinations you can choose from here, and we’re talking mainstream. Take a look into the top 5 men’s clothing options for a clubbing night:

  1. T-Shirts with Denim Jeans

The most classic attire for men, which looks stylish nonetheless, is a plain T-shirt paired with denim jeans and a choice of footwear. You can wear sneakers or boots; both of them look neat and prime for a night at the club.

  1. Polo T-Shirt with Trousers

Next up is another classic combination of a Polo T-shirt and trousers. This ‘golf’ attire has been made popular, delivering a casual yet confident statement. Although some would say that polo tees and trousers are best worn during the day, nobody can refute that they look uber at nightlife venues as well. You can go ahead with sneakers or loafers along with this attire.

  1. Shirt with Denim Jeans

For those who are more comfortable wearing a shirt for such occasions, the classic combo of plaid or checkered shirt, denim jeans, and formal shoes can also work. If you’re uncomfortable with formal shoes (keep in mind that dance floor), you can switch to boots for a dash of machoism.

  1. Plain T-Shirt with a Bomber Jacket

Looking sexy is no crime! That’s what the man in the mirror would feel like with this explosive combination of a plain T-shirt and bomber jacket. Add contrast between these two to take it a notch higher. You can wear classic blue or black denim jeans and go with boots to complete this fantastic look.

  1. Plain Shirt with a Casual Blazer

Redefine class at the club with this dashing formal look. Wear a plain shirt, a casual blazer, and denim jeans or trousers. The legwear you choose depends on your comfort and style preferences or complimenting the rest of your attire. For footwear options, you can wear formal shoes, which will pair nicely with both trousers and denim jeans.

What to Wear at a Club for Women?

Women are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to dressing up for a club party. The sheer number of options at their disposal is impressive. Naturally, staying on top of your slay game can easily get confusing, even with an extended wardrobe.

Whether you’re hitting the club for the first time or are just confused about what to wear for the umpteenth time, take a look at our top women’s style guide for a nightclub:

  1. Bodysuit with Jeans

Think of a black bodysuit with blue denim jeans and a pair of red or yellow heels to make a classic style statement at the club. You can customize the accessories as per your preferences. This outfit allows you to carry a handbag easily, so go forth and spruce up for the night.

  1. Skirt with Heels

For the eves who are all about being comfortable and looking cute at the same time, a skirt set with fashionable heels is the way to go. Skirts are also ideal when you’re planning to shake a leg on the dancefloor, where pants can seem a little too extra. So go bold with that mini dress and heels and make a statement of your own at the club.

  1. Jacket over a Tube Top and Jeans

It can’t get sassier than this. Women have a special thing for tube tops, and for a good reason. They can be the perfect ensemble when you want to turn heads at the club while being at your most comfortable. So emanate those ‘chill’ clubbing vibes with a tube top and denim jackets over jeans. For footwear, you can wear sneakers and add all the more sass to your outfit.

  1. Corset with Matching Miniskirt

Let’s face it; corsets are versatile pieces of fashion to have in your wardrobe that are pitch-perfect for a number of different occasions. For your clubbing night, ditch the denims and go ahead with a matching mini skirt with your corset. This is also the attire that’ll allow you to get rid of those heels and give those shiny knee-length boots a try.

  1. Printed Dress with Sandals

What’s all the fuss with black when you have a whole spectrum to choose from? We are talking about those vibrant printed dresses with a skit thigh along with platform sandals to get you going for the night. There are various accessories options here, so go ahead and adorn yourself with boho jewelry and a clutch to complete this look.

Let’s Get the Party Started

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or bar-hopping for the night, these trendy nightclub attires are ready to bring some heat to the dance floor.

Now that you’re all ready and dapper, it’s time to head to a celebrity club like Barcode Saturdays and make a fashion statement.

At Barcode Saturdays, we encourage you to spruce up and take the temperature higher at our club every Saturday night. Visit us for luxurious clubbing over live music and premium drinks this Saturday.

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Sugar Sammy 2023 Canadian Tour

Get ready to tickle your funny bones as the international comic phenomenon, Sugar Sammy comes to Canada with multiple live shows in various cities. The comedian makes his second trip to Canada and is set to cover four cities in less than a month.

