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How Much Are Entry Fees To Nightclubs In Toronto?

How Much Are Entry Fees To Nightclubs In Toronto?

The nightlife in Toronto is legendary. Since there are so many bars, lounges, & clubs in the city, it attracts partygoers from all over the world. So, How much does it cost to get into a nightclub in Toronto?

In order to help you better understand the nightclub party scene in Toronto, this blog article will discuss the many elements that affect the price of entry to these establishments. Keep reading to find out more about this thrilling Toronto nightlife experience!

Popular Nightclubs In Toronto

Toronto is certainly a preeminent destination for those seeking a spirited nightlife scene due to the city’s abundance of clubs. The city’s REBEL club is famous for its spacious dance floor & state-of-the-art sound equipment. For those who love electronic music, REBEL is a one-of-a-kind club with many rooms & a rooftop outdoor space.

EFS, a chic & affluent nightclub in the middle of Toronto’s Entertainment District, is another popular venue. EFS is frequented by the fashion-forward & trendy because of its chic atmosphere & star guest appearances. If you’re looking for something really unique, a trip to CODA is a must.

If you appreciate underground electronic music like techno or house, you should check out this modest club. Barcode Saturdays is a popular party spot in Toronto. This hip Toronto club attracts a lively audience. Barcode Saturdays is the place to go for a thrilling night out.

In addition, there is Cube, a club well-known for its spectacular light & sound shows, which turn each night into a special event. These are but a few of the incredible Toronto nightclubs available. Every kind of clubgoer may find their ideal fit in Toronto, whether they love electronic music, hip hop, or the underground culture.

Aspects Affecting Club Entry Fees

The entry fees to get into a club in Toronto vary widely. One crucial element is the nightclub’s fame & renown. There is a direct correlation between a club’s status & the price of admission. The cost may likewise be affected by factors such as the event’s theme night.

Admission prices tend to be higher for events that include special guests or performances. The time of entrance is likewise crucial. During off-peak times, like in the early evening, many nightclubs waive cover charges entirely.

Last but not least, pricing may vary depending on the day of the week, with weekend rates often being higher than weekday rates. The cost of getting into Toronto’s nightclubs varies depending on these elements.

Average Entry Fee for Nightclubs in Toronto

The entry fees to a Toronto nightclub vary drastically from one location to the next. Entry to most nightclubs in the city will cost you between $20 & $30. However, on evenings with special events or on weekends, the cover charge for exclusive clubs might be much higher.

The cover charge for nightclubs might vary widely, so it’s best to check their website or social media accounts before you arrive. When looking for the greatest bargain, don’t forget that some clubs provide free or heavily reduced admittance at certain times.

Toronto’s Vibrant Nightlife

Toronto’s nightlife is unlike anywhere else in the world. Party-goers in the city have access to a broad selection of venue options, ranging from stylish pubs to pulsating nightclubs, to pick from. Hip-hop, electronic dance music, & live music—Toronto has it all.

A lively audience will surround you as you dance to the sounds of adept DJs & musicians. New establishments open up all the time, & the old ones find new ways to attract a younger crowd. You will have an amazing time in Toronto since the city understands how to throw a great party.

Ways To Save On Nightclub Entry Fees

Here are a few suggestions to help you save money on Toronto’s nightclub cover charges. As a first step, you can skip special events. Enjoy the nightlife at a fraction of the cost by going during the week, when many clubs offer discounted cover charges. Getting on the guest list or attending before the regulars is another option to save money.

For being on their guest list or getting there early, several clubs provide free or heavily reduced admittance. Finally, be on the lookout for promotions & events that may give free or reduced admission. If you’re smart & prepare in advance, you won’t have to spend a fortune on Toronto’s club scene.

Toronto’s Premier Nightlife- VIP Tables & Bottle Service

VIP tables & bottle service at Toronto nightclubs are the best option for individuals seeking a more private & lavish night out. You’ll be treated like a VIP with expedited entrance, a personal butler, & access to exclusive rooms.

Bottle service is an upgrade that lets you reserve a quiet area of the club & stock it with your favorite premium liquors & mixers. It is a fantastic chance to honor a significant event or simply to indulge yourself in a night of extravagance for no other reason than that you deserve it.

