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Barcode Saturdays - How to Get on a Guestlist in Toronto

How to Get on a Guestlist in Toronto?

Clubbing in Toronto can be expensive; that is no secret. From dealing with surge cab prices to paying for entry covers and then drinks, especially if you’re a regular party animal, can be a little too overwhelming. And let’s not forget about fulfilling those fancy dress code requirements that most nightclubs in the city have.

But don’t fret.

We’re here to give some respite to your clubbing budget so that you can enjoy unhinged without having to burn a hole in your pocket. In this article, we’ll discuss how to get on the guestlist for clubs in Toronto and avoid paying those extravagant cover charges.

What does a Guestlist at a Club Mean?

Getting on the guestlist in Toronto clubs is often the guarantee that you and your group are going to have a great clubbing experience. Many nightclubs in the city, including Barcode Saturdays, offer guestlist entry, which is everything you want during your night out with friends.

If you’re on a guestlist, it means that you have guaranteed entry to the club. This kind of semi-reservation often requires you to fulfill certain parameters, like conforming to a specific dress code or arriving at the club before a stipulated time.

But here’s how it benefits the people on the guest list.

You must have been, at some point, a part of that long queue that waits to get entry to the club. And once you finally land at the club, you’ve already spent more time standing in that line than you’ll spend on the dancefloor.

So being on the guestlist is like possessing a superpower; you’ll get priority entry over the people standing in line and more time to spend on the bar and the dancefloor.

Signing up on the guestlist is thus totally worth it. It adds to your convenience and amplifies your clubbing experience.

Now that we know what a guestlist means let’s look at how to get added to a club’s guestlist in Toronto.

How to Get on a Party Guestlist?

Adding yourself to a guestlist is pretty easy. Most clubs have an official website with an online form that asks for your particulars before you submit. These particulars mostly include name, number of guests, contact info, and date of birth (to ascertain age).

Once you click on submit, you’ll receive a call or a text message on the number you’ve entered with the confirmation of being on the guest list. If you’ve entered your email, you’ll likely receive a notification there too.

In case you have doubts or any queries, you can contact the club management on the number from the website and get it resolved. Meanwhile, some clubs have the option of providing any additional information in the form that you may want to share with the management. Someone from the club will reach out to you to address the same.

How to Get on the Guestlist at Barcode Saturdays?

With the diversity of nightclubs in Toronto, the choice of nightclub may sometimes get pretty confusing. But clubbing should be fun, not a complicated decision.

The signature parties in Toronto go down at Barcode Saturdays. If you and your friends have Saturday night plans, then it’s best celebrated at our luxurious nightclub.

Whether you want to get sloshed at the bar, dance away to your favorite songs, or want to meet new people, it all will happen at Barcode Saturdays. We’re graced by talented guest DJs and MCs who elevate our Saturday night events every week. And let’s not forget those celebrities attending our regular and special events.

You can witness all of this and much more by signing up for our guestlist. Simply visit our website and fill up the form in the guestlist section. You need to fill in your name, DOB, and the number of guests. We’ll get in touch soon afterward. There’s also a section for any additional information that you may need, and we’ll be happy to explain the same when we revert back to you.

Features of our Guestlist Service

Want to know more about our guestlist features? Read them below:

● Free Entry for the Ladies

At Barcode Saturdays, we believe that ladies should always party free. Our guest list ensures just that. Ladies get free and express entry to our club by signing up on the guestlist.

● Complimentary Champagne

Ladies can have their hands full with complimentary champagne when they sign up on the guestlist and arrive before 11:30 PM.

● Slashed Cover Prices

For the guys on our guestlist, it’s time to enjoy clubbing without having to budget heavily. The cover charge for guestlist entry before 11:00 PM is just $15 for guys.

If you’re not on the guest list, the regular cover charge is $20.

Guestlist is Good, but VIP Bottle Booths are Even Better

As we’ve discussed above, being on the guest list means great benefits are in store for you and your group, but you can take it a notch higher by availing bottle services in clubs like Barcode Saturdays.

Bottle services are private areas and tables in nightclubs that can be reserved separately. Depending on the number of guests, you can book your personal space with dedicated services and package inclusions.

At Barcode Saturdays, we have four options of bottle booths with the capacity to host 2-8 guests. Get water and champagnes inclusive with those packages and enjoy a private affair at the most luxurious club in Toronto.

But if you’re looking to feature on our guestlist, then we totally welcome you to sign-up with your gang and be part of the hottest party ritual in Toronto.