Samir Khullar adopted the stage name Sugar Sammy, and watching the multilingual comedian live was a treat. The heavy-hitting international comedian made a name for himself in Canada as well as in France, where he presides as a celebrity judge in a reality show. A local boy from Quebec, Montreal, Samir has become a well-known face in television and comic circles around the country and beyond with a career spanning more than 25 years.

The Sugar Sammy 2023 Canadian Tour kicks off with three live shows in Toronto, and we expect it to be humorous. So before you head to the event, let’s take a look into the life and career of the Canadian comedian who has showcased his talents in 32 different countries.

About Sugar Sammy a.k.a Samir Khullar

Born on 29 February 1976, Samir Khullar is a well-known actor, comedian, producer, and writer from Montreal, Canada. He is versatile in four languages, English, French, Hindi, and Punjabi. Apartment from his career as a stand-up comedian, Samir is also a celebrity judge in the French version of America’s Got Talent since 2018.

Crediting the likes of Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock as his influence, the comedian knew his career path as early as eight years old when he saw Murphy’s comedy special ‘Delirious’ in 1983.

His life on the stage started during his high school and college years as he attended open mic nights and became a part of local comic circles.

Interestingly, he adopted his stage name ‘Sugar Sammy’ while working as a nightclub promoter during his college years.

Career as a Comedian

Since his college years, Sugar Sammy’s career has progressed by leaps and bounds, with over 1900 live shows in more than 32 countries. His quadrilingual ability means that he has performed in his native country, India, along with throughout North America, France, Dubai, Singapore, Netherlands, Malaysia, and many more places around the globe.

Since 2004, Samir has been on television multiple times, including his latest tryst as a celebrity judge in La France a un Incroyable Talent, or the French version of the popular reality show ‘America’s Got Talent.’

His biggest success to date came during the Just for Laughs Festival, where he performed 420 shows over a 7-year period and became the first comedian ever to perform shows in all three languages of the Toronto edition of the festival. The most scintillating night came in 2016 when he performed in front of his home crowd in Montreal with a whopping attendance of 115,000 people. The show was part of his ‘You’re Gonna Rire’ your, which sold 372,000 tickets worldwide.

Sugar Sammy: Comic Style

Sugar Sammy picks up social and cultural themes with topics ranging from sex and race to pop culture and the Indo-Canadian lifestyle. He presents an audaciously honest assessment of his surroundings and amplifies cultural division in political and social topics. He’s also an improv artist, often improvising on-stage with regular crowd interactions.

His shows have always provoked discussions, though he isn’t afraid to venture into sensitive topics that may cause a division in opinion.

Awards and Accolades

The 46-year-old comedian was hailed in the media across the world due to his comic talents. In his stellar career, he has been featured on the front pages of the New York Times and Washington Post while being included by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the ten comics to watch.

He’s also been called ‘the funniest man in France is a Quebecer’ while described by The New York Times as a ‘fearless comic with a talent for provoking both laughter and outrage.’

Among his awards is ‘Comedian of the Year’ by a French daily newspaper, along with 3 Olivier Awards, including ‘Comedian of the Year.’

Sugar Sammy’s 2023 Canadian Tour

Now the homeboy is back with his 2023 tour in Canada once again. He has three shows in Toronto at the John Bassett Theater on 27 January and two back-to-back shows on 28 January. This gives us Torontonians our weekend fix for entertainment as Sugar Sammy brings fresh content and hysteria to the City of Queens.

The comedian next performs in Edmonton a week later, on 4 February, at the Triffo Theater with back-to-back shows again.

He then hits Ottawa on 10 and 11 February with two shows on both days. The venue for his Ottawa shows is the iconic Canadian Museum of History, with lots of additional events in store for the attendees.

Vancouver is the last city where the comedian will perform him. Watch him live on 18 February at the Vancouver Playhouse.

Here is the full list of Sugar Sammy’s 2023 Canadian Tour:

  • Toronto

    Date- Fri, 27 January

    Time- 7:00 PM

    Venue: John Bassett Theater

    Address: Metro Toronto Convention Centre 255 Front Street West Toronto, ON M5V 2W6 Canada

    Date- Sat, 28 January

    Time- 7:00 PM & 9:30 PM

    Venue: John Bassett Theater

    Address: Metro Toronto Convention Centre 255 Front Street West Toronto, ON M5V 2W6 Canada

  • Edmonton

    Date- Sat, 4 February

    Time- 7:00 PM & 9:30 PM

    Venue: Triffo Theater

    Address: #11-130, 11110 104 Avenue NW MacEwan University Edmonton, AB T5K 1M9 Canada

  • Ottawa

    Date- Fri, 10 February

    Time- 7:00 PM & 9:30 PM

    Venue: Canadian Museum of History

    Address: 100 Rue Laurier Gatineau, QC K1A 0M8 Canada.