VIP tables & bottle service costs may range from free to several thousand dollars, depending on the club & the amenities you choose. If you want to be treated like a celebrity on your next night out in Toronto, you might look into VIP or bottle service.

Final Thoughts!

Toronto’s club scene is among the best in North America, full of vitality & excitement. There’s something for everyone thanks to the wide variety of available locations, each with its own character & style.

Popularity, event type, time of entry, & day of the week are just a few of the variables that might affect the price of getting into a Toronto nightclub. Prices range from around $20 to $30 on average, however, this range is subject to change.

You can enjoy the Toronto club scene without spending a fortune so long as you do some research, take advantage of deals, & prepare in advance. Get ready to party the night away in Toronto’s vibrant club scene & make some incredible memories!

What's The Clubbing Age In Canada?

What’s The Clubbing Age In Canada?

Are you looking to have a night out & explore the Toronto club scene? Want to know whether you’re too young to go partying in Canada? The minimum age for entering a nightclub varies widely from one jurisdiction to the next.

Nightclub entry age limits in Canada vary from 18 to 19 years old, depending on the province or territory. While this might make it tough for young people to locate where to party, Canada is nonetheless home to a plethora of exciting nightlife options.

Canada Nightclub Party Scene

The nightlife culture in Canada is exciting & varied, providing clubgoers with a vast selection of options. This vibrant environment has something for everyone, from hip cafes to pulsating nightclubs.

There is a club out there for every kind of music fan, whether you like electronic beats, hip-hop, or live performances.

An energetic audience & skilled DJs have created an electrifying party environment. Canada’s club scene is known for its vibrant crowds & exciting atmosphere, making for a fantastic night for party animals.

Legal Age For Clubbing In Canada

In Canada, the minimum age to enter a nightclub varies by province & territory. In most cases, you need to be at least 18 or 19 years old to enter. It’s smart to brush up on the laws of the land before going out on the town.

Toronto’s bustling club scene is accessible to people of all ages, but due to age restrictions, it may be difficult for young adults to locate clubs to attend.

Everyone can find their ideal night out, from hip cafes to pulsating nightclubs. If you want to enter the party without any hassles, verify the age limit & carry proper identification.

Most Popular Nightclub In Canada

Barcode Saturdays stands out among Canada’s many other nightclubs as a top choice for partygoers. This trendy Toronto club is known for its vibrant & exciting crowd. Barcode Saturdays is the place to go for revelers looking for an incredible evening of fun & excitement.

Barcode Saturdays promises an unparalleled experience with its cutting-edge audio plus visual equipment & skilled DJs playing today’s most popular hits. The nightlife is alive & well since the dance floor is constantly full of energetic people. Barcode Saturdays has something for everyone’s musical preferences, whether you like electronic music, hip-hop, or a mashup of the two.

The club’s contemporary aesthetic contributes to its attractiveness by generating an air of refined elegance. Barcode Saturdays has everything you need for a night of indulgence & excitement, from VIP booths to an expansive dance floor. No surprise, people all across Canada have made this club their regular haunt.

Look no farther than Barcode Saturdays if you’re in search of a trendy club in Canada where you’re sure to have a fantastic time. The greatest of Canada’s nightlife awaits you, so be ready to dance the night away & create some incredible memories. Any clubgoer worth their salt knows that Barcode Saturdays will leave them wanting more.

Party Scene Beyond Nightclubs In Canada

Are you bored with the standard club scene & looking for something new to try? Canada has a wide variety of non-club social gathering places. From themed events & immersive experiences to underground raves as well as warehouse parties, there’s something for everyone seeking a distinctive & adventurous night out.

Crowds at unconventional events are often more receptive & adventurous, creating an exciting plus one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Canada’s alternative nightlife offers a wide variety of experiences, from art installations & live performances to immersive themed parties.

Club Etiquette & Dress Codes

When it actually comes to dressing for a night out at a nightclub in Canada, it’s crucial to keep in mind the specific dress codes & etiquette that are commonly observed. While the dress rules of certain nightclubs may differ, in general, it’s best to look your best & avoid wearing anything too casual.

Men often wear collared shirts, tailored pants, & dress shoes, while ladies may pick from a variety of fashionable dress options or skirts & blouses with heels. It’s also crucial to respect the club’s regulations & the people who work there & frequent the venue. Keep in mind that your time at the nightclub will be much improved if you make an effort to look well & act appropriately.

