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The Latest Hip-Hop Tracks to Party To

Hip-Hop is a rhythmic dance genre that originated in the New York Hip-Hop scene,

and has since been a staple class of music in nightclubs around the world. The genre was initially known as ‘disco rap’, owing to its rhythmic style along with elements of rap and beatboxing.

Originally, the music was popular among the Afro-American communities, but today, its popularity has surged and is enjoyed globally. As the genre got recognition, it became more and more commercial, producing talented artists who have paved the way the genre is perceived today. Big industry names like Snoop Dogg and Black Eyed Peas revolutionized the genre with the infusion of expressions and electronic influences.

But most importantly, the genre is perfect for a night of grooving at dance clubs and nightclubs. So, if you’re looking for the top Hip-Hop tracks to groove to at your next party, your search ends here.

We’ve compiled a list of the top Hip-Hop numbers that have found its way to the heart of the masses worldwide.

Top Hip-Hop Numbers

Hip-Hop has gradually progressed as the most popular global favorite as we have moved towards the 21st century. Ever since the advent of disco music in the 70s, Hip-Hop came into the scene and reinvented itself with a plethora of artists who rendered their personal music styles to the genre. From Drake to Rihanna, many artists keep churning out Hip-Hop tracks that feature on top of every chart in the world.

So if you’ve found it hard to keep up with the pace, we have you covered. 2021 saw some new artists break into the mainstream Hip-Hop scene, while we also saw familiar voices producing global hits as well. So let’s take a look at the Top featuring Hip-Hop numbers in 2021 and in 2022:

Gnat by Eminem

Who other than the god of rap tops the list of any modern music genre? The ever resurgent Eminem delivered Gnat, as a self-brooding examination of his year spent in quarantine. Gnat shows us a wiser side of Eminem, while also surprising us with beat breaks and an acoustic guitar. Though released during the end of 2020, this song still does justice to Eminem’s fans who have since praised the artist for his musical versatility.

Lemon Pepper Freestyle by Drake ft. Rick Ross

The two biggest names in the Hip-Hop genre came with a bang last year and delivered a freestyle that makes us ponder about our roots and journey hence. The introspective lyrics and downtown-style beat captured the attention of the critics who called it a ‘sublime mix of honoring your past in order to move ahead into the future’. The song also contains references to Tupac.

Up by Cardi B

Cardi B turned back the clock with Up. The song is a single from her much awaited second album and Cardi B successfully manages to translate her gravitas into the song. The song contains an infectious beat with female dance moves that are full of swagger and pomp.

Do We Have A Problem by Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Baby

The song was released on February this year and peaked at Number 2 on Billboards. The song also went viral on social media and was praised by critics and fans alike.

Wait For U by Future ft. Drake and Tems

Future’s Wait For U featuring Drake and Tems is an ode with heavy guitar tones that talks about the yearnings of love. The song went viral like wildfire and peaked at Number 1 on the Billboards. The song also makes for a sensational clubbing anthem that has been remixed by DJs across the world.

Persuasive by Doechii

Although Doechii’s Persuasive Persuasive couldn’t find the spot it deserved on the Billboard, the track still garnered praise. The vivacious hit complete with silky transitions found its way to nightclubs and dance bars around the world. With many influences from R&B and House genres, Persuasive is a pure party track with a groovy bass that invites you to hit the dancefloor.

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