    Date- Sat, 11 February

    Time- 7:00 PM & 9:30 PM

    Venue: Canadian museum of history

    Address: 100 Rue Laurier Gatineau, QC K1A 0M8 Canada.

  • Vancouver

    Date- Sat, 18 February

    Time- 7:00 PM & 9:30 PM

    Venue: Vancouver Playhouse

    Address: 600 Hamilton Street Vancouver, BC V6B 2P1 Canada.



Don’t miss the live stand-up act during Sugar Sammy’s 2023 Canadian Tour, starting from this weekend. Join the city to welcome local starboy and revel in his quips and comedy.

Mod Sun Live in Toronto

Mod Sun, also known as Derek Ryan Smith, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and multi-instrumentalist who was born in Minnesota on March 10, 1987. Covering the genres of Hip-hop, Punk, and Post-Hardcore, Mod Sun had made a name for himself in the global Hip-hop scene with commercially successful studio albums, EPs, and mixtapes.

Starting his career in 2004, the virtuoso artist can play multiple instruments, including the guitar, piano, and drums, apart from delivering powerful vocals with a yelling and screeching effect.

Mod Sun began his musical journey as a drummer in pop-punk and post-hardcore bands like the Semester, Four Letter Lie, and Scary Kids Scaring Kids, respectively. He started his rap career in 2009.

Mod Sun has become a very popular artist in the North American Neo-Hip-Hop scene, having released his fourth studio album in 2021. His fifth studio album is due to be released sometime later this year.

The artist is making his way to Toronto for a sensational live gig, and we can’t wait for enough for an absolute banger of a performance.

Mod Sun Live in Toronto

After a scintillating performance last year with his rumored beau Avril Lavigne at the Coca-Cola Coliseum in 2022, Mod Sun is making his way to the Phoenix Concert Theater in Toronto on May 10 for a live show. Expect nothing less than an electrifying atmosphere and a full house, as the tickets are already on the brink of being sold out.

After extensively touring the United States in cities like Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland, the Hip-hop sensation will arrive to rock Toronto off its socks on March 10, Friday. The concert begins at 6:30 PM, with Mod Sun being the headliner.

Mod Sun is extensively touring across North America as part of his ‘God Save The Teen’ tour. The show will also feature performances by Stand Atlantic and Tom the Mail Man before Mod Sun himself takes the stage.

The live gig is due on March 10, 2023. Doors open at 6:30 PM. People of all ages are welcome for the show with no age restrictions on the main floor. However, to access the balcony and boxes, attendees have to be 19+ years and need to show their ID proof.

Across multiple online websites, the show is sure to be house-full as the tickets are already sold out. So before the concert comes to Toronto’s shores, let’s take a look at the life, career, and hits of Mod Sun.

Early Life: The Making of a Star

Born on March 10, 1987, as Derek Ryan Smith, Mod Sun had a somewhat troubled upbringing as his parents divorced soon after. He spent his early childhood relocating between his mother and father, the latter of whom resided in Long Beach, California. It was here that Derek would start his musical journey, with his influence first coming from the Sublime drummer Bud Gaugh, who lived next door to his father.

As he reached his teen years, Derek soon began familiarizing himself with the local pop-punk scene. During this time, he started making a name for himself, attending various concerts and inviting the touring band members to stay at his home.

However, young Derek wouldn’t stop here as he soon began designing merchandise for bands in eighth grade, as the local pop-punk bands got inspired by emo bands from New Jersey and adopted fashion as part of their performances.

Career: The Journey to Stardom

The Early Years

Derek’s first act was with the local pop-punk sensation Semester, where he performed as a drummer for four years until his graduation.

He continued his journey with a shift in style, joining the post-hardcore band Four Letter Lie in 2005. He would go on to spend another four years with the band before finally quitting to pursue his solo career in Hip-hop.