Safety Concerns & Precautions To Take

The Toronto club scene can be fun, but only if you remember to put safety first & follow some basic measures. First & foremost, it’s a good idea to always travel in a group or with a group of people you can rely on. Always be aware of your whereabouts & trust your gut.

Never take a drink from an unfamiliar person, & always keep an eye on your own drinks. To go home safely, it’s likewise a good idea to arrange a sober driver or other means of transportation in advance. If you take these safety tips & measures carefully, you can enjoy a night out in Toronto’s exciting club scene without fear.

Exploring Canada’s Alternative Nightlife

Explore Canada’s nightlife outside the conventional club scene. Canada’s alternative party culture has something for anybody wishing to spice things up, from subterranean raves to immersive themed events. Explore art exhibits, watch captivating performances, & get lost in the mood of a costume party.

The audience at these alternative events is always interesting & full of life, making for an unforgettable experience. Try something different & unique by checking out Canada’s underground club scene.

Summing Up!

Different provinces & territories in Canada have different legal clubbing ages, ranging from 18 to 19. Toronto’s nightlife is thriving & diversified despite these age limits. Nightlife venues range from trendy cafés to exciting nightclubs.

If you want to enter the club easily & have a good time while you’re there, it’s a good idea to brush up on the local regulations, dress appropriately, & follow club rules.

If you’re looking for a night out that’s a little different from the typical club scene, look no further than Canada’s alternative party scenes. Get ready for an unforgettable experience as you explore Canada’s thriving nightlife!

Which is the Hottest Club in Toronto?

Which is the Hottest Club in Toronto?

A great club offers you the best of all worlds – a vivacious ambiance, boisterous crowd, impeccable services, riveting live music, and a wide selection of spirits and premium liquors.

Great bars and nightclubs aren’t all that rare in a city like Toronto. Most likely, there’s a unique watering hole in every neighborhood that has won Torontonian hearts. But how about taking it a notch higher? How about partying with the elites of the elites?

If you’re looking to hit the spot where all the famous celebrities head, you have to ensure that you’re at the top celebrity hangout in Toronto. Such an establishment caters to these renowned personalities, which means you can expect to spot a celeb or two when you drop by a weekend.

Bottom line: if you want to run elbows with the stars in Toronto, you must be at a club these celebs favor.

So, if you’re curious about the chicest celebrity hangout in Toronto, read on.

Welcome to the Hottest Toronto Nightclub

Frequented by the city’s elites, Barcode Saturdays is a must-visit Toronto nightclub where you get everything premium – from the interiors and bar to the live music and high-profile celebrity guests. We host the hottest Saturday nights in Toronto, where celebs party for hours nonchalantly.

Toronto is home to a number of sporting teams, namely Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Raptors, Toronto FC, and Toronto Maple Leafs. Beyond sports, there are also prestigious theaters like the Royal Alexandra Theater, Ed Mirvish Theater, and the iconic TIFF Bell Lightbox that hosts the Canadian Film Festival every year. Thus, it’s no surprise that these sports stars and celebrities prefer our trendy nightclub for their Saturday nights.

Feast your eyes on these celebs while swaying on the dance floor at Barcode Saturdays.

Pure Live Music Entertainment

Celebrities aside, you can also expect a dose of sheer nightlife entertainment at our club. Drop by and witness the hottest DJs spinning heart-pumping Hip-hop, Reggae, R&B, Trap, Latin, and Top 40 hits.

We regularly host local favorites and international heartthrobs who keep playing infectious mixes all night long.

Premium Bottle Services for an Elite Experience

Reserve our bottle services and VIP bottle booths when you want to upgrade your celebration and party like the celebs do. With four packages that can accommodate up to 8 guests, you can personalize your nightlife celebration with premium bottles, champagnes, and other accompaniments.

Our bottle services come in silver, gold, diamond, and platinum packages, each with distinct offerings for a specified number of guests.

By reserving a bottle booth, you can skip the queue and get priority entry with a prime view of our club and live music area. A dedicated server will be at hand to assist you with everything you need for the night.

Free Cover & Champagne for the Ladies

Ladies always party free at Barcode Saturdays. Alongside a free cover, we also offer a complimentary bottle of champagne to get the scene started. You must sign up on our guestlist and arrive at our club before 11:30 PM to avail the benefits.