During this time, the group recorded three studio albums in 2006, 2008, and 2009 and three EPs. The first album, titled ‘Let Your Body Take Over,’ saw local success with regional sales and got mixed reviews from the experts. After touring throughout the length of 2007, the group recorded their second album with Victory Records.

Their second album, ‘What a Terrible Thing To Say,’ peaked at Number 31 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. The album consisted of 10 songs, with Derek Smith, who was responsible for songwriting, along with fellow band member Kevin Skaff. In the following months, the band toured extensively and shared the stage with prominent artists like Dance Having Dance, Memphis May Fire, A Skylit Drive, and Sleeper.

After the band released its third album, Derek left the band and switched genres once again in pursuit of his solo career. In 2009, he joined the hardcore emo band Scary Kids Scaring Kids as a drum tech and soon found himself as the leading drummer of the group. He accepted the role under the condition that the band would let him perform as a solo artist as well.

Solo Career

As a solo Hip-Hop artist, Derek first saw success with his debut album as Mod Sun titled ‘Look Up.’ Released in 2015, it topped the Billboard Heatseekers Chart at Number 1. Now venturing out as a solo artist, Mod Sun started acquiring a name for himself with a poppy music style referred to as ‘hippy hop.’

Look Up turned out to be a breakthrough song for Mod Sun, who has never looked back since. He released two more albums, ‘Movie’ and ‘BB,’ both in 2017. The movie went on to peak at Number 16 on Billboard Top Heatseekers Chart.

Present Career

Derek announced that he was working on his fourth studio album and started releasing singles throughout 2020. Being a popular name in the Hip-hop scene and the music industry as a whole, this album was titled ‘Internet Killed the Rockstar’ and oversaw Derek collaborating with famous artists.

The lead single of the album, Karma, was released in November. Machine Gun Kelly directed the music video. He further went on to release ‘Flames’ in January 2021, which saw a collaboration with Canadian Pop-Punk sensation Avril Lavigne.

In November 2022, Mod Sun declared that his fifth studio album, ‘God Save the Teen’ would be released in 2023, though an exact date is yet to be announced.

Apart from this, he also co-wrote every song in Avril Lavigne’s album Love Sux, with whom he would get engaged two months later.

Catch Mod Sun Live at the Phoenix Concert Theatre

Don’t miss the epic performance due on March 10 by Mod Sun at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto. The concert will be a part of his ‘God Save the Teen’ tour, which will see him performing across major cities in North America.

You can find the tickets to his sensational performances online and be part of his latest release. This will indeed be a dream come true for Hip-hop fans in Toronto who have already witnessed Mod Sun last year.

The tickets are priced at $150 USD, and Mod Sun fans get to meet and greet the artists before the show personally. The general admission ticket can be upgraded to a VIP ticket for the event, which includes the following:

  • VIP Priority Check-in
  • Meet and Greet with Mod Sun
  • Mod Sun VIP merchandise shopping (crowd-free), and
  • Exclusive Venue Access Before Doors.

So what are you waiting for?

Don’t miss this epic chance to watch Mod Sun live at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto this March.

Men Without Hats Music Festival 2023

The new wave/Synthpop band Men Without Hats are back in Stouffville, ON, at the Wintersong Music Festival 2023. The fourth edition of the festival, which will take place from January 20-21, announced their headlining acts for this year.

The festival features headlining acts by two-time Juno award winner Dan Mangan, along with the local sensation Men Without Hats. They will be joined by another local Indie Pop band, Man Made Forest, and a collaboration between Daniel Monkman and Adam Sturgeon named OMBIIGIZI.

Let’s take a closer look at the Montreal-based artists’ Men Without Hats and more about the Wintersong Festival, which returns to Stouffville in Ontario.


Men Without Hats

Having released eight albums to date, Men Without Hats is a Canadian New Wave and synthpop band which originated in Montreal, Quebec. Originally a punk rock band that formed in 1977, Men Without Hats are accomplished Canadian musicians who have a signature synth-based sound accompanied by the baritone voice of its vocalist cum founder, Ivan Doroschuk.

They achieved international fame with their 1980s album Rhythm of Youth which featured the track ‘The Safety Dance.’ This single peaked as the 11th highest-selling single in 1983, having spent four weeks on the Billboard Top 100. Subsequently, their 1987 album ‘Pop Goes the World’ enjoyed the same level of success, having featured in multiple charts across the US and Europe.

Men Without Hats have received several honors for their unique music style, including the Juno Award for Breakthrough Group of the Year in 1984 and two Juno awards for the best singles of the year. The group reached its height with the Grammy Award for Best New Artist that same year.

The group has been reformed three times and has gone on to release eight studio albums along with a number of EPs. Since 2010, the beloved Canadian group has been actively touring across Europe and North America with live shows of their new album ‘Love in the Age of War.’ Recently in 2022, the group released its 8th studio album, Again, Part 2, which has been performed live extensively by the band since its release.

 The Wintersong Music Festival

The Wintersong Music Festival is a live music and cultural event that will include live music, dining, shopping, and other attractions for people of all ages. The free-to-attend music festival brings 100+ artists to Stouffville who will be performing at 15 venues including cafes, bars, theaters, and other public spaces.

The festival takes place annually and is a free-to-attend event, drawing a boisterous crowd of over 5,000 people from all over the York region. Wintersong has offered its live spectacle with an eclectic blend of local and international artists who perform at multiple venues across Stouffville.

The unique model of the festival ensures quality entertainment for every age group without charging a single dollar while supporting local businesses like pubs and cafes where live shows will take place.

The lineup of the Wintersong Festival 2023

The music festival brings a whole lot of dynamism with some of the top Canadian and international artists who’ll be performing headlining acts. From indie-pop sensation Stars to the iconic Grammy award winners Men Without Hats, many top artists will take the headlining stage at the Spring Lakes Golf Club over the two-day event. Other headliners include the Juno recipient singer-songwriter Dan Mangan and the critically acclaimed indie rock group OMBIIGIZI.

These headlining acts will be supported by the lo-fi icons Kiwi Jr, along with the reunion of the grunge band Mrs. Torrance. Another buzzing live performance will be delivered by JJ and the Pillars. The festival also goes big on local names including Man Made Forest, Evan Farell, Hungry Lake, The Muffin Men, and a century of other artists during the weekend.

Men Without Hats at the Wintersong Festival 2023

Celebrating their synthpop masterpiece and skillful use of their songwriting with their latest album Again 2, Men Without Hats, will take the stage at the Spring Lakes Golf Club on January 21 from 4:00 PM. The album is a tribute to their 80s sound with the innovative music techniques of today. Featuring 14 songs, the album includes guitarist-producer Sho Murray, who’s well renowned in the local Canadian music circles.

Attendees can also enjoy an exclusive pre-party at the Spring Lakes Wintersong Lounge, where they can get in the vibe of the festival and the amazing lineup of performances.

 Things to do at the Wintersong Music Festival 2023

The second edition of the festival after the global pandemic, the Wintersong Festival, returns with a bang this year with an even better lineup of artists and things to do. The major attractions will be the same as last year, including 16 venues ranging from the Spring Lakes Golf Club to restaurants and bars across the town, along with a Youth Stage and karaoke shuttle buses to transport the attendees across venues free of charge.

This year, the organizers have joined hands with the Latcham Art Center, which will be hosting the Youth Stage and kid’s workshops and entertainment. A unique offering this year would be the Silent Disco at the Stouffville library and an educational panel led by music-industry experts for the upcoming Canadian musicians to learn from the best.

You can access the live schedules and other important information by scanning the QR codes on posters across all the venues.

Enjoy the Resurgence of Men Without Hats at Wintersong 2023

We’re all excited to witness the comeback of our heroes Men Without Hats who have defined an era of classic indie music infused with unique Synth sounds. This year, their performance is due to take the festival to a whole new level as we’re blessed by the baritone voice of Ivan Doroschuk coupled with the virtuoso of Sho Murray over guitars.

Grab your tickets and head to Stouffville’s beloved music festival that’s open for all ages without any cost.

What to Wear to a 90s Party

Remember the days of the old walkman, the era of grunge and supermodels walking on the ramp in bold outfits? Yes, we’re talking about the 90s.

To some of us, the 90s may seem like yesterday, as the world connected over different mediums, television became a thing, radio found its maximum fanbase, and the internet was just an idea in its nascent stage. To others, however, the 90s is the long-gone vintage era of baggy jeans and bomber jackets.

Regardless of how you view the 90s, if you’re invited to a 90s-themed party, you need to embrace those good old days. It’s the perfect way to embrace retro vibes and get nostalgic.