So, if your all-girl group is celebrating a bachelorette or a birthday party, make sure to feature on our guestlist for an electrifying late-night party.

Turn your Special Occasions into Extraordinary Affairs

If it’s your birthday, an anniversary, a bachelorette, or any occasion worthy of celebration, head to Barcode Saturdays for the ultimate experience.

Our exciting nightlife offers the birthday boy or girl amazing surprises with free entry, comp on drinks, and plenty of other options.

Celebrate with the elites of Toronto and enjoy the whole club gathering together to wish you on your name day. You can also book a bottle service on your special occasion to be part of all the fun while enjoying VIP perks. We also provide a number of allied services like bachelorette party ideas, event planning, and more.

Whether it’s a date night with your partner, a bachelorette party with your gang of bridesmaids, or just a regular nightlife tryst with the crew, Barcode Saturdays has got you covered.

The Most Sensational Nightlife Parties in Toronto

When it comes to our much-awaited annual events, expect a head-spinning party that takes the nightlife vibes through the roof. Our annual parties are unmissable events when our club transforms into a microcosm of entertainment.

We feature special guest DJs and MCs and host renowned celebrities who add dazzle to an already glittering event. At Barcode Saturdays, we host the following annual parties:

  • Toronto Caribana Party

The Toronto Caribana 2023 is when the whole city comes alive with street music and Caribbean-style masquerade performances. Every year, right after the iconic Grand Parade – which marks the central event of the carnival weekend, we host a sensational Caribana party.

Join us in creative costumes and masquerades to experience the Caribbean island vibes with live Hip-hop and soca, Caribbean-inspired cocktails and delicacies, and special surprises deep into the night.

  • Annual Halloween Party

Scare the spooks away with a spine-tingling Halloween party at Barcode Saturdays. Transport into an after-life celebration with ghostly decor, sinister drinks, and a petrifying vibe.

  • NYE Party

Countdown to new beginnings in true Toronto spirit at Barcode Saturdays’ annual NYE parties. Celebrate the past and start your New Year with an amazing party full of live DJ, Hip-hop music, party favors, special drinks and food, and an upscale ambiance that boosts your holiday spirit.

Whether you’re hosting a party here with friends & family or with your date, take advantage of our specially crafted New Year package specials and party in style well and beyond midnight.

Join the Hottest Nightclub in Toronto

Barcode Saturdays has been providing a premium nightlife experience in Toronto for nearly a decade, all thanks to our patrons who keep visiting us for more.

Celebrate special occasions or just a Saturday night break from work at Barcode Saturdays; your reason to party doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you and your crew get an unmatched nightlife experience unlike any other in Toronto.

Is Toronto Good for Clubbing?

Is Toronto Good for Clubbing?

Toronto is the capital of the Ontario province and the largest metropolis in Canada. It boasts of impressive skyscrapers, sports facilities, theaters, galleries, museums, and more. The city also comes alive once the sun sets in. Various neighborhoods become a hive of activity for bar crawlers, clubgoers, and party animals.

Toronto has a diverse and youthful population. It’s the melting point of various ethnic groups that speak multiple languages across neighborhoods. It’s the Canadian capital for music, theater, film, art, and events. There’s a mouthful for everyone in Toronto, from art galleries and sports institutions to national monuments and various cultural venues.

As such, there are no dearth of bars and nightclubs in Toronto that offer a jolly good time. From tapas to wines, local breweries to globally-inspired cocktails, dive bars to cozy speakeasies, one can find an establishment that satisfies their taste buds.

Which are the Best Places for Clubbing in Toronto?

Toronto is a hotbed of scintillating parties and nightlife events. Not just one or two, but various neighborhoods contribute to the city’s nightlife scene. Here are some of the top areas to visit once the sun goes down:

  • King West

This relatively new neighborhood has been dubbed the SoHo of Toronto. Once full of industrial buildings and warehouses, this locality today is the center for various clubs and restaurants. This neighborhood brings nightly entertainment aplenty ranging  from poolside hangouts and chic hotels to rooftop patios and live music venues.

Best Place to Hangout at King West:

Bar Wellington: Tucked at the corner of Portland and Wellington, this casual restobar is famous for its beer taps and regular pub offerings like steak sandwiches, steak frites, Guinness Stew, and more.

Address: 520 Wellington St W, Toronto.

  • Queen West

Named as the second coolest neighborhood in the world by Vogue, Queen West is a trendy hotspot for bar-hopping among the locals. It has an urban mix of bars, boutique hotels, upscale lounges, and various nightclubs.

These watering holes at Queen West become densely packed every night, especially during the weekends.

Best Place to Hangout at Queen West:

Shameful Tiki Room: The only thing shameful about this Hawaiian joint is that a single visit may not suffice. Exotic drinks welcome you on board the Shameful Tiki Room. Its combination of tropical and urban decor makes it quite fun while you sip on your Chi-chi cocktail and other tropical drinks.

Address: 1378 Queen St. West.

  • Entertainment District

They don’t call it the Entertainment District for nothing. This region between Spadina Avenue and Queen West is full of eclectic cocktail bars and clubs. The Entertainment District is also a local favorite for shopping, dining, theaters, and much more. A single visit to the Entertainment District and you’ll witness a vibrant crowd of all ages coming together, be it for after-work drinks or a Saturday night extravaganza.

Best Place to Hangout at Entertainment District:

Bar 244: Bar 244 is a non-pretentious club for sheer dancing energy. Every Saturday night, Bar 244 is packed with a young crowd who blur the lines between the two levels of the dance floor. Groove the night away to Top 40 hits, and other remixes dished out by the DJ.

Address: 244 Adelaide St. West.

  • Ossington Avenue

Ossington Avenue is amongst the hottest strips in the city that becomes a beehive of activity after dark. The sheer diversity of bars and clubs in this neighborhood spoils you for choice, from no-nonsense nightclubs to local watering holes.

Best Place to Hangout at Ossington Avenue:

Sweaty Betty’s: Sweaty Betty’s has been one of Toronto’s most popular dive bars for well over two decades. As soon as you enter, you’re bound to love the vintage vibes here with flash art framed on maroon walls. The dimly-lit bar becomes cramped on weekends, offering a great selection of beers and whiskeys. Recently, Sweaty Betty’s extended their menu to include cocktails as well.

  • The Annex

The Annex lies just alongside the University of Toronto. Needless to say, the neighborhood is primed with trendy bars that cater to a young population of students and working professionals. This lively district is full of comedy show venues, live music bars, and pretty much everything to hype the night.

Best Place to Hangout at The Annex:

Coda: Coda is amongst the best-known places in Toronto for the Techno-crazy crowds. Making excellent use of the space, Coda has an expansive front stage for a live DJ, along with comfortable booths and couches on both sides of the stage.

You can find everything from standard liquors to quirky cocktails and everything in between.

Address: 794 Bathurst St.

  • Little Italy

This trendy, cozy Italian neighborhood has all the vibes. Home to some of the most renowned nightlife spots in the city, Little Italy is where the locals head for some late-night snacking and a couple of clinks with pals. There are also Sicilian-style sidewalk cafes offering artisanal gelatos and other Italian mouthfuls.

Best Place to Hangout at Little Italy:

Barcode Saturdays: Located at College Street adjacent to the Little Italy neighborhood, Barcode Saturdays has disrupted the city’s nightlife by setting a new standard for luxurious clubbing. Every Saturday night, our opulent haven comes alive with live Hip-hop, R&B, Reggae, Latin, Trap, and Top 40 party anthems. We’re the longest-running party ritual in Toronto, with an incredible atmosphere that has become the hotbed for celebrities.

Rub your shoulders with the city’s elites, enjoy premium offerings, and an upscale atmosphere that sets your party mood straight. Barcode Saturdays is the place to be for celebrity events, private parties, or just a regular Saturday night of dancing.

We offer complimentary cover and a champagne bottle to ladies who sign up on our guestlist and arrive before 11:30 PM. You cannot miss our bottle services, with four package options and varying party inclusions.

Whether you’re looking for a night out with friends, escape the work routine, celebrate a birthday party, or just want to hear up the dancefloor, Barcode Saturdays is the place for it all.

What are the Party Streets in Toronto?

Are you eager to hit up the best party streets in Toronto and paint the town red? Seems you’re in luck!

Toronto is home to a bountiful of neighborhoods teeming with nightclubs, bars, and watering holes. And by ‘teeming,’ we mean you can hop from one fixture to the next in a matter of minutes (or depending on how long you hold your drink!).