So if your wardrobe isn’t attuned to suit for a 90s-themed party, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Check out this outfit inspiration list of dapper outfits that totally give that 90s vibe.

Style Guide to a 90s-Themed Party

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are so 90s that we all have an image of bikers and rockers donning iconic pieces during the era. But leather jackets are also timeless. They can not look good. The best thing about leather jackets is that you don’t really need to match them with specific attires. You can easily customize it with a graphic tee and jeans, complete with boots or otherwise, for amping up your street style.


Denims were all the rage back in those days. It was the perfect fashion symbol for being badass and a sure way of getting those heads to turn your way at a 90s-themed party. Blue denim jackets have always been the class, but no one told you you couldn’t wear black ones to distinguish yourself from the crowd. You can also go chic with a denim jacket with patches styled with a T-shirt and jeans.

Graphic Tees

Popularized by music bands across the western world, graphic Tees were the ultimate symbol for crude yet impressive personality statements. These graphic Tees are available for both men and women and can be tucked in or out, depending on how you want them to be. You can still find a surfeit of graphic printed tees of famous 90s bands like Nirvana, Metallica, Radiohead, and more, along with their creative album covers that instantly ring a bell with the 90s generations.

Straight Fit Jeans

It’s no exaggeration to claim that straight-fit jeans dominated the global fashion market for almost a decade until they were replaced by the slim-fit jeans that are in the trends today. But the 90s were a glorious era for jeans as well; you have the straight fit, which was soon replaced by the bootcut fit. The latter was quickly out of the league with the intro of baggy, oversized jeans during the last few years of the decade. Looks like you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to donning jeans.

Leather Pants

From the swashbuckling artists KISS to the hard-hitting metal giants Metallica, leather pants were all the rage in an era that was defined by jingoism and ‘on your face’ street styles. Nonetheless, we love leather pants when paired with the right outfit and accessories. The first thing that comes to mind is definitely the combo of leather pants and leather jackets over a sleeveless tee (as worn by countless stage artists and Hollywood stars back in the 90s), but there are more options at your disposal here.

You can wear leather pants over a button-down shirt or denim shirt, or take it a notch higher with a long blazer or coat with a T-shirt inside. The plus side of leather pants is that you get to wear ankle boots, which are surely going to complement almost any outfit accompanied by leather pants.

Turtleneck Sweaters

From the legendary musician Elvis to swagger king Mick Jagger to Princess Diana herself, the 90s turtleneck sweaters were all the rage among iconic celebrities around the globe. The turtleneck sweater caused a fashion revolution, as it gave you the option to don it with almost anything. Be it a blazer jacket, leather jacket, or even those Havana-style printed shirts, these turtleneck sweaters have really been made timeless, thanks to scores of celebrities who reverberated their fashion sense in these outfits.

Cargo Pants

Rarely do we see the combination of a unique fashion sense along with the perks of high utility. But those loose-fitting, six-pocket cargo pants offered the best of both worlds. Not only did they almost replace jeans at one point in time with their casual style statement, but they were also great for carrying all your walkman, wallet, and other belongings at once. Cargo pants also offered versatility as they could be paired with tees, shirts, jackets, you name it.

Collared Mini Dress

This one’s for the eves of the party. A collared mini dress will be a welcome change in this era where people tend to overdo their outfits. You can wear a headband with knee-length stockings or boots for the complete 90s schoolgirl look.


Cardigans have been the most sustainable attire that popped up during the 90s and have still managed to be in the market three decades since. These cardigans come in various lengths and look great when styled with a turtleneck and jeans. Put on those cardigans when you’re in doubt, and you’re set for the party.

Flannel Shirts

Nothing quite screams out the 90s as flannel shirts do. When they first came in, they gave a fresh alternative to the classic button-up shirts with their catchy square-printed monochromatic designs. Soon, they were available in a variety of colors. The funny thing is that they’re still found today across the globe and are an incredible choice to wear to a 90s-themed party.

Let the Party Begin

People say that the 90s were when the world opened up to each other with revolutions of industrialization, followed by globalization. The decade marked a distinct shift from the 70s and 80s when people started to embrace more comfortable and vibrant clothing. From colors to style options, the 90s indeed marked a shift in the fashion industry, and the roots behind some modern trends can be found in that transitional decade.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite attire from this list to spruce up the 90s-themed party with a dash of nostalgia.