So prepare for a bar-hopping showdown at Toronto’s five most happening strips for nightlife entertainment.


Entertainment District

Now, if you find a locality called ‘The Entertainment District,’ there are no surprises about what to expect there. That’s exactly what the Entertainment District in Toronto offers.

This stretch between Queen Street West and Spadina Avenue is where the locals, visitors, and students grab their share of nightlife bounties.

The Entertainment District is home to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, which performs at the Roy Thomson Hall, stage shows at the Royal Alexandra Theater, and contemporary plays at the Princess of Wales Theater. This is also where the Toronto Blue Jays’ have embarked on numerous home runs at the Rogers Center.

Cooking up a thriving nightlife scene, this district is the hotspot of various nightclubs, live music bars, cocktail establishments, and jazz clubs. You can book a guide and go bar-hopping in this bustling neighborhood or simply go down bar-to-bar yourself. There are no dearth of options here.


Queen West

A single visit to Queen West, and you’ll understand why it was dubbed as one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world by Vogue. This strip is lovely and bustling with entertainment, regardless of what time of the day it is.

From creative cafes, world-class diners, and vintage shops to electrifying nightclubs and art galleries, you’d be hard-pressed to wonder where to start.

Few other neighborhoods in the city match the vibrancy of Queen West. It has drool-worthy experiences from morning to night, but you don’t want to miss the later part of the day here. Be right in the thick of things with cocktail bars, breweries, luxury nightclubs, and much more.


King West

Another neighborhood worth your visit is King West, which is fast emerging as one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto. While you’ll find Victorian-era buildings and centuries-old architecture in other parts of town, King West is a young and affluent neighborhood with urban offerings demonstrating Toronto’s cosmopolitan nature.

Residentially, the locality has witnessed a boost in high-rise condos, bringing the CN Tower to your windows. But the nightlife scene here is equally riveting.

This is a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. Whether you want to visit the CN Tower or the waterfront, if you’re in the vicinity, it’ll take you a matter of minutes to reach your destination.

Compared to the SoHo district in New York, King West has a great selection of restaurants, bars, pubs, and nightclubs with live music, exotic & premium drinks, global cuisines, modern art galleries, and cultural museums.


Ossington Avenue

Dundas West is a microcosm of food, music, shopping, and entertainment. Known for its boutique galleries and acclaimed bars, this neighborhood ticks all the boxes for the perfect night-out scene.

Apart from vintage clothing stores and boutiques, Ossington Avenue is home to a diverse selection of bars and nightclubs. The vast array of restaurants, dive bars, and live music venues makes this neighborhood one of the most popular among Torontonians.

Discover snug bars, historic dive shops, luxury nightclubs, and much more at Ossington Avenue. There’s a reason it made the cut as the 14th coolest street in the world by TimeOut.

Distillery District

If you haven’t got an indication from the name yet, let us be more precise. The Distillery District is a rechristened neighborhood. In 2003, this strip was inaugurated and revamped from an indolent part of town to a cultural paradise.

The neighborhood got its name from a Whiskey Distillery that opened here in 1832. With 47 buildings of what constituted the Gooderham & Worts Distillery, this neighborhood is like a peep into the Victorian era with its architecture and brick-paved streets.

Today, this neighborhood is known as a shopping, dining, and nightlife retreat in Toronto with various breweries, distilleries, restaurants, cafes, local boutiques, and art galleries. This strip is immensely popular among young professionals, artists, and cultural consumers.

If you’re looking for a complete evening entertainer, a few options in Toronto precede the Distillery District.


Experience Toronto’s Nightlife at its Best

These were the top 5 coolest party streets in one of the coolest cities in the world. Tick off your list one neighborhood at a time by visiting these strips for the complete evening entertainer.

If you want a luxury nightclub with the most premium experience, head to Barcode Saturdays. Located at College Street, we’re a widely acclaimed celebrity party station in Toronto, hosting some of the wildest Saturday nights in town.

Visit us for live hip-hop music, choose from a premium selection of wines and spirits, heat the dancefloor over the infectious beats of live DJs, and catch a glimpse of celebrities with an upscale vibe.

Live every second of your nightlife experience at Barcode Saturdays. Sign up on our guest list, or reserve a bottle service for a personalized celebration.